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We need more people for teh union!

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We will not fall into little peices of rubble, we shall stand here, for our current members, please be a bit more active and try to invite as many people as possible and not just the ones on your freind list. Please we need you help. We shall make this place BIG for those who havent please join here

also we need a new "theme" as in banner, icon, sigs etc.

The union has been made!!!

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Its been made, please post here if you would liek to join and look at my previous blag if you dont know what it is, I already choosed my 8 charter members (im sorry if you werent picked, I had tomany people) Until they accept, I would like you to post here if you wish to join (ill give you an invite anyway actually) but please, feel free to dicuss things here until its done.

Thinking of making a union? PLAESE LOOK!!!

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Hey there guys, i was thinking of a maiking a union and i was wonder of making union, its about discuission, gaming, politics, etc. Now you wondering what makes it any different from OT or SW, or any of teh other boards, why not post there? Well unlike all the other ones fill with uunfair mods, mines will have:

- All of them placed together, along with gaming in generan. Exmaple: you could request for a cop party in for xbox360/ps3 for COD world at war zombie game, or a multiplayer match in kill zone 2, you could rant, you could make game threads, Discuss abotu NAYTHING you want

-Now ofcourse there will be rules to follow, it isnt going to a spamb bomb whenever you open a thread, our job is to give the freedom and fairness the GS mods dont give, but at the same keep strict enought for everyone to enjoy.

-my admins shall be handeded carefully, those who i find to be in baord the most, and those who treat the other users like fairly and with seme good respect.

-To wrapp it up it will be a more "free" community then the GS forums, but have its balance of law, and it shall be liek ALL the forums combined into a nice little pckage, if you wanna join plz PM me, and leave a comment, thanklyou!

Still suspended form gamespot?

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Yeah, iv been suspended from gamespot at around 11 am, july 27th, am it is july 29th 12:33 am, I know about the starts at midnight thing, so yeah it should have ended 33 minutes ago, because if you round it to midnigth it will have been at 12 am july 28th, why am i still suspended? Almost 38 hours later still suspended? I still would have been un-suspended even if it was the gamespot default time zone, so what is going on?