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This patch came in through steam somewhere about 1-2 GB and it needs to "convert the game".  How long does this take anyway?

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On easy and normal, I try to make a stand on the hill and break off units to run for the extra points. Usually works out for me getting the medal. Now on hard, I have been stomped throughout with all three tech trees, on the hill and by the HQ. I throw down defenses as fast as I can and build another base in reserve using extra crew weapons laying around for defense. I can hold them off and counterattack but I lose points so fast I can't win. Rangers have automatic anti-tank capabilities, paratroopers can drop on an isolated point and grab points. Armor, if you can build up fast enough, can bring a nasty surprise but it takes time you don't have on this map. With crews and tanks, use the shift key to get them to line up quicker.
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Not sure if anyone mentioned this already, but I was stationed on a carrier and I found it (USS Obama) beyond laughable.  The security area is far deeper into the ship because on the 03 level, the prisoner is a hop, skip and a jump away from the flight deck and easy escape, as shown in the game. The CIWS mounts are not on the same level as the flight deck, but much lower because they can't hit anything lower than the horizon.   Also they are not that close together, this doesn't provide adequate coverage for the ship.  Finally the Admiral doesn't "fight the ship", the Captain and his designated junior officers/senior enlisted "fight the ship".  The Admiral is just there to make higher decisions for the "carrier battle group".  Spec Ops operators were brought in to help design other games, why wasn't someone brought in to help design that part of the game.  Just because it is fiction and set in the future doesn't change the fact, the ship and command structure doesn't change.

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Company of Heroes!!!

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Three words: Company of Heroes.

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After that, you play as batman, can't find way in anywhere.  Can't use tower like in the beginning of the original story.

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Read this:


They are reducing the size of several pieces of hardware inside of the 360, much like the 65nm CPU that used to be 90nm and a big cause behind the RROD.