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Knights of the old republic.

I'm calling it knights of the old republic was the greatest game I have ever played, if you disagree your a dumb ass, there is no argument, you just are, mass effect cant even hold a candle to this game, so dont say crap about that game.

omg damn PC

i just got fallout 3 and iv been waiting for it like for 2 years and now i think "hey why not buy it for my PC so i can get mods on it like i did for oblivion" there was only 1 prob. THE DAMN INSTALLSHIELD WONT INSTALL now i have tryed my firewalland found nothing blocking it (at least i dont think i did :| ) and also when i was trying to install adobe flash player it to just froze and i could'nt close it. so now i got to stay on my computer all day thinking and trying to fix it.......damn it:cry: