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It Seems I Have Been Muiscally Tagged ...

By Spartan_385 , and now I must list seven songs I'm loving at the moment :P ..

So here goes (In no particular order) :

Skin O' My Teeth - Megadeth

Aneurysm - Nirvana (I hav'nt stopped liking it for ages now)

Trampled Under Foot - Led Zeppelin

Five To One - The Doors

Mr Vain - Cultural Beat

Domination (Live) - Pantera

Disintegration - The Cure

So there you have it :) ... and now I tag Chico129 , Teh_Jakester , Solidsnake35 , Fishdalf , Samwell_X , Jointed and MSdude ;)

The Border

Let me tell you about this guy that I know.I wont name him directly.We'll call him Edward for now.Edward is an ok guy ...

Edward is not what you'd call an average person.You would'nt really meet him and take him for a boring person.In fact , when you lay eyes on Edward , you think he looks eccentric the way he wears his hair , the way he acts , the way he never ever seems to be sad ... I for one find that a great quality in Edward.Somehow , he has the mental capacity to rise over things.Sure , some things may get him down , but it never lingers in his head ... he troops on somehow.I have no idea how the guy does it.

Edward lives on a border.This border can be quite thin , and at the same time quite thick.Its a border between normality and abnormality.Sanity and insanity.Hapiness and Ultra-Happiness.I like to classify it as the last one.Hapiness and Ultra-Happiness.So yes , Edward lives contented on this border ... neither Sane nor Insane , Normal or Abnormal , but somewhere in a state between Hapiness and Ultra Happiness.Mabey that is why he's hardly ever sad or depressed.On that border there is a camp.On the camp is a nice big tent , a warm camp-fire , and all that Edward could ever want.

But sometimes , Edward has to cross the border , towards insanity if you will ... to forage for supplies like food , firewood and to settle certain goals.Its never a dangerous trip ... across the border is not a dangerous place to him.Some people consider it a scary place.Edward dos'nt.The goals that Edward settles sometimes gets him into trouble.Sometimes they are rash and sometimes they can get him into trouble.

For example : A Koala once pissed Edward off mightily.


The prick walked up to his camp while Edward was in his tent and ran off with his meat that he had gathered for the day.The Koala scampered off towards the other side of the border , towards Ultra-Hapiness.Edward went after him in pursuit.He kept up and eventually came to a tree where the Koala had climbed up.It sat there with its family of 3 (Himself , a mate and one baby Koala).Its mate , it seemed , was tied to the first (The father) Koala.Edward had an idea.He took out some suspicious looking cracked substance.From his bag , he took out an older piece of meat , from the day before.He stuffed some of the cracked substance into the meat , and tempted the Koala down to it (The meat he had stolen still clutched in his hand).The Koala , with his free hand took the meat Edward had , and brought it back up to the tree where he wolfed it down.Minutes later , the Koala fell out of the tree.With it fell its mate because it was tied to the Koala that seemed to have had a massive heart attack (He lay there on the ground motionless , its eyes ready to bulge out of its head).The third Koala , rather stupidly fell out of the tree on purpose.I dunno ... he must have thought it was a game because the other two "Jumped out".

I'll never know what kind of substance Edward put in the meat , but he told me it kinda looked like this:

Moderator's Note: Image in violation of ToU removed.

So yeah.Don't piss Edward off.

PETA found out about this.They came after Edward.

But they dissapeared and were never found.



The Real Nirvana Frontman

Who really was the frontman for Nirvana ? It has never been speculated before , but I (along with another user from OT) have come up with a theory that TOTALLY MAKES SENSE ! ... We have come to the conclusion that Kurt Cobain was NOT the geenyus behind Nirvana , behind all the great riffs , behind the lyrics ... he was used.Used , and he eventually realised he was being used and shot himself (But did he really?We'll get to that later on in the blog).You too , would kill yourself if you found out you were being used in such a blatant manner.He was portrayed as the main man of the band , the eccentric who wrote genious music.BUT IT WAS NOT HIM ! ...

Take a look , at the real Nirvana frontman:

The image

Yes.Look at those eyes.Cookie Monster.He was the one responsible for the Grunge movment.The unsung hero of Nirvana.You see , Cookie Monster was in fact a blatant heroin addict.And he was ashamed.So he joined Sesame Street , as a side project to his songwriting for Nirvana.The producers thought that calling him the "Heroin Monster" would be too profane for little children.So they gave him a new alias.The Cookie Monster.They would dose him with so much heroin , that he would be oblivious to the cookies they shoved down his throat , or what they were getting him to say.

Cookie Monster , or as we shall now know him as "The Real Kurt Cobain" , formed Nirvana in 1987 , because he wanted to start a music revoultion that totally annihilated Hair Metal from the face of the world.Aided with his massive amounts of heroin , he wrote geenyus songs , that would forever be etched in the history of music.But one thought began to trouble him.How ridiculous would he look on stage with a guitar.A big blue shape , with heroin dosed eyes ... surely people could'nt take him seriously.Enter Kurt Cobain.A handsome blonde from Aberdeen , eager for work because he had nothing.He phailed at lief.Cookie Monster used this man as his image ... the image for the band , as a revolutionary figure , while in the backround Cookie Monster did all the Donkey work of writing the riffs , lyrics while shooting triple doses of heroin.He instructed Kurt Cobain on what he should act like , what he should say in interviews etc.While Cookie Monster earned the majority of the bands income , he gave quite a minor share to poor Kurt Cobain , the failure of life.He essentially became a puppet of Cookie Monster.

You look into Cookie Monsters eyes.They blamed Kurt Cobain for being a heroin addict himself.HE WAS NOT ! He was an innocent young man who met his end because of a selfish triple heroin addict.Cookie Monster made the supposed "Heroin addled" Kurt Cobain look like a teenager trying weed for the first time.






The image

And there we have it ... Cookie Monster was the real Nirvana frontman.Kurt Cobain was a lonely man looking for work because he failed at life.A sad story.But , we also have reason to believe that Cookie Monster is in fact A HOMOCIDAL MURDERER !! :o

Yes.On top of being a heroin addict.How shameful of you Cookie Monster.Towards the end of Nirvana's life , Cookie Monster became quite suicidal because of his strained relationship with the rest of the Sesame Street cast.He was homophobic , and suspected Ernie and Bert (Pictured Below) :


He also suspected that Elmo was a homocidal maniac , and was slightly scared of him.But then again , so was everyone else , so thats excusable.But anyway , Cookie Monster became suicidal , and he used Kurt Cobain to voice how he himself wanted to die.He built , and built and built these suicidal ramblings until April 1994.Then the apparent "Suicide" of Kurt Cobain.It was in fact Cookie Monster who killed Kurt Cobain.He killed him to make it look as if Cobain really meant that he was going to commit suicide.And nobody knew , up until now.Cookie Monster had looked to end Nirvana because the pressure of making new song material , and bringing out new albums became too much.And so , Kurt Cobain never really killed himself.It was Cookie Monster.Since the end of Nirvana , Cookie Monster has gotten over his suicidal thoughts , and has carved out a succsessful carreer for himself out of Sesame Street.

The bastard.

The End.

~A case solved by Whight Knight~

Proper Chrim-bo

So its six weeks now to Christmas.Or seven , I'm not too sure , don't really care anyway.But I willl pretty soon ... like say TWO weeks beforehand.Not six or seven.Christmas is irrelavent to me in November.Right up until good old advent , on the 1st of December.Then does it really mean something.Then you can feel it coming , the whole spirit of it.Sadly , that spirit is eaten up by the over exaggerated November hype.You can have your November Rain/Wind etc , November Hype is the worst.Carols are playing , ad's are on TV , you see kids brainwashed by it "I can't wait till Christmas" ... it's November for heavens sake.It annoys me.The spirit , is actually replaced with anxiety for people who have to support family's , in fact , the commercialism affects THEM as much as little children.Pressure to work for Christmas bonus , to buy presents for their kids , food supplies , the whole shebang.And it really replaces (By the time Christmas finally arrives) with aggravation.Christmas actually is the worst time of the year for family break-up's and arguments.I see more and more adults hating Christmas , when they should be loving it , savouring it.It basicly becomes a pain the the ass.

Now , don't get me wrong here , I love Christmas , and the satisfaction of giving something actually feels better than recieving something.That's a feeling you don't feel every day.I just really hate the Christmas shopping season starting so early.It started here in Ireland and the United Kingdom BEFORE Halloween.That is sad.Rewind to the 70's , or 60's whatever.Back then Christmas was CHRISTMAS EVE , till the EPIPHANY on the 6th of January.Nobody really gave a bollox what was given to them , it was all about spending time.Spending money on nice gifts is OK , but the time you spend with people is much better , at least in my opinion.You might say thats just me getting older , getting sulky because I don't get as much as I used to for Christmas.Well , that's not the case.I still get presents.But they don't really mean as much as me making other people happy for Christmas.Thats a good feeling.

I look out the window , at this very moment , and Christmas still seems a little while away.Thankfully , I don't get affected by this crap in November.If that was the case , I'd be BORED of waiting , and it would'nt be as good when it comes around.At this moment in time , I'm saving my money for Christmas , so more than likely no games for me until Christmas.I have six weeks to save and buy presents for people , so my games purchasing has to go on hold.So , uhm , I have nothing more really to say on the matter.

~Rant over I suppose~

My next blog will move onto music.I'm gonna have a lot of fun with that ... and I can feel I'm gonna have a fair few comments with what I have to say about the music industry today :P


Question/Discussion of the week has been cancelled ...

Why ?

Because , to be honest , and as you can see , I hav'nt been arsed.

A more deep , and meaningful blog shall appear shortly.

Question/Discussion of the Week

Today I've decided to open my blog up to other users.Every week I shall post a discussion that other people can post their opinions about , and debate their side of the argument.Discussion of the week is:

The Afterlife.What is your take on this?

Fire ahead GS users:)


Guiness.The Black Stuff.Iv taken a liking to the it recently.Some are put off by the appearance:Jet black drink,foamy head at the top.But I like it,its awesome.Often described as "A meal in a glass",It only has 198 calories,which is not bad compared to other alcoholic drinks,and is made from water,hops,barley malts,and brewers yeast.Its often rumored that the Guiness abroad from Ireland does not taste quite as nice as the one here at home.I wonder is that true,and can anybody confirm that?All I can say here,is that its tasty:)

A brief history of it:

The original brewer,Aurthur Guiness signed a 9000 year lease at 45 pounds per annum,in 1759.Some rumored that he began at a minute to six(17:59pm)

All Guiness in the UK was to be brewed in London,but the plant shut down in 2005,and produced in Dublin.UK had stated that Guiness brewed in Ireland was better than brewed in UK(Hence the rumor).

Studies show that it can be good for the heart,as researchers found that antioxidant compounds in Guinness, similar to those found in certain fruits and vegetables, are responsible for health benefits because they slow down the deposit of harmful cholesterol on the artery walls.

There are a variety of diffrent mixtures for the drink aswell:

  • Black and Tan or Half and Half - a combination of stout and pale or amber ale, traditionally Guinness and Bass. Sometimes served with a pale lager such as Harp. More often called Half and Half when a pale lager is used. With careful pouring the Guinness settles on the top and the Bass settles to the bottom providing a two-tiered, layered effect.
  • Black Velvet - Guinness and champagne in equal quantities.
  • Irish Car Bomb - A half-and-half shot of Irish Cream and Irish Whiskey is dropped into a half a pint glass of Guinness.
  • Poor Man's Black Velvet - Guinness and cider in equal quantities. Also known as a Crown Float. Commonly known (incorrectly) in America as a Snake Bite.
  • Guinness and Black - A pint of Guinness with a dash of blackcurrant cordial. This makes the head of the Guinness go purple.
  • Portergaff - Half Guinness and half lemonade (a stout shandy)
  • Guiness itself is also known as the "Black Stuff" or "Devil's Nectar", which should not be confused as cocktails.
Thats mostly what I know of it,all in a nutshell;)


Three words.World of Warcraft.Touted as the best MMORPG out there.And who can blame them...they are totally right.It is the best,and will be the best,for a long time to come.The game is great,the opportunity to Role Play is endless,more so than any game,and I mean any game.When you play,you are not you...it feels like you are somebody else,like a Human Paladin/Night Elf Hunter etc,and it feels so good.But as a lot of people say,its addicting.Very addicting.You cannot play sit down and play this game for 5 minutes and accomplish anything.You must spend time to accomplish anything.You often end up telling yourself that you will get off in 10 mins.Half an hour later,and your still playing.Its alarming,but you dont care.

If you play this,and like it...as they say,there is no going back.Im not putting it down,in fact,I find it amazing its this addicting...that must mean its great.Its constantly evolving,and getting larger,with patches from Blizzard being released frequently.What can you do in this game?Join a guild,role play to your hearts content,group with another band of adventurers,take down the dragon of Blackrock  Spire,be a badass,make countless freinds,protect a city you love by RP,the possibilitys are dizzying,and endless,and it really is a living,breathing world.

What do I do,apart from being addicted...well,Im part of a guild,thats based in a certain city in the world.We are dedicated to protecting that city from criminals(We use Role Play heavily),and its extremely fun.Its what guilds should all be about,and should talk to each other a lot...unlike the last guild I was in.

Ok,thats me done,this blog may not have had the word "Addiction" in it much,but Im making the point,im addicted to this game.But its alright,its a great game;) 


I could go on all day,about all the great games coming our way over the next year,or two.All of them,on diffrent consoles.Games like Fable2,Halo 3,Assasins Creed,Mass Effect,Alan Wake,Metal Gear Solid 4,Devil May 4,Resident Evil 5,all of that stuff,is just to name a few games.All of them,I can see,are going to be great.Very great.A lot of people dread the wait for games like these,The killer apps,and most of the time,the wait is unbearable.For me,the waiting is one of the best parts.Why?I dont know,it just is.Its the Anticipation of the whole thing,the build up,the preperation.

I remember when a certain game was coming out(This time last year),and by god,the wait was brilliant.The days started off with me thinking "That game" and "Oh I wonder what that game is going to be like".It was brilliant.I sat for ages on some days (Even in school) just thinking about it,because I can,I can afford to waste time thinking about something thats not relevant to the important things in life like study.When the game came out,it was brilliant,I loved it.Indeed,it was not as good as I hoped but I still loved it.And so,I want to experiance that again.

I want to experiance the anticipation I went through waiting for various games,because I thrive on it...I am a patient person.Trust me when I say this,whenever a supposed big game is announced,I am probably the first in the world to dismiss it.But then,the more I hear about it the more I anticipate it,and in the end,I seem to really want to play it.If I like what Im hearing,I will most likely buy the game.So,I wouldnt really mind if,say,Mass Effect was held back,becase quite frankly,it would keep it on my mind for another few months,something to really look foward to,something to keep me from the boring things in life.

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