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Don't believe th POO-DOO!

Don't believe the POO-DOO! Star Wars the Force unleashed is awesome! Game Informer gave it an 8.5 for the 360 & ps3 versions. I personally have the psp version and it's GREAT! The extra features give it alot of added value. There are a ton of unlockable characters and costumes and Lightsaber options. If you like Star Wars you owe it to yourself to play this game, if you own a psp you MUST buy it!

I went to the midnight release and received a "limited edition" Stormtrooper Commander. I also got to play through the game while I waited, both the 360 & ps3 versions. I must say they where both great and I couldn't visually tell a difference between the 2. I even got to see some "Jedi" whose mom's must have let come out and play! I'm all for being a fan and into your game, but when the world has an image of the "typical gamer" you don't have to meet those expectations! Take a bath people! All in all it was a worth while hour spent and I look forward to unlocking all this game has to offer.

Till net time, Wegank.

And now, for something different.

Animosity:Ill will or resentment tending toward active hostility: An antagonistic attitude.

Everyday animosity is what you get, everyday animosity from sunrise to sunset.

Everyday animosity is what you see, everyday animosity directed towards me.

Everyday animosity is all you give, everyday animosity this is no way to live.

Everyday animosity I find so hard to bare, everyday animosity even though you know, you just don't care.

Everyday animosity I see in your eyes, everyday animosity with our smiles we tell lies.

On the outside looking in, we have what others can only see, as a life that should be lived happily. But when you come to see up close, only then are you struck the most, with the sadness and disrepair of a love that just isn't there.

Everyday animosity I feel your pain, everyday animosity you're here again...But wait there's others that may see... Quick! Here's a mask, we must hide our everyday animosity.

So, you think you're a fanboy?

In our day to day lives we find ourselves surrounded in a virtual cornucopia of advertising and brand recognition. From the moment we open our eyes and spot the glow from our Timex alarm clock and are greeted by the aroma of Eight O'clock coffee brewing in our Mr. Coffee brand maker we are bombarded with name recognition. Branding is EVERYWHERE! Granted we all have our favorites but do we ridicule or refuse to associate with our neighbor or coworker that uses the Phillips Alarm clock instead? No? Let's take a closer look then at fanboys and what makes the tick.

Fanboy (also spelled fanboi)" is a term used to describe an individual who is devoted to a single subject in an emotional or fanatical manner, or to a single point of view within that subject, often to the point where it is considered an obsession" according to Wikipedia.

Now I can understand the devotion to ones country or family, religion or friends, even school or some other special hallowed place like your childhood home. These are all honorable and admirable. However, the devotion to an inanimate object or product whose company could care less about the consumer and is only interested in their ability to pay is simply amazing. But in order to illustrate my point lets look at some of the fanboy ravings from around the web.

"Bioshock is terrible, and all the reviewers are biased because all media outlets got paid by Microsoft to make Sony look bad. Bioshock is terrible with no multiplayer; IGN will give it the TRUE rating it deserves because they aren't biased."

5 minutes later Bioshock happens to get a 9.7 on IGN.

"360 can't do 3d graphics"

"the wii is crap and almost all of it's games are for casuals and children."

"pc gamers have higher standards"

Also be sure to add in any number of Apple vs. MS arguments or Iphone versus any other cell phone brand. And probably one of the biggest displays of fanboyism out there is the "Zune Guy" considering he got the logo of an mp3 player tattooed to his body and later switched to another brand of mp3 player!

So now that we have an outline of what a fanboy is and some of the passion they are capable of displaying we'll dive into the very psyche of the fanboy mind and try to understand why they behave the way they do. However, that will be saved for next time in the 2nd part of this post.

Till then, Wegank.

uhh, is this thing on?...

So here it is, my 1st blog post, am I late to the party or is the party just starting since I have now arrived? I guess that is yet to be determined for now. I suppose I should lay down some ground work so that this has some sort of structure to it and you aren't left wondering "What was that?!".

I'm married with 2 kids and I live in rainy Florida (Seattle we're coming for the title) and obviously enjoy video games, movies, legos, football, guns and all other things "guy". Don't get me wrong I can get misty eyed with the best of them over a good tear jerker but most of what is released these days is twaddle so I need not worry over that often.

If you haven't checked it out already I am the proud owner of a union conglomerate vying for power in the Gamespot universe. I am already 135 members closer to my ultimate goal of world domination! You too can become part of my mass conquest here:


So pretty much anything goes here as a topic of conversation. Politics,yes, relegion,of course, guns, how couldn't I? Humor, I'll ALWAYS find it funny, your millege may vary of course! Music, cars, games (duh) and pretty much whatever happens to be rollin around in the old head that day. Hopefully the whole time I'll at the very least make you go...Hmmm.

So that's it, I'm done and you are almost as well, don't want to get all full of myself this 1st time out. I may post again tomorrow or it could be a week, I suppose it depends on the feedback.

Till then,Wegank.