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Regarding Internet harassment coming from some a**holes within the gaming comunity...

About the growing internet harassment to game developers and industry related personalities:

"I'd say penalties for this sort of behavior need to be upped across the board. If you say, walk into your real life job or up to a random stranger and make a death threat or some other sort of threat NOT seen as a mere joke between a few pals, you're probably going to see the law come get you at some point. That needs to extend into the online space.

We get it, People have strong and often negative opinions (and how!) and some are very vocal about them BECAUSE that have that cloak of immunity the internet allows them. But at this point, it's like a bus full of rowdy asshole kids with no guardian present to shut them down when they misbehave and some still defending them even after they've set the bus they're on aflame as it careens down a highway to a steep cliff. Bleh. "

Taken from Gamesindustry.biz

Slow day in the office

And not in the mood for writing, just an excuse to put some music here. Gotta love places when internet is not filtered and you can browse all you want as long as you do your work properly :)

Games industry has some good pros.

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