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The End of the PS2 Era

The other day I realized that this is going to be the last great year for the PS2, which is the only system I have right now, and probably the only system I will have for a while. When I first got it five years ago, I was disappointed at not getting a Gamecube or Xbox. Now, I am truly thankful that I got a PS2 instead. The amount of unbelievably fun games it pumped out year after year was unbelievable to me, most of which were exclusive. All that I have left to look forward to next year are Rogue Galaxy and God of War II, which will be the last new PS2 game that I ever buy.

As I look back over the years, there are certain games that deserve special recognition. The hack n' slash genre was especially great, with the Devil May Cry series, Onimusha series, God of War series, Shadow of Rome, etc. All of those were excellent games, and the fact that there were sequels to a lot of them was even better. In the online section, there was Socom, which was some of the most fun I've ever had with a video game, ever. The multiplayer online was so fun and addicting that I must have put 500 hours into the second and third games, and soon it will be more with Combined Assault. For adventure games, there is Okami and Shadow of the Colossus, which are two of the most creative and innovative games ever made. San Andreas was one of the best games this generation, and although it was on multiple platforms, getting to play it a year before the others was kind of nice. Bully was kind of a nice surprise; I didn't expect much out of it since it came out right at the end of the PS2's lifespan and didn't have much hype. Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 were epic games that had too many movies but fun to play, nonetheless. I swore to myself that I didn't like rythm/music games, but I frickin love Guitar Hero I and II now. It's all thanks to college for that. Then, for fighting games, there was the Tekken and Virtua Fighter series. One of my favorite genres, the platformer, was represented very well on the PS2, with three Ratchet and Clanks and three Jak and Daxters.

Like I said, I can't believe how many good games I got to play, especially when I ended up only owning one system. I didn't even have a good PC to play games on. Unfortunately, next year I won't have a bunch of new, good games to play, and I'll have to try and save up for a PS3, Wii, or 360 this summer.

Summer Break is Done

Well,, it went by fast, just like I knew it would, and my summer was pretty fun. The 4th of July was definitely the craziest night, and I'm lucky I got home that night in one piece. I had gangs threatening me, preppy kids threatening me, and cops interrogating me, all while I was completely trashed. A bit of advice: don't try and drive downtown when you're wasted. Then there was the night before I went to Warped Tour, in which I had too much to drink and had to go to the concert feelin shytty, but it was still awesome. I got to see Anti-Flag, Bouncing Souls, NOFX, Less than Jake, Rise Against, Billy Talent, and a few others that I don't remember. It's so great getting to see your favorite bands play live. I almost passed out in a giant circle pit, but other than that everything was cool.

All I got is about 10 days left; tomorrow I'm going to Cedar Point and on Friday I'm going to a preseason Lions game. After that, I'll pretty much be done until I leave for college. I'm stuck on the sixth floor of the farthest away dorm from the center of campus, but for whatever reason people always say it's the best one. I'll still be watching all my Lions games, even if I have to walk to B-dubs, which isn't that far anyway. I'll continue to play Socom, too, if I can figure out how to get my PS2 online in the dorm room. Anyway, I'm done here so I hope everyone enjoys their last bit of summer. If I don't come on here as much it's cuz I got too much stuff to do.

New Games and Summer Plans

Well, I got two new games quite recently, and I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy both of them very much. The first is Hitman: Blood Money. Now, the only Hitman game I've played before is Silent Assassin, and I don't really remember too much of it. So far, though, Blood Money is a ton of fun and has excellent gameplay in my opinion. The other game I just picked up today was GTA: Liberty City Stories, for just 15 dollars. Granted, it's a few steps down from San Andreas, but it's an all new story with all new characters and it's cheap as a mofo. I haven't played the PSP version so I am excited to try this game out.

As far as the summer goes, it is well underway for me. I graduated on May 25th, and partied the whole night. I really don't have too many plans for the summer except go to Warped Tour in Detroit to see Anti-Flag, and go to Cedar Point a few times. I also have work 4-5 days a week, and I'm in a tennis league that plays once a week. Honestly, though, I can't wait for college, because it should be about ten times more fun than high school was. I don't head down to the University of Dayton until August 17th, though.

Senior Project Complete

I now have nothing more to do for high school. This Wednesday is the final mass and on Thursday we graduate. I can't say that high school was very fun, but it had its moments. I'm definitely ready to go somewhere else next fall. I love how my school tried to screw me over by saying I owed $60 for a book that I turned in way before it was due. I had to go back in the storage room and find it for them. It's just one last present they had to give to me. Anyway, I've got two graduation parties to go to this Saturday and I just can't wait for college next year.

I downloaded the new AFI album that is coming out on June 6th, and I must say I was disappointed with how much their sound has changed. They have really morphed into something that would be a perfect fit for MTV garbage. However, I will say that the CD has some good sounds and still has a little AFI sound to it, so it's not a horrible album or anything. It's a good thing I like more than one kind of music.

No "Stars," but it was a Great Draft for Detroit

The Lions may not have picked up any of the overly hyped players, but they were actually smart this year. They addressed their needs and only their needs, and picked players that had a history of working hard. In the first round, they took Ernie Simms, an extremely hard-hitting OLB who is a little small but extremely aggressive and rated as the second best LB in the draft. Next, they took a safety from Nebraska, which is what they needed most. Then they took Calhoun, a pretty decent running back, who may be able to help with the nonexistent running game Detroit has had the last five years. They got two pretty good offensive linemen, since their line seems to suck every year. Like I said, they tackled their key areas, which were the secondary, linebackers, and offensive line. And they got a pretty good running back out of it as well to possibly back up Kevin Jones. People were crying because they passed on Leinart, but they're idiots because we already have four QBs for the 2006 season, including one drafted last year.

New Tool Album is AWESOME

So it's been around five years since one of my favorite bands ever, Tool, released a new album. The last one, Lateralus, was released in 2001 and wasn't quite as good as the other albums before it, but still great music. This one, 10,000 Days, doesn't actually hit stores until May 2nd, but it was leaked a few days ago and I got the whole thing burned already. I'm thinking of buying the CD anyway, because it might be my favorite Tool album yet. I can tell they spent a shtload of time on it. There's always going to be tracks on Tool albums that aren't really songs, but the five or six tracks on there that are really songs are absolutely amazing. And they're quite lengthy, too, but stay great the whole time. My favorite song, Right in Two, is nine minutes long but I love every second of that song. The other songs I like are Vicarious, Jambi, The Pot, and Rosetta Stoned. I don't know what the deal is with the marijuana theme, but it's all good. I still can't believe I might like this album better than Aenima, but it's looking that way right now. I also just got the new NOFX album, Wolves in Wolves' Clothing, and it was good, but only has about four or five good songs, and these songs are very short.

I saw Silent Hill today, and was very psyched about it. Unfortunately, the plot was a complete mess and some of the dialogue was just stupid. The music was excellent and I'm glad they had some familiar monsters in there, but they just couldn't tie it all together to make a good story. I've played three out of four of the games and I still didn't know what was going on. It was a good try, though, I'll give it that.


I have been wanting to see this movie for some time, and finally did. It was extremely well thought out and, of course, had a crazy ending. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in horror, suspense, or just downright creepy movies. It really makes you think about the kind of world we live in.

Anyway, only five more days of school left. I had a crazy night last night and I only remember bits and pieces. As far as games go, I'm still enjoying Star Ocean and Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, and I'm also replaying San Andreas, it's so damn fun. I'll be getting these games soon: Black, The Godfather, Tomb Raider: Legend, and Liberty City Stories when it comes out for PS2. Goodbye.

Weekend Update

It's been a few weeks since my last post, so here's what's been going on. My high school's basketball team lost in the state semi-finals, which was played at the Ohio State arena. It was still a pretty fun time, afterwords me and a bunch of kids from my school went over to some college kid's house and partied. I'm onto my last two weeks of classes, and teachers are still trying to cram stuff in. Unfortunately, I'm not going anywhere for Spring Break, but it will still be a lot of fun hopefully. The only thing that sucks is that exams are right after break.

On my high school tennis team I ended up being the #8 player, but the top 7 are the ones that get all the big matches and recognition. So, I was pretty upset. It's my last year of high school so this was my last chance to make it. At least the season will end earlier for me and i can be lazy again. The summer is so close now, I can't frickin wait.

Lost my Wallet

I already told a few people this, but I might as well write about it here. Taste of Chaos was awesome last night, but somebody pickpocketed my wallet in the middle of a mosh pit. It was in my back pocket, which was velcroed up at the time. The sad thing is, with all the bodies flying everywhere, I didn't even notice someone reach into my pocket. The 60 bucks really sucks to lose, especially since I'm gonna be poor once I go to college next year, but the driver's license and social security card hurt a lot, too. It's gonna be a hassle getting those replaced, because to get one you need the other. Anyway, I really liked the concert; Thrice was better than I thought, As I Lay Dying and Atreyu were superb, and Story of the Year sucked, as usual. The thing I hate about being near the front is that you're always getting kicked in the head from crowd surfers. And, of course, I got my ass handed to me in the mosh pit. They always seemed to form right around where I was standing. Well, on the bright side, only 20 more days of high school.

3rd Quarter Grades

I got my report card for third quarter today, and it was pretty good. My highest grade was an A in Physics and my lowest was a C in German 4. The rest were B's and I managed to scrape off a 3.05 for the quarter, which is pretty good since seniors don't even try in school anymore. There is now only one month left of actual classes, so I'm counting down the days now i guess.

I've chosen my three jobs for Senior Project: shadowing a judge in court, shadowing a police officer in the patrol car, and working at a graphics design/advertising agency. They all seem pretty decent, or at least entertaining to some degree, so May will go by fast, and then it will be summer.

Taste of Chaos is in two days, and I'm really excited to see a bunch of these bands I like live. It will definitely be nuts.