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Rift (who plays it)

Out of my friends here, who plays RIFT? I quit WOW just to play RIFT. and it's alot better in my opinion. Community is great, more stuff to do, and it's cost alot less money (you'll know what I mean).

Trophies, PC games, job

Well, nothing new really in the gaming industry, but I picked up like 3 new PS3 games, platinum'd 2 of them recently.

Picked up Mafia 2, Jak and Daxter HD Collection, and Far Cry 2.

Got the platinums for MGS3 and Jak 1.

Been playing MAG a lot recently, surprised people still play it lol.

I also picked up Counter Strike Source for my PC. If anyone has Steam, let me know we can play sometime.

And finally I got a job at AutoZone, I'm a cashier. Niffy job.

Recently picked up a few Blu-ray movies, PS3 games and PC games

Haven't done a blog in awhile. I always think these things are kinda lame. I picked up a few Blu-ray movies and games for my PS3 and PC too.

PS3 games I picked up recently:

The Sims 3 Pets

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Darksiders (Digital download)

inFamous 2

PC games:

Sim City 4 (bundle)

Diablo Battlechest

Movies (Blu-ray):


The Warriors

Bad Teacher

Finally beat Red Dead Redemption. Best Western game ever made

Just beat it a few days ago, loved it. Way better than GTA IV. The ending surprised me.

Well now I am at 94.4% completetion for single player. Might try to go for platinum (I'm at 42% trophies atm, including DLC).

No idea which game to play next. probably LA Noire or back to the Splinter Cell Trilogy HD again since I heard Ubisoft patched the disc version.

I'm the Great Cornholio!

So glad Beavis and Butthead are back on the air. Gives me a reason to watch MTV once again. Had enough of that Teen Mom, True Life, True World, Jesery Shore crap, etc.


Chirstmas is coming up too, what does everyone want?

Picked up Splinter Cell Trilogy HD and Crysis 1 (both for PS3)

Playing through the Splinter Cell Trilogy HD right now (on first game). It's amazing. Ignore the Gamespot score of 6.0. Their reviews lately are becoming unbelievable. And I don't know why people were complaining about the inverted y-axis. The controls for aiming and the camera were just fine. Aim up, goes up, move camera up, goes up, etc.