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I pretty much back heh.

Hi folks, been a while heh. Yeah for most of last year, I pretty much drifted away from Gamespot, only posting like once in a blue moon maybe. It wasn't until in the last month or two span or so that I been posting some more, so I back kind of at least.XD I at a time where I aiming to move on to the now current gen by the end of the year with a upgraded PC and a WiiU possibly, otherwise I been enjoyable some nice Guild Wars 2 and 3DS overall stuff.

Day 0 part 2 and Nintendo conference.

Containing on from the previous blog:

Ubisoft (B+): After a couple years of being pretty meh, Ubisoft surprisingly came to the top this year. Far Cry 3 and Shootmania look good and Ubisoft show some nice stuff for the Wii U. First up is Rayman Legends which looks beautiful and interesting enough seems to be a Wii U exclusive. Then Zombi U was shown which had a nice CGI trailer and I get to this a bit more in the non conference stuff. Assassin's Creed 3 was shown which started out with with a nice CGI trailer and then went in game into the winter frontier. Graphics looks great and climbing up and around trees looks like a nice addition to the series. Combat looks even more fluid and intense then ever. Overall I was impress can I can't wait for the game.

Then Watch Dogs was shown. At first it was pretty confusing or what it was supposed to be but once the gameplay started being shown it became interesting. It looks like Assassin's Creed but with hacking and such like Deus Ex like. I especially like the part when the guy basically made a traffic mess lol. Those moments and other blackouts ought to be interesting. And looks like you switch characters judging from the ending where some parkour was shown that scream AC lol.:P Overall looks like a nice new IP that so far the game of the show for me alongside Assassin's Creed 3.

There were a couple moments that I didn't like through. The first was the annoying male host who wouldn't shut up at times and Just Dance 4 with Usher? And what was with the mic was that a golden mustache? Otherwise through it was a great conference.

Sony (B-): So on to Sony which overall was okay outside of a couple problems. They show a awesome montage as usual, and brought out some nice looking PS3 games. I don't care for God of War anymore but the new one does look nice, Beyond looks to be another interesting and beautiful adventure game, and The Last of Us was very beautiful looking along with a gameplay that looks to be tense with even a couple enemies. It really looks to emphasis on surviving the world and thinking of your actions carefully. Probably going to pass of the game through.Playstation Allstars was shown which honestly just doesn't look a lot of fun. I not trying to compare it to SSB but there just something about it that feels lacking, like maybe the fact of just powering up and such to defeat the other players doesn't look fun.

There were two problems. The first was the Vita. Okay so Allstars is coming to the Vita, a new Assassin's Creed game also along with the PS clas.sics that will finally be able to be playable on it, and some apps. Not too bad but honestly overall it felt very lacking. This is there new system and it needs a lot of help. I really think Sony should have shown off some more like Soul Sacrifice, but no it seems like they wanted to focus a lot of Wonderbook.

Oh Wonderbook the possibly bottom of the barrel of the conferences. It looks like a interesting concept, but something I wouldn't bother. So they show off the first book Book of Spell which is based on the Harry Potter series and while it look cool at first, it got boring quite fast, BUT SONY SPENDS LIKE 20 MINUTES ON IT, MY GOD IT WAS TORTURE!:x Talk about dragging like hell. Should have use at least half of the time to talk about another Vita game.>.>

Whew so now today:

Nintendo (C): Nintendo did the same as Sony where their handheld got shove off just about the whole time but there is a conference tomorrow so I hoping good things from that. What was shown of the 3DS was good. Not a huge fan of New Super Mario Bros but 2 looks to be good and it interesting that coins are a huge focus in it along with some Super Mario Bros 3 elements. Paper Mario got name Paper Mario: Sticker Star and looks to focus on stickers to use to upgrade Mario and use in battle. Luigi Mansion Dark Moon looks great too and I actually forgot that I gotten the first one so I probably give that a try.:P

Now for the Wii U. Mostly a dissapointment but there were some neat thing especially the use of the Wii U pad with for example Batman Arkham City and Zombi U. Pikmin is coming back and looks neat especially with those rock pikmin and good looking graphics. Like NSMB2 I not interested in NSMB U but it has some nice backgrounds, and Lego City Undercover look good.

Then there was SiNG which looks bad but at least it amusing looking lol and Just Dance 4 was shown again with a more awkward dance but Usher didn't come back.:P And then there Nintendo Land which is Wii Sports theme park style. While it doesn't look bad compare to Wonderbook it also dragged on and it didn't help that they went back to it again when they were ending.>.> Sadly no price or date for the Wii U either but I already knew that.

3DS conference and some GS Live show stuff tomorrow.

E3 Day 0(?): Today E3 conferences Part one.

Hello, well E3 is upon us again with today have some conferences, so here my impressions of them, which will only be two since I started this blog too late lol so I too tired to type my impressions for Ubisoft and Sony.:P

Microsoft (C-): So lets start with the good stuff. Right off the bat Microsoft shows off its big game in the fall, Halo 4 first. Had some impressive live action and then turn into some impressive looking in-game graphics where the chief enters a jungle and fights a new type of enemy. It looks great and good luck to 343 in making their first big Halo game. I hate Cortana new design through.

There was Tomb Raider, which looks surperb through I hope they have another demo focusing on the survival aspect because the demo shown just fuels the oh this is copying from Uncharted. Beside that TR is definitely one of my most hype games for next year. Then there are Splinter Cell Blacklist, Forza Horzion, and Black Ops 2 (brown color galore through) which had good demos/trailer. Black Ops II looks to shake it up a bit by having choices to chose a couple paths in SP so that can be cool.

Now then since I don't have a 360 it really hard to care for some of the apps and such that were shown like the smartglass or the ESPN (through I wouldn't have care much anyway if I did own a 360) and this part felt like a drag. Most of the kinect stuff shown wasn't great either through at least it wasn't as bad as the last couple of years, but that 3D angry bird like game will bring in some gifs.:P Then there were those 3 XBLA games which so far only the one with the pinball seem interesting. The God Decsend or whatever it was call look like crap and the one with the motorcycle well I didn't know what the heck that was about lol.

The lowest point is definitely the concert with Usher. Okay so Dance Central 3 is revealed, cool the series been sucessful and good, but I guess showing it in-game would be so lame so lets bring out a concert with a crappy singer! The game was shown a bit I guess but it kind of hard to tell behind at times with all of the smoke.

EA (B-): Honestly I don't have a lot to say about this one. Overall it was a decent conference. EA had quite a few of games to show off and games like Dead Space 3 and Sim City 5 look cool but I not interested in any of the games shown beside one that almost instantly became of the top games at E3 and that the new Need for Speed Most Wanted.Criterion Games take about round at Need for Speed and it looking really good. First shown was a race while avoiding the cops which look fun, but it was after that my hype went skyhigh; this game was openworld and had elements that is pretty similar to Burnout Paradise (which is one of my favorite racers) while you can toy with cops throughout. I was disappointed that a sequel or sort to BP wasn't made but now those feelings are gone and I will check this out sometime down the road.

So from this point both Tomb Raider and Need for Speed are the top of the pack for me, and gets beaten by two games from Microsoft but I get to those tomorrow along with Sony, Nintendo and Gamespot Live show Day 1.:P

Turned 21 today.

Which means it is legal for me to drink!:P But anyway yeah another birthday has come, but it going to be a quiet one. I going to be seeing the Avengers with my girlfriend in a couple hours however, so that going to be exciting.

Hit 20k posts!

Hello. Well I hit another milestone which I just posted my 20K post!:D And I hardly been moderated during those 20k posts so that good.:P Now onto to 30K which god knows when I will get to. Okay that is that I guess lol so woot!

Nintendo conference: Mario Tennis and final fantasy like game from Square Enix.

So recent Nintendo had their conference for pre-TGS and boy was it great for the 3DS. Monster Hunter 4, which I am not excited for, is huge and a slap in the face for Sony, unless the Vita/PS3 have a MH game of its own but the 3DS having two MH games should have the system in Japan.

But on to things that interest me greatly. The first is Mario Tennis which, FINALLY there a new one coming out. It been since what 2005 when the GBA one came out and all we get afterwards is a bad Wii port of the GC game. I loved Mario Tennis on the N64 and GBA so I check this one out.

Then there is Bravery Default, which despite the name, looks pretty impressive. Looks like a final fantasy game that also has AR content so that will be interesting. Probably the best part of the conference for me.

Also what look good was Fire Emblem which has nice looking battle moments, that Hiku game which looks cute and fun, and the Fatal Frame spinoff which was only shown for a few seconds sadly. Also can't wait for Mario Kart, Super Mario, and Paper Mario. I miss the Zelda Skyward Sword suff through so I need to get on to that.

Overall my 3DS is very happy now.


Hello everyone. Well this week is early registration for the still yet mysterious site, Pottermore. Not much have been revealed about what this site is, beside having interactive reading moments from the books, and have the audio and e-books of the series to buy. The site doesn't open for everyone until Oct, but 1 millions users can get into the site early after this week registration is done. Of course you can't just get in. Each day of the week there will be a clue based on each book in order (day one was from the first book, day two was from the second book, etc) and once you solve that clue you are leaded to a different site where you need to find the magical quill which then you can register. The clues and quills won't stay up long (in fact they get shorter and shorter each day) as the spaces get fill up quick.

So I forgot about this was going on so I miss the first clue. I tried to go for the second one but I woke up a hour after it was gone.>_> The third one I was ready. Got some sleep beforehand and waited for around a hour before the clue arrive. The clue was from The Prisoner of Azkaban so I had the book next to me to get ready. Finally the clue came at 3am and I was able to solve it fast and was move to Guardian.co.uk with a article about Pottermore. The quill was in a ad and needed to be levitated. After a couple tries I got it and was able to register.:D

Sadly you can't create your username so you have to pick one out of some choices you get. I went with Heartshadow which is not bad so whatever. Now to wait until I get another email to let me in to pottermore since they won't let everyone get in all at once so it might take a couple weeks. I can't wait to go in. Despite being up at 3am I was hyper and exciting so it was worth it. I would stay up/get up in the night for HP stuff.:P I heard you will get sorted into one of the houses. Hoping for either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor but I'll see.

It looks like I glad I decided to try to go after the 3rd clue (through today clue would have probably been better) because now it seems that a timeframe for at least tomorrow's clue will not be revealed so yeah that going to be tough to guess when it will come.

Anyway now to wait.

E3 Day 2: Nintendo U, 3DS awesomeness, grades, racoons, and cats.

Hello there. Second day of E3 has pass which some remarkable stuff.Lets start withNintendo Conference. Overall it had it ups and downs but had more ups.

The 3DS stuff is probably the best stuff out of all the conference to me. Not only doo the first party support looks amazing, Kid Icarus, Super Mario, and Mario Kart could be coming by the end of the year. My 3DS will be played so much this holiday season for sure. Kid Icarus look great as ever and even through I don't really care a whole lot about the multiplayer, it a nice addition as long it is local and online. Super Mario probably amaze me the most probably because it like Super Mario Galaxy with touches of SMB3. The Tanooki Suit is back and despite not being able to fly this time is a awesome addition. The other thing about it is that it looks like a portable game, like in terms of scale. It just seems to look like a perfect handheld title. Mario Kart wasn't as great looking but I still have some faith, hopefully not being as unbalance as MKwii and bringing back mission mode. The rest of the first party support still look good and I downloaded some of the 3D trailers at the E-shop and wow the 3D effects in pretty much all these games looks great.

Then project cafe aka Wii U (well that top the Vita in most stupid title this E3) was revealed and I hated how it was shown first. They went to show the controller first which then I was like this is it? I honestly thought the Wii U was like a ipad controller add-on for the Wii since they were showing Wii Sports U and Super Mario Bros Mii which don't look much different from their Wii brothers. Then I saw the Zelda tech demo and the console itself and thus things made more sense. Then they were showing off multiplat games and EA came up talking about stuff like Battlefield 3 and jsut looking back, were these games actually confirm? I feel like they were showing off these games to show that the Wii U will be at least up to PS3/360 standard but yet they didn't seem to announce games. Overall I really felt the presentation for the Wii U was a bit messy and confusing, but it does look like it has a lot of potential and I think a Assassin's Creed Wii U game will be shown tomorrow.

So that it for the conferences and here are my grades:

Microsoft C-: Shown some nice multiplats and exclusivestuff like Halo but then the kinect stuff came in and yeah. Also was disappointed that there was no GFWL stuff.

EA B: Well pretty much a well-rounded with some awesome stuff of Battlefield 3. The Sims Social almost made me throw up.

Ubisoft B-: Shown some cool games like Rayman, Trackmania, and Assassin's Creed, but I honestly didn't find the caffine man much funny, there were some really awkward moments, and I could barely understand some of the people. Also lack of Prince of Persia made me sad.

Sony B: PS vita was impressive overall, Sly 4 is coming, and some good stuff with Uncharted 3. Some hinders like some really dull or allover the placeparts andlack of talk about PSP.

Nintendo B (Winner): Awesome 3DS stuff and the reveal of Wii U despite some presentation issues. Gets the edge over Sony and EA to me.

Now to close this blog with a couple of demos I saw. First up is Sly 4 which looks great. Too bad Sucker Punch is not working on it but I probably have faith with the developers working on it. Not a whole lot was shown but I notice Sly can change into costumes like from what I can tell a Hun's outfit and can use a shield while wearing it. Now onto what is so far the top E3 game for me so far, Batman Arkham City. First was shown was some Catwoman gameplay who looks fun to play as. Then she gets capture by Two-Face and so the control now goes to Batman. It then show some gameplay of going around arkham city and man does it looks like a lot of fun (and also beautiful looking). Can't wait to explore this place. The demo ends with Two-Face starting a trial for Catwoman and I have to say the voice acting sounds really good which I was expecting.

That it for now. Onto tomorrow.

E3 Day 1: Conferences galore.

Hello everyone. Well E3 is once again upon us and the first one was really mostly conferences through I did catch a couple demos on Gametrailers which I go into more detail in a another time.

First up was Microsoft's Conference which despite not having a 360 went to watch boy did it really go even beyond the Wii Music blowout at Nintendo 08. Now I didn't really saw much of last year's which I heard alot of the kinect stuff was... yeah, so this year was the first I reallyseen with that kind of thing. First Microsoft show some multiplats which one of them was Tomb Raider. Beside the over dramatic cries and moans Lara makes that as if she doing something else:P that game looks amazing and is my top pick for Microsoft conference. Halo CE reamke is pretty cool and also Halo 4 but nottoo interested for obvious reasons. The Kinect stuff... Lets just say I was crying with laughter at how bad alot of the stuff were.

EA was pretty good. Battlefield 3 looks amazing, and really shows that in that tank demo they shown even through it would have nice to see some on foot action. Speaking on foot action that new Need for Speed game is interesting. So the driving looks fun and it looks great, but then the driver got out of the car and now I see a heavy rain type gameplay? It pretty odd... but hey maybe it can work out. I also interesting in theOverstrike game which seems to have some TF2ish in it. Ubisoft was okay. Would have love to see a Prince of Persia game but Rayman Origins, Trackmania 2, and Assassin's Creed Revelations made up for it.

Sony was pretty good even through it felt like they were all over the place. Uncharted 3 and Starhawk looks great, Sly 4 has finally been confirm WOOT (would have been nice to see some gameplay thrugh), and a release date for Team ICO collection (Sept). And then it came, the PS Vita which I guess means life in latin and the price is $250. Overall I was very impress with it. The transferring stuff looks cool and I already have a few games that I looking into. I probably won't be getting it this year, but I think I am going to be getting sooner then I planned. Hope it has a good start.

I am going to stop here socan get ready for Nintendo Conferece. Tonight I make another blog about that conference, E-shop which just open, a grading report for the conferences, and impressions on some of the demos.

20th birthday.

Well today is my birthday and it a milestone birthday since I am now 20. Another decade has pass by and another comes in. Now to wait for my 21th birthday so I can drink legally!:P Anyway I keeping it pretty low today but will have a get together with a couple friends tomorrow and see Thor. So far I got a $50 Fryz card, Ys Order in Felghana LE, and $25 for steam. I been thinking of possibly getting the first Mass Effect since it is $5 on Steam today. Hopefully Crysis will go on sale too.