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Well I woke up to a pleasant surprise today. My copy of Street Fighter IV for the pc arrived through my letterbox today compliments of the guys at Start Select. I have never won anything in my life and it was really exciting to say the least. From now on I'm going to enter as many competitions as possible. I already had the game so I swapped it for Call of Duty World at War with a friend who works at a game shop. I really wanted to swap it for Section 8 but it would've been too late by then but beggars can't be choosers can they! I have just upgraded my rig and I'm just waiting for components to arrive now. The specs are going to be:

Processor - Intel Q9400 Core 2-Quad 2.66 GHz

Memory - 4 GB Kingston DDR2 RAM fitted with copper heatsinks

Graphics - NVidia GeForce 9800 GT 1024 MB GDDR3

Sound - Realtek High Definition Audio

Hard Disk - 320 GB Hitachi Deskstar SATA2 7200rpm

Well this blog's gonna be short coz I'm off to play COD:WaW!

Optical Drive - IDE Sony Optiarc AD 71-73 Label Flash DVDRW+/-

Case - Silver/Black ATX case with matching silver DVDRW and Floppy Drives

Display- Hanspree 19" Widescreen 16:10 DVI/VGA Monitor


One thing that really annoys me is piracy. There was a thread about this not so long ago that I started and the rubbish that was coming out of some of these peoples mouths was unbelievable. People like me have to save up to get the new releases and often have to pre-order them in order to be sure of actually getting it on release day. Now why should some scumbag be allowed to play the game for free and get away with it? One person said that "Pirates may pirate a game, like it and subsequently buy the sequel" What a load of ****! If a pirate gets a game illegally, likes it, then the sequel is released do you really think he will dig into his pockets for it? I think not. The police, when referring to criminals character, refer to 'form' meaning a person is likely to sell drugs or shoplift or even pirate games. These people get away with it counless times so why should they stop? A Gamespot user even had the audacity to ask me for a product key for Street Fighter IVvia private message!?! WTF! I won't mention names but really I should be naming and shaming (you know who you are). I don't have a lot of money and there's no way that I will be able to afford Section 8, Resident Evil 5 and Red Faction Guerrilla on their release dates in September so I will buy Section 8 (as I've been playing the Beta and it's one sick game!) as I've already pre-ordered it and will have to wait another month or so for the others. If I had no morals then I would simply get pirate copies of all of those games but I feel for the developers. They don't want their hard work being stolen and that's what is - THEFT. So if you class yourself as a pc gamer or even a console gamer then support your developers buy actually buying their games instead of taking the easy option.