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Hello everyone, Warvair here and this is my first blog. So I'm gonna start off saying, YIPPEEEE! Now that i got that out of my system I would like to say that I love skate. Coming from me, a skater, it's saying a lot, because as a skater I hate unrealistic skateboarding games that allow you to do 500 trick combos, and make little kids watching you think you suck because you cant land a 360 hardflip. The reason behind these little kids and their lack of respect to skaters or any of their elders is because of Tony Hawk. Not the skater Tony Hawk, the game. His game is nothing like what a skateboard game should be. And since Skate. is coming out, I feel like the gaming world, along with EA, is stepping up. Though some people are saying that EA is trying to run Tony Hawk out of business, their not. They just want to create a game that suits skaters like me, and people that like and enjoy the real art of skateboarding, not the skateboarding that allows you to do 900's of the ground when you ollie! Now let me get to the actual demo. Wow, never has a game actually made me feel like when I fell down a flight of stairs, I actually broke my wrist. That's a good thing though, because like i said before, it captures the feeling of skateboarding. The accomplishment, the happiness, the anger and sadness. It does this all in a single line of tricks. And speaking of tricks, they are now much easier to do than in Tony Hawk(sorry i keep talking about those games it's just kind of necessary, don't you think?). With a flick of the left stick straight up, your in the air doing an ollie. Slide it around to either side, you have a shuvit. FLICK it out to either side and you have a kickflip or heelflip, depending on your stance. From their you just mix them around to get bigger and better tricks. Flick it forward first and then flick back you got a nollie, and this doubles your amount of tricks. Their is a tutorial for all of this and although the mouth effects for the speech aren't great when your talking to Paul Rodriguez or Jason Dill, they do just fine. The community center is a great place to skate and only about 1/25th of San Vanelona(the city in skate.), and thats not including the other unlockable places. Overall the presentation for the game is great, and the graphics are amazing. I'd give it a 10 already but we'll wait until the full game hit's the shelves on September 12th for the Xbox 360, and September 24th for the PS3. Read my review when it comes out! 'Till next time, Warvair