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Video Games Twenty Four

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Gamespotters, New Super Mario Bros. 2 looks like an excellent game. I will check it out and let you guys know my opinion. Wensea10

Video Games Twenty Three

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Gamespotters, Sketchman is an okay game. Some noteworthy stuff about it is that its fun but it ends so quicky cause of its difficulty. My rating of it is 6/10 and here is the link: miniclip.com/games/sketchman/en/ Wensea10

Video Games Ywenty Two

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Gamespotters, Canyon Defense 2 Is an excellent game. Some of the highlights include the game giving amazing challenges in several of the levels. I give this game a 9/10 and here is the link: miniclip.com/games/canyon-defense-2/en/ Wensea10

Video Games Twenty One

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Gamespotters, Cactus McCoy 2 is a satisfactory game. Some of the highlights include being able to juggle enemies for extra money. My rating of it is a 7.2/10 and here is the link: miniclip.com/games/cactus-mccoy-2/en/ Wensea10

Video Games Twenty

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Gamespotters, It sucks to say this but Medal Of Honor: Warfighter is not a good game. If you want my opinion there was nothing sophisticated about the game. Wensea10

Video Games Nineteen

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Gamespotters, Robots Vs. Zombies is a decent game. It is good in how you can obtain different robots from money and experience points. My review of it is likely a 7/10 and it can be found here: miniclip.com/games/robots-vs-zombies/en/

Video Games Seventeen

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Gamespotters, Classicgamejunk has an interesting video game event called the Junk Hole. Wensea10

Video Games Sixteen

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Gamespotters, classicgamejunk is making a film about the Halo series. Wensea10