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Back from the dead.

Well, I havn't been here for a LONG time.  My explaination?  I blam school and StarCraft.  I got alot of games over the holidays, most of which I'm still playing now.  StarCraft has used up most of my time though.  I can't wait for my birthday to come up.  it'll be loads of fun, I'm hooking up two xboxs to two tvs and we're gonna have eight player Halo 2 matches.  I can't wait till March 12!

Black and White is freakin awesome!

Man I love Black & White!  It's such a fun game in the respect that you can do almost anything you want.  I try to keep one file evil and the other good but my good keeps swinging to evil and my evil keeps swinging to good.  It's fairly bizarre but whatever.  Anyone else play this game?

Been A While (2)

Once again I'm back on for another few hours, I've been offline for a very long time but I'll try to do what I can.  I recently got Half Life so that's been taking up my time, and I usually spend my computer time on Gunz so I have let my account slip into neglect.

Been a while

Well everyone I'm back, for now.  My Mech arrived and is very cool, I bought Half-Life 2 and beat it already, and my mom made me a plush head crab from a pattern i found on the internet.  Overall it's been an exciting however long.

Don't play by the train tracks...

Ok so today was pretty good.  I had a friend over today and we played MechAssault 2 and then we played Halo 2 and put stuff on the train tracks at Terminal.  Man that was so much fun.  It amazes me how many ways you can die just from the trains.  It also amazes me how powerful the trains are.  Then again they are going 200 k/h.  It was fun to go look for our bodies and seeing where they got sent to.  I've noticed recently that nobody seems to be comenting on my blog posts, I really hope someone will join the BattleTech union.

Oh No!

It seems that one of my Unions (the BattleTech union) is dying.  It's currently MIA and hasn't had a new member for a while, therefore I urge anyone who knows anything about the BattleTech universe to join...now...ASAP!

 <--Join and keep it alive!

It's a Bar Mitzvah!

Actually it was 2, for my cousins, who are 1 year appart in age.  I could have gotten one but I chose not to, my family Isn't as religious as my relatives on my dad's side.  Actually technically I'm not Jewish since my mother isn't but whatever.  On to the story.  It was absoulutly boring as hell.  If I never have to go to another one it'll be too soon.  It would have been better had I had nothing else to do today, but I had to cancel having my friend come over and playing on my X-Box because of it.  Oh well, it'll only be once in a lifetime...hopefully.  In other news, I ordered one of these suckers from eBay.

Except mines gray, be envious.  Especially everyone from the battletech union.

2 New Levels!

Yay!  It seems all the rveiews I've been writing recently have payed off.  Instead of one level as I anticipated, I gained 2!  Hoorah!  I might start a Union soon but I don't know what to call it or what to make it about.


Ok so today I co-founded the Pro Gaming Teams and Individuals Union, which doesn't yet have enough founders, If anyone else would like to co found the can PM CJFeagle.
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