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Education Twenty Two

Gamespotters, Here is my music essay; how does it look? Introduction Music has such widespread topics in the world. Finding out about the tone in music comes from its sound usage. Even since the nineteenth century, songs have often had depressing moods. Words have many uses in songs as they can make strophic or call-and-response songs which are tremendous examples. Grime music will be talked about later and relates to other music styles like speed garage, bassline, and breakstep. Lyrics Lyrics play a major part in deciding if music has a torturing feeling. Obviously, words make up the lyrics to songs. Several words can correspond toward why people want to torcher others in songs. On a basic note torcher deals with damaging other people. Some word examples include annihilate, damage, and assassinate. These words are essential in describing genre styles like ballads because of their story telling song ability. Genres Genres have often played a role in describing torture in songs. Grime music is an excellent example here because it has a tone of dealing with hard times in societies. This music style is mostly relevant in London by artists such as Dizzee Rascal. Moreover, piano blues is also since its subjects likewise involve referencing blue devils. This music genre was relevant in the southern part of the United States and artists like Cassandra Wilson are known with this music style. Conclusion Even today talking about music has become a powerful concept. People still need to understand that though lyrics change, we need to understand its use in roots music. Several people can relate to torture music because it often seems like people stress instead of being happy. Word have deeper meaning to songs if they are rarely used words like breakbeat. Torture music still is active in music because of artists like Amy Winehouse. However, here is hoping that torture music will still have strong meanings. References blessedlovestudios.blogspot.com/2009/04/grime-timeline-evolution-of-grime-music.html pbs.org/theblues/aboutfilms/eastwood.html artists.letssingit.com/dizzee-rascal-1k962/biography mswritersandmusicians.com/musicians/cassandra-wilson.html Wensea10

Video Games Eight

Gamespotters, You should really take the time to play Gatling Gears. Highlights of this game would be like the awesome variety of gameplay. This game is likely a 9.5/10 from me. Wensea10

Video Games Seven

Gamespotters, The Pokemon series is an amazing series but we know that as the years pass, the games become increasingly predictable. Highlights would be new Pokemon with some new moves being shown. Still, the classic Pokemon games like Pokemon Diamond still are likely have ratings of 9.5/10. Wensea10

Video Games Six

Gamespotters, Sparkster can be seen as an amazing game. Highlights of this game can be the challenge factor depending on the password and difficulty chosen. I would likely give this game a 9.5/10. Wensea10

Education Twenty One

Gamespotters, Here is a music essay; how does it look: Introduction Jazz music continues to become exemplary in the soundscape world. Songs like Child Is Born make Christmas jazz songs wonderful. Within this music segment, it was music to my ears to hear the saxophone. If I had to pick a weird song on this day it would be Tyrone because musicologists need to find more information on this song. Regardless, the many jazz types like saxophone jazz are more relevant than other song types like rap music. Timbre One There are many ways toward how I would describe the song How Deep is the Ocean with the popular version being from Paul Whiteman. I picked soothing because this is the kind of song people can relax to at a lagoon. A loungy timbre works because lounges are meant for relaxation. A relaxing timbre works also because this song changes a persons mood to positive. The calming timbre works excellent cause from beginning to end people will feel like they are in a peaceful atmosphere. Happy timbres are common because listeners can easily look at the song title to feel rejuvenated. Obviously, giddy will work because oceans have powers of making people feel better. A trippy timbre works excellent because this is the kind of song that more people should appreciate. Night-like timbres work well because the nighttime is when people want to become refreshed instead of working. Day-like timbres are also an exception because when peoples days are overwhelming, hearing songs about water can easily change them. A tranquility timbre works well because saxophone jazz music sounds are seriously breathtaking. A revitalizing timbre is relevant because moreover, hearing those deep saxophone jazz melodies give tremendous remedies. The rejuvenating timbre is also an exception because for instance, when people are angry, they will need jazz music because they have that mellow vibeology. This is a song that is definitely worth remembering. Style One It is very simple at seeing the music styles seen here. There is elements in saxophone jazz with its sound that makes people feel like they relaxing in areas like the Pacific Ocean. Piano jazz also works well with this song cause its rhythmic vibes give ways to people feeling like its low tide at whatever ocean there at. Cello jazz is another exception because its deep sounds give a strophic atmosphere and people will imagine that it is high tide at the beach. The styles within this song are absolutely breathtaking. Instrumentation One Since I saw this awesome band live it is easy to see what instruments were played. The piano gave awesome ornamentation because a lounge-like mood was given. The saxophone moreover had high bass beats which gave way to me feeling like the place was moving. The cello felt like it was in the song for background sounds but its appearance was amazing. The sounds of the cymbals were boisterous but it gave the song appeal. I can easily say that the flow of the drums were very rhythmic. I can easily still talk about the instrumentation within this song. Timbre Two The timbre types in Only Trust Your Heart are amazing and the song is commonly known by several artists like Benny Carter. The timbre could be considered content here since the song mainly focuses on love. People who listen to this will even have a pleased timbre because the song is a ballad that matters. A confident timbre is also relevant because obviously when people trust their heart, they are capable of doing several actions. A tranquilizing timbre is also relevant cause peoples heart need to be in an outstanding mood musically so they can sing to their full potential. Songs are made to create peace environments so a peaceful timbre constantly makes sense. Ancient songs like this that have jazz renditions constantly are rumored to have soothing timbres. Songs are made for people to gather so it is easy to see this song having a friendly timbre. Lounges become more rejuvenating with music so a lounge timbre obviously works also. Music paves the way to relaxing atmospheres so a space timbre is relevant because looking at the stars at nighttime is rewarding. There are several ways to describe this excellent song. Style Two Finding the music styles within this song is simple. Piano jazz works well since it makes the song a basis for a lounge area. Saxophone jazz works well since its straight tone gives the song meaning. Cello jazz is even more relevant since it makes people kind of forced to dance which is relevant of ethnomusicologists. This song is seriously a work of the ages. Instrumentation Two It is very familiar at finding the instrumentation to this song. The piano works well since it puts the song in a remarkable overture. Like usual hearing the saxophone made me know that it showed its worth in the aero-phone family. Hearing the cello made me think of it giving a serious tone because with a calm heart, people can experience their full potential. Since the drums crescendo input is excellent, they have proven their worth as a membranophone. As an idiophone the cymbals work because their sound power is very lengthy. Hearing the band instruments in this song was very rewarding. Timbre Three The song You Dont Know What Love Is which is known by artists like Carol Bruce has remarkable amounts of timbre. An afternoon timbre works well here with examples being that it fits well with campus music. A morning timbre works well cause since many songs have a topic of love, people can have mixed emotions in the morning depending on how their love-life was. A night timbre is relevant here because during this period, people are seriously in the mood for down-tempo music. A space timbre works well here since music constantly has good ornamentation of incorporating fantasy lifestyles in peoples life. Moreover, universe timbres are stupendous here because songs like this work well in musicology because of cultural aspects. A cosmos mood also works well here with a sound-scape example being friends being outside watching stars appear. A dawn mood is excellent here romance plays an important mood here so there is a chance that their thoughts on affection will change. The daybreak timbre is relevant here because since songs constantly change, the same goes to peoples day depending on their sound-scape. The cock-crow timbre is also relevant since on a music level even early in the morning, people act differently depending on their preferred songs. The sunup timbre is relevant here because also, songs have topics revolving around peoples day so this is easily an exception. A daylight timbre is seriously relevant here because since music changes depending on the listeners, the same goes to peoples day being constantly different. Frivolous timbres work awesome here because several people react differently to mellow music like this. There are even more ways to show how this song fits within ethnomusicology. Style Three The music styles seen here are absolutely noteworthy. Blues jazz works well here since the sound tone feels melancholy. Piano jazz works well here even though the song is slow. Saxophone jazz is relevant here because for instance if people see this song as having a happy mood in the beginning, their thoughts will change when they hear the saxophone. Cello jazz is excellent here since its sounds are very downtempo which is relevant for nighttime music. There is even more ornamentation that what is listed here. Instrumentation Three The instruments serve major purposes here regardless of what family they are from. The saxophone works well here since it creates a sad mood. Moreover, the piano is excellent here since it makes the sound-scape brokenhearted like. The cello makes its chordophone family proud since its sounds create a serious tone. Drums work differently as a membranophone here since its sounds are softer. The cymbals still have a boisterous timbre although its part is rare. Regardless, the instrumentation seen here is noteworthy. Timbre Four The song Some Sweet Day which several artists like Bob Haring did is packed with timbre. Some of the timbres here like calming works because music like this was common in Boston and people became blissful. A comfort timbre is essential here because music is constantly played to make people feel better about themselves. A restful timbre is extremely relevant here because this is a love ballad to make people feel good within romance. A gentle timbre is also important here since this song makes a mellow sound-scape. A peaceful mood is seriously essential here because for instance campus music is seriously mellow and this song fits in substantially. Moreover, a relaxing mood is important thanks to instruments like the saxophone. A slumber mood fits well here because instruments like the piano constantly have chill-out powers. Naptime timbres are excellent here even if it is a short song; timbres like these are more prominent at orchestra concerts because the music-pieces are composed of segments. Obviously, snooze timbres are relevant here cause songs like these are short which is noteworthy of ancient music. Doze timbres are predictable here cause even though this is a mostly saxophone jazz version of an ancient song, its length is brief. Ethnomusicologists can easily give this song a timbre breakdown. Style Four The music styles within this song are produced well. Piano jazz works well here even though its ornamentation is soft. Saxophone jazz is also a highlight since it gives way to early music origins. Cello jazz is obviously another forerunner since it has an excellent use of being background noise. These styles make this songs appeal amazing. Instrumentation Four The instrumentation within this song is highly notable. The pianos are excellent here since they musically give an awesome interlude. The saxophone works well here since its common in jazz styles like piano jazz and vocal styles like swing. Cello jazz works stupendously as it constantly gives songs like this their light bass. Cymbals have prominent uses here since it often changes the pitch of the song. Drums like usual are essential here and they also work well as idiophones. There are several aspects that make this song amazing. Timbre Five Timbre within When A Child is Born which is relevant by versions done by the works of such like Thad Jones is numerous. A calming timbre works excellent here for reasons being that this is a Christmas song and its relaxation from the instruments makes a noteworthy example within organology. Sedative timbres work well also since instruments like the piano make a mellow sound-scape. A soothing timbre is relevant since the song is very relaxing and strophic songs like this fit well in early music even if it was about Christmas. A soporific timbre is seen as suggestive because instruments like cellos make songs like this sound strophic and refreshing. Positive timbres are essential because instruments like cymbals show that sound-scapes are more relevant in places like conservatories. Secure timbres actually make sense this is a ballad about children and people will need to take into consideration how to raise babies. Trance timbres work well cause the topic ornamentation is different cause most people would not think that this is a Christmas standard. Delusion timbres are active here with examples being with ethnomusicologists since they see themselves as researching music but not dancing along with what is playing. A daydream timbre works well with examples being that when young people hear this in their music class, there is a chance they are not accustomed with it. This song can be easily seen as having plucky timbre because some people are scared of having children compared to making songs about them. Fearless timbres are mandatory here because songs like these are strophic but take a lot of time to practice. Valiant timbres are strong here because with instruments like the saxophone, there are several organs to remember. There is even more timbres toward what is listed here. Style Five The styles seen within this song are absolutely breathtaking. Holiday jazz works well here because hence the name of the title which is relevant around musicology. Piano jazz works well because its use as being a chordophone sets the mood for winter nights. Cello jazz is also a highlight since it surprisingly has its use as a call and response method. Saxophone jazz continues to become important since mainly at the end it changes the music setting. Still, the styles seen here are mostly critical. Instrumentation Five The instrumentation here is mostly in topnotch condition. The piano works well with the quintet that it is with. The saxophone like usual shows its worth as a brass instrument. Continuing, with the cello its sounds are so magnificent that it is an excellent woodwind instrument. Cymbals work well here since its still rhythmic even though it still has loud sounds when played. The drums like often since they are still com combinations of membranophones and idiophones. The instrumentation regardless is amazing. Timbre Six Tyrone is a classic jazz song that is pretty unknown in the world. Calmness is a timbre that is relevant here since several of the jazz instruments make a compelling atmosphere. Moreover, a jovial timbre works here since instruments like the piano make a peaceful soundscape. Continuing, a refined timbre becomes relevant since songs like this still have modern appeal around the society. A trendy timbre becomes common here because it musically distinguishes people. Flighty timbres become relevant here because this is music that makes listeners have happy soundscapes. Soporific timbres even become relevant here because the saxophone puts listeners in a relaxing soundscape. An allaying timbre works well here since people often have days where music serves as their medicine. An enticing timbre can be relevant here since the instruments playing puts the audience in another dimension. A gracious timbre is even common here since the publishing of this song is realistic. Describing the several types of timbre within this song is remarkable. Style Six Like usual the several music styles here are amazing. Piano jazz typically shows why strophic music is awesome. Saxophone jazz styles are seen here that often show how it gives a mellow color. With cello jazz, it still becomes relevant in giving that deep bass sound. If more aerophones were present, the song would become jazzier. Instruments Six It becomes easy to talk about the instruments in this song. Pianos are seen here and they can still be noticed because of its wonderful soundscape power. Saxophones are easily seen because their sound has stood the test of time. Typically, the cello is in the spotlight because it is relevant with its background noise. Cymbals are predictably seen because they constantly give loud sounds to songs. Continuing, drums continue to serve its purpose in the membranophone family. Hearing these instruments was a wonderful experience in the music world. Conclusion The year is 2012 and jazz music is still outstanding with soundscapes. Artists like Esperanza Spalding keep this music type alive. My opinion is that the Simon Row Quartet fits well even if most of their songs have heterophony elements. The songs mentioned have been often sampled but some samples like from this group are contemporary. Here is hoping that jazz fusion artists like Spyro Gyra remain intact. References youtube.com/watch?v=jJLe3o8IrNA youtube.com/watch?v=x_eRWVeVNRM youtube.com/watch?v=nZ2vFWcoyFo youtube.com/watch?v=ZcXmSGEIAZI

Video Games Five

Gamespotters, Adventure Island II is such a great game. Some points to this game are several levels to explore although the game is difficult. I would likely give this game a 8.5/10. Wensea10

Video Games Four

Gamespotters, Bio Hazard Battle was seriously a great game. The game is very versatile with challenge but still is pretty hard. I would likely give this game a 8.5/10. Wensea10

Video Games Three

Gamespotters, I can easily say that Sonic The Hedgehog 1991 was a satisfactory game. Some mentions are a decent amount of levels and annoying hit detection. My rating for it would likely be a 7.5/10. Wensea10