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Response Nineteen

Gamespotters, Here is my nineteenth response; how does it look: Christopher Staggs, Your answers about John Peter Zenger are extraordinary. Because of his actions he dealt with punishment even though his work was essential to English rules. John Peter Zengers lifestyles is more lengthier compared towards what I listed

Response Eighteen

Gamespotters, Here is my eighteenth response; how does it look: Susan Oestreich, Your answers about the Peace of Paris are remarkable. Sure Britain was seen as a foreboding force but they were not always aggressive. Within the Peace of Paris it seems like the dominating power within British colonies were aristocrats. There are several sources that can analyze the Peace of Paris.

Response Seventeen

Gamespotters, Here is my seventeenth response; how does it look: Abraham Sublaban, Your thoughts about the Peace of Paris are spectacular. Before this event, Britain had an easier time with money. Within the Peace of Paris, some of the places Britain claimed were Ohio Valley. Even though this land was claimed, it was still in the danger zone for control. Still with the Peace of Paris, Britain was seen strong enough at countering quandaries and enemies. It is intriguing seeing the Peace of Paris and Britain circling each others concepts.

Response Sixteen

Gamespotters, Here is my sixteenth response; how does it look: Christopher Staggs, I congratulate you on your response about the Peace of Paris. Seeing that this deals with Britain, in the beginning this country was already popular. Within the Peace of Pariss beginning, even though Britain was helped it still had a problem with national debt. Moreover, an empire was going to become mandatory which had Hudson Bay to India expansions. The Peace of Paris is an interesting topic. Wensea John Guewell

Response Fifteen

Gamespotters, Here is my fifteenth response; how does it look: Nickolas Weatherford, You stated some excellent facts about the Peace of Paris. This is often seen as the Treaty of Paris. Moreover, the Peace of Paris is commonly used to mention Britains victory against France. Some places that Britain soon controlled included Canada and Mississippi Valley pieces. Also, Britain claimed Florida because of a deal with Spain.