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Gamespotters, Please help me while I am in school. This is some notes I have for history and I need to know if they are good: 1. Humans which are human ancestors started six million years ago (page four). 2. More than two million years ago, homo erectuses move out Africa to Eurasia (page five). 3. Neanderthals flourished five thousand years ago (page five). 4. In the 300 Common Era, Hohokam migration was in Americas (page six). 5. Australopithecus afarensis, known as Lucy is a famous bipedal fossil (page six). 6. Yuri Gagarin was the first human space traveller (page six). 7. The International Space Station was made 1998 (page six). 8. Bipedal hominins made first intercontinental travel deed around 2 million years ago (page seven). 9. The Olduvai Gorge was home to stone tools from millions of years ago (page seven). 10. Louis Leakey did strong evolution research within Tanzania (page seven). 11. Humans known as moderns started 15,000-500 years ago (page eight). 12. Wurm glacitation shows the moving of Asia to Europe (page nine). 13. Human Genome Project shows genetic patterns in human species (page nine). 14. Paleoanthropology is the study of fossil human remains (page nine). 15. Middle Stone Age was 200,000 to 40,000 years ago (page ten). 16. Archaeological evidence show facts of past history 10,000 to 20,000 years ago (page ten). 17. World history relies on nineteenth century historical reconstruction (page eleven). 18. Australian Aboriginals have migration history around 50,000 years ago (page eleven). 19. Imberombera is a Great Earth Mother ancestress (page eleven). 20. Indus Valley civilization lasted from 1600 to 3000 in Common Era (page eleven). 21. Oral history shows events, lives, and processings culturally (page eleven). 22. Wandjak Marika was an Aboriginal storyteller telling of myth differences (page eleven). 23. The Indo European invasion was from 1500-500 within the Common Era (page eleven). 24. Rig Veda is the Hymn of Creation (page twelve). 25. Book of Genesis really mentions Gods numerous actions (page twelve). 26. World creation shows separations of heavens or waters (page twelve). 27. Cherokee myths show environment as a watery place (page twelve). 28. The Book of Genesis tells of Common Era stories (page twelve). 29. A Chinese account in the second century Common Era made creation spark (page twelve). 30. Yoruba deities are humanized and have recognized characteristics (page thirteen). 31. Sumerian pantheon shows existence of gods and goddesses (page thirteen). 32. Greece was influenced by Sumerian traditions (page thirteen). 33. Hopis were North American people connecting human emergence with migration (page thirteen). 34. Yoruba myths show Earth being created from heavens and waters (page thirteen). 35. The Sumerian culture tells of sweet water and matter differentiating (page thirteen). 36. English names like Wednesday and Thursday meant days of Odin and Thor (page fourteen). 37. Shinto is the native belief system of Japan (page fourteen). 38. Lord Millet is the earliest poetic anthology in China (page fourteen). 39. Olympians had human passions and failings just like their obedient citizens (page fourteen). 40. Eurasian gods were divided as one part worked with peace; other with war (page fourteen). 41. Mesoamerican Aztecs believed the sun structured the universe (page fourteen). 42. Chinese records reflect community leaders within fifth/sixth millennium (page fourteen). 43. Cross hatchings is the oldest art with tally marks (page sixteen). 44. The Middle Stone Age was 100,000 to 200,000 years ago (page seventeen). 45. Indian Ocean went into further parts of the Pacific Ocean (page eighteen). 46. In ancient times northern lands were colder than south ones (page eighteen). 47. Hottentots were hunters being extinct because colonization and resettlement (page nineteen). 48. 1869 an African hunter named Akunta went to jail for cattle raiding (page nineteen). 49. Bantu migration show how language can trace human movement (page twenty). 50. Examples of world language groups are: Austric, Khoison, and Amerind (page twenty one). 51. With Ice Age ending, human populations increased (page twenty two). 52. It is believed people came from Eurasia and travelled to North America (page twenty two). 53. The Ice Age ended ten thousand years ago in the Common Era (page twenty two). 54. The Pacific Island worlds past includes Australia and New Guinea (page twenty three). 55. Beringian theory shows Alaska and Siberia being connected by Bering Sea (page twenty three). 56. The Jinmium site shows migration to be around 75,000 to 116,000 years ago (page twenty three). 57. Human animal relations included animals like: horse, llama, and elephant (page twenty five). 58. Digital Age tells of web interconnectedness between people (page twenty five). 59. The Mali Empire showed Muslim merchants making trading diaspora (page twenty six). 60. LAnse aux Meadows was the first North American European colony (page twenty six). 61. Merchant diasporas connected traders within West Africa and South Asia (page twenty six). 62. Neil Armstrong made footprint on the moon (page twenty eight). 63. Maoris show how Polynesians made Pacific part of world (page twenty eight). 64. International Space Station shows connection between Canada, Europe, etc. (page twenty nine). Wensea Guewell (Wensea10)