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So...it's been a while.

Dunno if anyone's even going to see this, but I was randomly thinking about Gamespot and just...kind of decided to log in, for no real reason really. It's weird to see this place after being dead for 3 years and seeing that a bunch of my old contacts are still active on this site. I can't really think of the right wording for it, but I don't really care because that's besides the point.

So...yeah. I feel like I should actually have something substantial in this post, so I'll just talk about what I've been doing for the past few years. Obviously one of the things was finishing high school (as fun as that was) and starting college. Fun times. lol

Besides that, I've been getting into different games since then: specifically stuff like Corpse Party and the Megami Tensei games. Obviously they're a little different from how I used to be so obsessed with Resident Evil. haha

So...yeah. I just wanted to pop in and say a few things, stuff like that. If I ever do actually come back though, I'm so making a new account. What was 13-year-old me thinking of making his username "Wii_93"? Sometimes I wish I could just go back in time and slap myself upside the head.


EDIT: also, I got a steam account: JillSandwich93. Add me if you want or not, I guess. lol

Wait, I'm not dead!?

Hello, GameSpot! Bet you're surprised to hear from me, seeing as how it's been...what, a year and three months since I last stopped on here? :P

Anyway, I wanted to stop by and kind of update on stuff I've been doing... It's hard to believe that in two months, it'll be my fourth year since joining GameSpot. I doubt I'll regularly appear, but I might try to stop in every once in a while.

Uhm...I guess I could say I'm still doing music stuff and the like as a hobby, which you can clearly see on my youtube account. Wish I could say the same for that RPG zolloz and I were going to do years ago... :(

In terms of real life stuff, pretty much nothing's changed. I'm still battling procrastination at every turn, along with trying to survive high school. xP

I wish I could say more besides how I've missed each and every one of you guys and the fun times we've had, but I can't...so, here's a beautiful song about Santa Clause on a helicopter to compensate. Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays, if you want to be generic and politically correct :P)!

Long Overdue Blog Post is Overdue (but not very long)

Seeing as how I haven't even made a post within the last two months, I might as well let you guys know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, for now anyways. :P

First thing's first, I might as well announce my unmotivationfor GS. I just lost interest in this site, guys. I don't know if I'll ever gain motivation to come back and start posting more than once a month or so, but who knows? For now, I'm pretty much in limbo. >_>

Secondly, as of Thursday, I am now a 360 owner thanks to my sister (I'd still rather have a PS3...but whatever). I went bargain hunting at Blobkbuster's Labor Day sale and was able to snag Silent Hill: Homecoming and RE5 for $20 each. Yay. (Oh, and since appearantly we can't afford / don't want to buy2 separate LIVE accounts as of now, I'll have to use my sister's gamertag. So, if you see a "ikatielo" playing Left 4 Dead, you'll know it's me. :P )

That's pretty much all I have to say...and that Persona 3 is fun. Very fun, unlike the picture sliding puzzle in Homecoming. That's NOT very fun.

More Musickz (YAYS!!)


Just decided to show off some more music for zolloz and mine's RPG that's still in development hell due to us both...*lacking* some needed materials (mainly general maps of areas, a worked out story, ****ing tilesets, etc.). Opinions would be good. :P

Lookin' at the next Akira Yamaoka right here. 8)

I'm not sure if anyone reading this knows this, but zolloz89 and me are going to be making an RPG using the RPG Maker XP program, based off of an idea I had for a forum RPG that, well, never turned into a forum RPG. :roll:

Basically, zolloz is doing the graphics (since I even draw bad stick men D:), and besides me doing the story, I'm also the music man. Schweet, huh? 8)

I already did three so far, wanna listen?


^ It's one of the battle theme that normal battle sequences will have (as in, this game will have more than one normal battle music like Earthbound)


^ The first area's a suburban neighborhood, and that's the music playing during that part.


^ That's the theme song of the first party member to join you, who's name is Hanna, as the song name shows. :lol:

So, what'd ya think?

LIT: One Hell of a Wiiware game (NOTE: May not be "One Hell of a Wiiware ga

So, this week, one of my highly anticipated Wiiware titles, LIT, was released. My thoughts?



AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (you get the idea :P)

In a nutshell, it's about a somewhat emo-ish high school student, Jake, who finds that his school is overrun with demonic shadows of what used to be the faculty members and students. His reason for being in this Otherworld zoned school? He has to get his girlfriend Rachel out of the same mess, who just hapens to be the only other human left.

Basically, your goal of the games "classrooms" is to get from the entrance to the exit. Sounds easy, huh? Well, it's not (shocking, huh?). The creatures lurk in the shadows, so what does Jake gotta do? He's got to LIT (*teehee* get it?) his way through all of the classrooms through the use of any available light sources; table lamps, motion sensors, broken windows, TV screens, you name it.

Ocassional boss battles with the "Dark" faculty members block Jake's rescue mission, and must I say, these are the best part of LIT in how creative they are; each one has a pet peeve that you have to retaliate them with, whether it be light, cherry bombs, or anything. Definately an awesome aspect of LIT.

I think I'll post a real review of this great game when I completely finish it, including this unlockable "Dark" mode, which is a race against the clock (or, truly, a race against the dimming lights) to finish the classroom in the fastest time possible.

Oh, and I've decided to post a video game song at the end of every blog post I do from now on, so this one is:

LIT-Hall Monitors Battle (kinda expected, huh? :lol )

And, FYI, this is my Youtube account if anyone wants to subscribe/friend me/creepy stalk me/whatever...and that was so not self advertising. ;)

Top 20 Video Game Battle Themes: #17

So, #17 is...:

Something Lacking(from Haunting Ground/Demento)

Oh, the battle theme for our favorite man-made, schizophrenic maid armed with a huge shard of glass wanting Fiona's azoth so she feels "complete". 8)

I just love how her song tempts you to stop "RUNNING THE (bleep) AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!" and dancing the robot right then and there. :lol:

Top 20 Video Game Battle Themes: #18

So much for being a semi-daily thing...>.>

Anyways, my #18 is:

I'll Kill You (From Silent Hill)

While this track isn't known for being a great "listen without the game" piece (in fact, what SH1 song is?), it's definately very anxiety-causing. It starts out so subtle, but by the time it reaches the climax, it has you looking over your shoulder for fear of a psycho killer chasing after you. It's definately not kid-friendly. However, too bad it was used for such an easy boss battle...