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Umm yeah GS is getting boring there is nothing to do anymore it gets really old pretty fast...... I am quiting GS cus its getting boring and i never log in anymore cus of it. Well ok you guys have fun and stay the cool peeps that u are (Dazman, Crzy_Girl, Kenshin_Girl, mnking, Pherthoslee, 11proby, canana, RedneckGamer, Mosher12, PADJ19, (srry if thats wrong) Blace_17, and all those I missed, OK well cya my e-mail is Kratos97@hotmail.com so ok cya. O, and War_Fox, ur cool too.

50th Anniversary

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Today was good, bad, and well, thats it. I went to my grandparent's 50th Anniversary and it was cool to be there and see my family again sice I only see my dad's side of the family about twice a year. It was cool to see my cousin Issac, who I haven't seen in 7 years. He says he owns a sandwich shop and he says it's great, but it's "too easy". He says that ever since he graduated high school that life has "stopped challenging him". Thats the good. The bad is that my stubborn-as-hell brother has to act like a complete idiot and piss my mom off. He took some graduation pictures a while back and he says he looks stupid and that he doesn't want to have to show his family members. So, he tosses the pictures to the back of the car and my mom got MAD. (Not a suprise, really) She tells him to pick them up, but knowing him, says "no". My mom keeps telling him and he refuses so she stops the car and starts yelling at him. He just sits there laughing... Then she starts yelling at all three of us and says that were not coming with her to Florida on the 8th of May. (She does this alot, too--that she is going to run away and go somewere without us) It's nice to know that my mom doesn't stay mad with these things, she was happy when we came back. Well, thats it for now. Umm.... Bye. :P

Results of the dodgeball tournament

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This is an edit to my previous blog post so just incase your wondering were the other one wandered off to... Well I'm going to be telling you (yes, you) what the results of the dodgeball tournament were last weekend. The first game was 7th vs. 12th.... And I know what your question is... Yes, we were slaughtered. It was absolutly pathetic... We didn't even run for the balls when the whistle sounded... We just froze there and took a good beating. And worst of all; the seniors have no remorse when seeing us get plowed to death with dodgeballs... NO PITY! Then it was 10th vs. 8th.... and 8th was slaughtered. 11th vs. 9th... 9th lost...  then it was a battle between 11th and 10th... 11th lost... the championship was 10 vs. 12 and of course! 12 won... Sure, it was very, very, very, very unfair, but fun regardless! :) OK well the bell rang so gotta go.;)