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It's my my favorite controller, yeah. Wii U Pro controller is nice too. I use a Saturn controller for fighting games when possible though. I know a stick is better, but I'm just too lazy.

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Don't care. There are plenty of developers out there making all kinds of different stuff for all kinds of differing tastes. There are some Nintendo games that you could argue to be more adult themed, but the point is moot. Overall, Nintendo makes family friendly games. Games for everyone. Light hearted and fun enough for children, but challenging and aesthetically pleasing enough for adults. Some people like it, some people don't. Opinions omg!

I'm not opposed to Nintendo straying from their norm, they need to get out of the comfort zone from time to time. I just don't expect them to try and appeal to every different kind of gamer there is.

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Nope. Glad I didn't pay for it, but I'd still like a refund on my wasted time.

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I got to work on this one a while back, but never played any of their games.


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@Jag85 said:

@gfxpipeline said:

Way to make a complete fool out of yourself.

Naughty Dog's most recent major title - The Last of Us - over six million copies sold.

EAD Group 3 most recent major title - Skyward Sword - over three million copies sold.

It is absolutely hilarious that you spewed an entire wall of text in a lame attempt to solemnly lecture people about nothing more than you are a Nintendo fan derp derp and the fundamental data point you tried to close with shows EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.

Way to go genius!

You're the one who made a complete fool of yourself.

Nowhere does the post you're quoting claim recent Zelda games outsold recent Naughty Dog games.

You need to learn some reading comprehension, genius.

Yeah, when I get responses that are that stupid I usually just let them slide.

The poor guy probably can't even tie his own shoes.

Thanks though.

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So my comment not only sparked plenty of butthurt in the other topic, but even got awarded its own new topic.


well done!

I do feel a sense of accomplishment. I never graduated from high school back in the day, so this kind of fills that void.

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So my comment not only sparked plenty of butthurt in the other topic, but even got awarded its own new topic.


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I'm hoping so but I wouldn't hold my breath. They did have a fairly large beta for MGO2 so I'd assume they'd have one for TPP as well.

I'm just praying that Konami competently manages the game this time so it isn't filled with so many god damn exploits, glitches, and other bullshit that could have been easily remedied/avoided.

And Survival Nights, those need to make a comeback. Some of the most tense online matches I've ever had were fighting over those damn points just to get more pointless gear. But damn did my W!nterWolf look like a badass.

Yeah, that MGO2 beta was such a pain to get into. I remember they didn't expect so many people wanting to try it and the shit just wouldn't work at first. Then the Konami ID nightmare. THEN when it finally did work for everyone the characters moved slow as hell. Really hoping for a smoother experience with the MGO3 beta. From what I hear, Kojima productions LA is still hiring, so I hope the reveal isn't too far off.

Completely agreed with the rest though man, Konami better manage this game and keep the community in check. As amazing as MGO2 was, it was also a frustrating nightmare with all the glitchers, lag switchers, etc. I'm sure you already know, but people would even submit video evidence of people glitching in OFFICIAL tourneys and still nothing would be done.

I hope they bring back all the awesome aspects though, like survival of course. I was always so pumped for that!

I really hope they bring back a lot of maps too. At the very least I want to see CUS/UU make a comeback, I probably spent half of my time on that map in both of the MGOs.

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The Phantom Pain looks terrific...sadly i just can't care anymore for that franchise and that is a shame because it was easily one of my top franchises of all time, but they way they handle MGS4 and then all the prequels...IMO the plot, the characters and the lore are a mess, on the other hand, Zelda is still one of the finnest franchises in gaming and after A Link Between Worlds, i really want to see this new entry.

If you can look past how fucked the plot has become, it's going to be good. I'm still interested in seeing how the story unfolds in TPP, but 99% of my hype is purely for the gameplay. MGS gameplay is finally coming into its own, shedding away the weaker aspects and cranking all the good stuff up to 10. Really it's becoming the stealth game I always wanted to play.

Just put MGS4 out of your mind and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.