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  • WayneSikes49 wrote a review of Alien: Isolation.
    User Rating 5
    An Honest Review, Unbiased and Unpaid of a Mediocre Game

    I had very high hopes for this title. I'm a huge fan of all the Alien movies and memorabilia. The chance to play a game using the original Alien model from the first movie was totally compelling and ...

  • WayneSikes49 rated Alien: Isolation a score of 3.
  • WayneSikes49 wrote a review of Far Cry 4.
    User Rating 5
    Same Ole Far Cry But Buggy As Hell

    I had high hopes for this game. I've played other Far Cry games and enjoyed most. But this new iteration of the game frustrated me to no end with bugs galore and a boring story. Games are supposed to...

  • WayneSikes49 wrote a review of Call of Duty: Ghosts.
    User Rating 4
    No Originality

    I just purchased Ghosts and was looking forward to playing it. Before I continue, I will say I'm a 30 year game development veteran with over 25 published titles and I expect quite a lot in a AAA tit...

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