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Schoolwork Two

Gamespotters, Please tell me how this essay looks for my teacher class: "Why do you want to be a teacher; intrinsic rewards of being a teacher, extrinsic rewards of being a teacher" I want to become a teacher because I value education. Without the concepts of school I will never be as smart as I can. Teachers deserve more respect as what you learn from them can be useful in a variety of areas. They are just as essential as a doctor. First I will become a teacher in elementary schoolthen become a professor at a university. Teachers are definitely intrinsic as they help you obtain more knowledge. This is why common statements are made saying that school will make your life easier. Moreover, most teachers have some intrinsic value. They are a necessity to the community and definitely need to be paid higher salaries. Sometimes, what you learn from your teachers is better compared to the knowledge given by your parents. Some extrinsic parts of being a teacher are the money and students. Money is something to talk about because they are not paid enough. This could come from the dropout rate of students. Students go toward extrinsic rewards because some are unruly. This can come from their behavior, harassment toward other students, etc.; still, the bad parts of being a teacher can be worked against. Wensea Guewell