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my opinions on the WiiU

ok first let me say that im a long time nintendo fan, iv owned nearly all the nintendo consoles. Thankfully missed out on the virtual boy. I have great memmories of the nes and senes and even the n64 wich is were i think nintendo lost there king of the hill status. I also must say iv been horribly disapointed in the Wii. Just a lack of games i want to play wich lead me to do something i swore i would not ever do again after all the issues iv had with sony hardwear reliabilty and that was buy another sony system. Any way on to the the WiiU

I have high hopes for the wiiU, i love the fact that nintendo is from whats been said in interviews going to release the system for a relativly low price, after forking out so much for a ps3 and not being richy rich this is welcome news to me on many LV's. the controller looks cool and unlike a lot of people i think its a good idea. i do worry about the price of replaceing that controller or buying a second. im sure its not going to be cheap. im predecting 89.99$ lol. I love that many 3rd party devs are porting over some of there AAA heavy hitters like assasins creed series,batman AC ect. most of these iv ether already played to death on my ps3 or can get them on my ps3 but its a good sign regardless. With strong 3rd party support and a low retail price plus strong 1st party support i could see the wiiU captureing some of the core gamer market share.

Of course what worries me is what i think worries most gamers about the wiiU and that of course is what the other two console makers are cooking up. if the next sony or ms system is considerbly more powerful we could be seeing a repeat of the Wii as far as 3rd party support goes. this can of course be countered to a dagree by the Wiiu gaining a really strong foot hold on the market share. with a large enough user base especaly with the core type gamers it would posably make it worth while for 3rd party devs to port there games to the wiiU even If its extra work do to a large gap in hardwear assumeing that the next sony and MS systems have a huge gap in that regard.

One thing im a bit put off about is the number of controllers this thing uses, game pad,pro controler,wii mote with or with out the wiiplus add on plus what about the wiifit pad thing or any other periphreals they release. yegads thats a lot of stuff lol.

Another thing im a bit put off about is the softwear iv seen from ninty so far, the new 2d mario game looks bland,im not a pickmen fan,nintendo land does not impress me at all ect. the only game that really has me exited and that i cant play on my ps3 is zombieU. That game looks like it could be a lot of fun if it turns out well. but yea im def not hyped for the release games. so i will prob not be getting the wiiU right away. Im def going to take a wait and see stance with the system. I want to love nintendo and im hopeing the wiiU will wow me in the years to come but on the other hand i feel very burnt by the wii wich was another system i had high hopes for, it was relativly cheap, had a cool looking controler ect but turned out to be IMHO the worst system ninty ever put out besides the VB and one of the worst systems iv owned. Just not enough AAA softwear for my taste and the controles did not turn out as kool as i had thought. So yea im not jumping on the wiiU wagon right away even though a new console is a tough thing for a real gamer to wait on lol. iv def mellowed in my old age. years ago id be biteing my nails waiting for the mornin i could go pick up what ever the new system was that was comeing out. i rememvber the massive hype i had for the n64 months even near a year before the n64 came out back when it was called unltra 64 lol. i would go so far as to call the nintendo news hot line to get info or just hear old news and specs on the n64 every sat morning a few months before release. i even requasted the VHS tape from nintendo that was basicly a promo for the n64 and mario 64 lol. I dont know if its a matter of me being older and less enthusastic or a if its a sign of the state of the industry that has me less than hyped from what i used to be.

first blog in awhile

just checking in. been playing my ps3 a lot. got in to a new hobby, rc trucks. traxxas rustler vxl. tons of fun. been playing lots of skyrim and batman AC. tried kingdoms of alumar and was a little unimpressed. also playing lots of grand turismo 5.Im some what intreasted in the new wiiU. hopefully ninty will do right with it.

just got heavy rain.

Iv not gotten very far in the game yet but WOW. i think its more like some kind of interactive movie than a game lol but still its very good.Found it for 29.99 new as one of the greatst hits collection. very cool game/movie ;)

new hobbie.

Well iv been playing games as my main and neer only hobbie for a LONG time, about 15 years lol.So iv desided to find another hobbie as just playing games is getting a bit stale. after looking around i decided to take up RC helicopters. I bought a Mini indoor heli just to practice with and see if its something i could really get in to.i bought a airhogs razor and took it back a week later as it was a complete joke of a product. for 40 bucks i expected it NOT to be made from foam and card board lol. Well after hanging on some RC heli forums i learned a bit and bought a syma s107 co-ax 3 chan heli for 24.99$ + shipping from a site called Xheli.com. Wow what a cool heli.And built like a qulity product! metel frame ect. Its so much fun to fly. Its a mini indoor only heli.It can be charged from the remote or from a PC threw a USB. Completly def from those craptastic air hogs BS. I Highly recommend getting one. Its very stable in a hover and plenty fast for indoor flight.its built very tough as its survived prob 30 crashs in the last week lol. I could not be happier. And for 24.99$ no less. shipping was pricey though at 14$. took about a week by way of standerd UPS. Xheli.com is a great site as well with some of the best prices,replacement parts ect.

Also im getting ready to by whats called a madhawk 300 by exeed which is 115$.They even have one that looks like airwolf :) its a good entry Lv out door heli from what iv been told. its a 4 chan which means like the s107 it can go up/down/forwards/backwards/And twist left and right but as a 4ch it can slide left and right as well. Also its much larger and faster :D.After that i plan to go to a bigger 450 sized fixed pitch or maybe colective pitch bird. From what iv seen there is a great comunity sourounding this hobby. very helpfull friendly people that will bend over backwards to help you. A lot less of the mouthy jerk 13 year olds you find constantly on gameing sites makeing smart *** comments lol.not that there are not great folks here as well ;) . Any way so far im haveing a blast with my little syma and i have no doubts im going to make this a full time hobby. at least in the summer when the wind is calm ;P . im hopeing by winter to have enough cash to get one of those RC nitro trucks like a traxxis revo or Emax but man they are pricey at about 450$ plus fuel ect.My friend is in to them and while they seem to be a bit of a pain in the a** they are very fast! his is modded a good bit and will do 60 or so MPH and does not take long to get there :). Any way just thought id share and maybe give some of you guys the idea so you might try it out as well. even if you dont plan to really get in to the RC heli thing i would still recommend one of the syma s107's just to play around with in the house.It can be a little tricky first but if you like me and youv spent a lot of time with a game controller in your hands you should have a pretty easy time learning just dont expect to be a pro right off ;P

Batman AA

I bought the game when it first came out around a year ago. played maybe 5 hours and loved it but several other games got added to my collection and for some reason i just never got around to really getting in to the game. i knew it was really good just from the 5 odd hours i played .But like i said other games took up my time, untill now. I disided a few days ago to start the game over and play threw it. Im a long ways in. Not sure how many hours but id estamate in about 3/4ths of the way threw maybe more and i feel like kicking my self in the *** for getting side tracked with this game. It is amazing! id have to rank it in the top 5 ps3 games iv played and iv played nearly all the big AAA titles. My only grip with the game is a minor one. i wish they had tweaked the detective mod a little so it showed the X-ray effect ect with out turning the screen that blueish color, you have to spend so much of your time in detective mod that you end up missing out on how great the look of the game is in normal mod. sure its up to the player to turn it on or off but i felt the need to use it so much that i often left it on more than i wanted to. a small gripe for the most part but def something i hope they adjust in the next game.

The story is beyond fantastic. pure gold and worthy of any story iv ever read in the comics and MUCH better IMHO than any of the batman movies by far. mark hammel as usual does a GREAt job as joker. i cant figure why he has been relagated to B movie star stat sence starwars RotJ. you never see him in any big budget movies :(. Any way the fighting system in the game is very deep and enjoyable. like assasains creed 2 mixed with a dose of red bull and 5 hour energy drink lol. the island lay out is perfect. every thing makes sense for the most part. its very moody and feels like youd epect it to given what u know of it from the comics.

So any way if any one who reads this has not done so already you really need to check the game out. its a blast.

E3 press confrences

watched the 3 press conf's. Sony gets my vote for best in show. They didnt say or show much that shocked me "other than the price of MOVE :(" but they had a much larger amount of qulity content. Lots of games info on move which looked like it works very well. Ninty had the biggest wow moment for me in donkey kong country for the wii. that came out of no ware for me. And looked really good. plus the 3ds seems very cool. but the poor showing of zelda "tech issue on stage" and the fact that there was only a few games shown that i could get exited about knocks them down to second place. Though they were very much improved over the last few years. M$ failed to impress me to awfully much but was a solid showing close behind ninty. gears looked cool as did MGS riseing "wich is also on ps3;)". halo looked ok but i never thought much of that series.

It was very fun to watch Gabe Newell on sonys stage eating his own words. All that BS about how horrible the ps3 is and how he would never devlope for it sure amounted to nothing but just what every nonfanboy knew it was, that being complet BS. I wonder who's a** he had to kiss just to be allowed to devlope for the ps3 lol :p. Not that i care. other than halflife 2 iv played little i care for from him or his dev house. Im not exited about portal 2 what so ever. But hey what do i know :p.

Any way it was a great E3. a few unexpected things some much needed updates on info and a couple wow moments. soild showings from all 3 console makers.

time to take to the old west. hope i dont have to eat my horse ...again.

just got red dead redeption. Being a lover of the old western movies and books and being something of a back woods thrill billy i have been wanting a really good western themed game sence the snes days. then as i played oblivion i kept thinking how great it would be to have a western game in an open world. Im going to start playing in abit after i watch some epi's of deadwood and maby a clint eastwood movie or to, you know to set the mood ;). ill post back on how i like the game as i know every one is waiting with baited breath as to weather or not the game meets my standerds lol :p. of course Shalafain is the only one who leaves comments any more but thats ok as he is a drizzt fan he counts for 10 users :)

Just got a new ps3 slim!

Replaced my ps3 40 gig with a new 120 gig slim mod. im going to install my 320gig drive asap. i sure hope this ps3 last longer than my last. seems i have to resign my self to the fact that im going to have to by at least two of the same console each gen as thats been the case sence the ps1 came out. Kind of makes me feel like im still in to PC gameing were i have to basicly build a new system every couple years lol :p. i have not hooked up my slim yet. prob wait till tomorrow. i have looked it over. while its still not the best looking system iv ever seen its def an improvment to the old mod which IMHO looked like *hit ;(. i like the matt finish better than the gloss as the gloss showed finger prints and dust and dispite my best efforts got many sweal marks on the top. Of course how the system looks is not all that important but still. Also the shape of the slim is MUCh better looking. looks less like a geoge formen grill lol. Sucks it needs a stand "sold sepertly" to be used vertcal but what ever. Any way i cant wait to start playing again and i cant wait for red dead ! And yea i know i should have waited till after e3 as im sure there will be a new HDD SKU or a sku with MOVE packed in maybe even a price drop but hey im dumb like that lol. Also i got my slim at Gamestop and i bought there 40$ warrenty which is not extended its just if your system breaks you dont have to send it in and get a refurb ect you just take it to GS and they replace it in store with a new unit which i thought was worth the 40 bucks.

Welp seems my 40gig ps3 has called it quites ;(

Thought i had it fixed for a month or so but i guess it was just playn possum. i was knee deep in kicking some a&& in AC2 last knight when the game froze. i turned the system off and back on tried reloading the game and it would not load the disk. still plays DVD movies and ps1 games just fine big woopie. left it sit over night, tried for 15 minuts to get it to load a ps3 game this morning and it just wont do it. POS hunk of 300$ plastic! id like to shove it right up sonys CEO's a** with out lube. But seeing as i have nearly 15 games i supose i have to buy another. I was planning on takeing it out side and puting a couple 12g shells in to but game stop said they would give me ballpark 80 bucks trade in so i'll keep my temptation at bay "i must be getting old". i was hopeing to hold out for the next sku of ps3 slims maybe when they pack in MOVE or have a good bundle deal but i doubt i can wait, :p. the real bitc* is haveing to redown load all the games,patchs and add ons iv bought grrrr. its just not worth haveing to buy a external HDD to back up. Dam* sony. I hope somthing bad happens to the a** hats that built this thing. I remember back a couple years ago how every one thought the ps3 was so well built with that 2% fail rate being thrown around. now you see people left and right haveing disk drive failures and YLoD BS. same thing happend to me with ps1 and ps2. Im so sick of haveing to buy two of the same system every frickn gen. sony really needs a better warranty. If i had the extra cash id say screw it and just build me a new gameing PC and just once again ditch consoles but o well, shoulda coulda, woulda.

my ps3 troubles MAY be over.

I was googling disk drive troubles ps3, looking for some awnsers to my problem "see last blog". i stimbled across a post made by some one on some other forum. any way they said that if if you power on your ps3 with no disk in the drive and hold down the eject button it will reset the blueray drive. well after doing this my ps3 has loaded every game and every movie iv put in it. now iv only tried this maybe 12 times but they have all loaded. of course the next time i try it may not work. iv not tested enough to know for sure this has fixed my issue but its looking like it so far!