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Eeep.. Stitches..

Yea, i know its bad. I got stitches! It all happened when my friend accidently (Yes nick, I forgive u, i know it was an accident) pushed me, and my banged against the edge of a desk, which made lots of blood. Then i had 2 go to the hospital 4 a long time, and got stitches..

The Stupidity Has come To an END!!!

Ive Been acting WAY TO MUCH stupid over that past few years, so i want u all 2 know, im quitting stupididty!! So i gonna get rid of all my stupid entries, and post better stuff that supposed 2 go on this! Ill still be somewhat hyper, but FFAARR less!


Erm, is it bad if u get 3 Term of Violation Warnings? cuz i just did..:shock:

Hotrod Movie Review

Yesterday i watched a movie about an ugly with an afro, who thinks hes an awesome stunt man, and newsflash! Hes not..

And soon, his step-dad is VERY sick, so sick that he needs a heart transplant, but they r 2 poor 2 do it. And the not-so stuntman wantz 2 save him, but only 4 1 reason; to earn his respect he must win in a fight. So they arrange a big jumpy thing, and when it is time 2 jump, he goes nanananananna down the rampy thing, and guess wat! he crashes, but still getz the money needed 4 some unknown reason... And in the end, step dads saved, and get beat up! :D:D:D

The Simpsons Movie review

Diddily Doodily! Im here to write about a movie called The Simpsons Movie. It is a movie about a fat guy named Homer J. Simpson, who tries to gain... the something good from his family after he does something really, really bad.

But the weirdest part; I cant recall Homer drinking any beer!!! Scary huh?

Flushed Away Game

Flushed Away is a game, based on a movie, it is a game when u play as an ugly rat named roddy and Rita, and u do.. something.. I rate this game... 3/10 Boring!!

Nhl 06

u guess it! Its a hockey game from 2 years ago (2006), and well, u play as a hockey guy, and.. do i really have 2 explaine it?!?!