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Family Is Forever

Blog 554.

I saw Halloween 2 last night, so now I'm reviewing it. Spoilers below.

In the beginning of the movie, there is a definition for "WHITE HORSE." It explains how you see them when you're mentally insane. There's a flashback to Deborah Myers visiting young Michael in the mental institution, bringing him a small white horse statuette. It reminds him of a dream he had where Deborah was dressed in white as a ghost and had a white horse, and she told him it was time to come home. 15 YEARS LATER. Laurie is covered in blood and hysterically traumatized after shooting Michael. Sheriff Brackett finds her, and she is taken to the hospital, as are Annie and Dr. Loomis, who survived Michael's attack. However, Michael escapes after the coroner's van crashes into a cow, and Michael kills the drivers, escaping. The bullet apparently grazed his head. He sees a vision of Deborah and a white horse. ONE YEAR LATER, Laurie is having nightmares about Michael attacking her and killing her, despite the fact that he's "dead." She even has thoughts about her as Michael, killing her friends as he killed, such as killing Annie the way Michael killed Ronnie White. She is also in therapy. She's living with Annie and Sheriff Brackett. It's apparent that Michael and Laurie have some psychological connection when Laurie is eating pizza as Michael is eating a dog at the same time (similar to Halloween 5). Dr. Loomis writes a book about Michael Myers, which explains that Laurie is Angel Myers, Michael's sister. She has a dramatic outburst when she reads it, storming out of the house, extremely pi$$ed at Annie and Brackett. She decides to party with her friends, Mya and Harley, and to get drunk and forget about everything she's going through. She sees a vision of Deborah Myers and a young Michael. Meanwhile, Michael kills Harley, and Laurie and Mya go back to Laurie's house, unaware of where Harley is. However, they don't know that Michael chased and slashed Annie while they were on their way. Annie dies in Laurie's arms, and Mya calls 911. She doesn't know the address, so when she goes outside to look, Michael pulls her in and kills her. He chases after Laurie, and she escapes to a road, where a driver offers to take her to the hospital. Michael kills the driver and flips the car over. He takes an unconscious Laurie to a shed, and the police and SWAT are on their way. Laurie imagines a young Michael restraining her, but when Loomis goes in to help, he tells her that nobody's holding her down, and that it's in her mind. Michael kills Loomis after repeatedly stabbing him in the face. A sniper shoots Michael through a window in the shed, and he falls back onto the spikes of some farming equipment. Laurie tells him she loves him, before stabbing him multiple times in the heart, then in the head. She walks out of the shed wearing Michael's mask, and the Halloween theme begins to play. It then shows Laurie sitting on the foot of her bed in a long whte room (a mental institution). She sees Deborah and a white horse walking down her room, and has an evil grin on her face. End credits.

I loved the movie. I just didn't completely understand the ending. I want to think that Michael really died at the end of the first one, and Laurie was actually in the Myers mask doing all the killings. But the fact that they both see the white horse because they're both insane was great. I only hated that so many deaths were in slow motion. I couldn't tell what was going on with Annie, and she was the most important person to die, in my opinion. Otherwise, I loved the movie. Definitely worth waiting over 8 months. :) Overall I'd give it a 9/10. Only because of all the slow motion, the slightly confusing ending, and about 46 cut scenes.

Immense Boredom

Blog 553.

Has anyone else just been really bored lately?

Halloween 2 comes out in 2 days! :)

In bad news, I start high school in exactly one week. People there already dislike me. Haha. XD

HALLOWEEN II - 29 hours, 11 minutes.
HIGH SCHOOL - 7 days.

Break Your Little Heart

Blog 552.

I'm addicted to "Break Your Little Heart" by All Time Low. It's an amazing song. I'm also addicted to "Down" by Jay Sean. Two amazing songs. :)

I have 120 songs on my iPod. I'm movin' on up. :)

Halloween 2 comes out in four days! High School starts in nine. Blehh.

Remember The Name

Blog 550.

I'm back after a little trip DTS this weekend. I got a nasty sunburn on my shoulder. But, anyway, Halloween II is five days away! Meaning school is only ten days away. I can't wait for Halloween II. It's going to be amazing.

Nothing new really. I don't think, anyway. I'm gonna check websites and see if there's any DVD updates or something.

Halloween 2: Unused Trailer

Blog 549.

As you may know, Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 opens on August 28, nine days away. So, yesterday, an unused trailer leaked online. It's really good. You can watch it here.


TV/Movie News 8/19/2009


  • Comedy Central has canceled Reno 911! after six seasons.
  • Guiding Light, which begain airing 72 years ago, has taped its final episode. It will air on September 18, 2009.
  • The Young And The Restless has been renewed through 2011, but has been told to cut costs.
  • As The World Turns may end due to declining ratings.
  • In Plain Sight has been renewed for a third season.
  • Saving Grace will end after its fourth season next year.
  • The original Futurama cast will be returning for the next 26 episodes of the series (13 episodes per season). It will begin airing in mid-2010 on Comedy Central.


  • A Dirty Dancing remake is currently in the works.
  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has begun filming, and will be released on June 30, 2010.
  • Happy Feet 2 is currently in the works.
  • Shawn and Marlon Wayans are currently working on White Chicks 2.
  • Another Blair Witch movie is in the works.
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife will be the fourth movie in the Resident Evil saga. Milla Jovovich will be returning, and the movie will release on September 17, 2010.
  • Warner Brothers is making a Lego movie.
  • Another G.I. Joe movie has been announced.

    Source: Digital Spy.

"The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3," "The Proposal" Announced

Blog 545.

"The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3" opened in theaters on June 12. Denzel Washington and John Travolta starred in this action/suspense movie that made 64 and a half million at the box office. The DVD and Bluray are coming out on November 3.

"The Proposal" is being named the best comedy of the year, and has supposedly grossed more than last year's romantic comedy smash hit Sex And The City. It opened in theaters on June 19, and made $155 million since. The DVD is coming out on October 13. I personally think Ryan Reynolds should have been completely naked on screen, but that's just me...