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Schoolwork Six

Gamespotters, I did an miniature essay on a Speech & Debate Tournament. How does it look: Speech & Debate Tournament Speech & debate tournaments can better be understood in groups like the National Forensic League. This league's mission is to help high and middle schools with skills and values in forensics. The National Forensic League greatly believes that students will become outstanding in areas like effective communicating and democratic society leading. For a long time, they have been a non-profit organization in forensics. The National Forensic League has a code of honor that has five steps. These include humility, integrity, leadership, service, and respect. Humility shows that regardless of how smart a speaker is, they have the utmost respect for other spokespeople. Integrity deals with getting respect from other forensics members. Much definitely goes to speech & debate tournaments (Thunder Data Systems, 2007) What to understand about this event is that there are speeches of various subjects. Even in the beginning, I never thought I would greatly enjoy these speeches. In the first round my favorite speaker was Marian Shower. I enjoyed her speech about wrestling because she talked about hoe physical and mental the activity was. Of course I liked the later rounds better than the beginning ones. From rounds two and three, some highlightable speakers were Brandon Miller and some Greek girl whose name I could not remember. What I saw in the Greek girl's speech was a very emotional story about love. With Brandon Miller's speech, he told me about how important NSA surveillance is. Even the debates wee just as awesome but a little intimidating. Going to this event was stupendous because it made me more comfortable about my communication studies class. I would say that the speeches were still somewhat varied even though most were about political issues. For instance, in round one hearing about the history of hurricanes was rewarding. The speaker Marc Alania talked about how to prepare for them and the different parts of the destructive object. In round three my favorite speech topics were about the Washington March and frisk practice. The Washington March was intriguing because the speaker Kane Wu showed how equality is still a problem. Tanner Hayes spoke to me about how the frisk practice is very nosy. This practice is the spectating within all individuals' lives. For intellectual purposes I would attend events like these often. References Thunder Data Systems. (2007). National Forensic League: Giving Youth A Voice. Retrieved September 15, 2013 from nflonline.org/AboutNFL.AboutNFL Wensea Guewell