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Maybe I should start a sig-site

I am hosting huge amount of sigs... so I was thinking to make a website with sig bars. Just like the ones which already excist. but then better ;) I could earn a nice amount on advertising haha!

ahhh well...just some idea on a cloudy monday afternoon ;)

Elveon; action RPG

some months ago I saw the first screenshots & trailer. I really like the concept and the looks. I will follow this game 4 sure! I posted some videos in my video section. Some info about Elveon: Elveon will bring you a new level of action- experience with totally realistic fight sequences in cinematic quality and a new way of interactive and action-driven story experience. You will lead your character - an Elvish elite-warrior - into exhilarating close combat fights against powerful opponents. You will fight different combat situations with a constantly growing level of direct action and tactical challenge. In between the action sequences, you will explore the fantastic world of Naon, discovering items and new quests. In interactive episodes, you will take over the role of Elvish heroes and experience some of the key events of Elvish history. With this knowledge, you will be able to develop your own hero into a true Elvish myth-warrior, personalized according to your preferred combat style. read more on the pretty website of elveon: http://www.elveon.net/
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