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Diary to REACH October 18th

The game of Reach has served me well. I have gone and beat it on legendary, with others and alone, and have rocked multiplayer to the point of earning the rank of Major Grade 1. A review shall be made soon before Black ops comes out for sure.
Lack of time due to the fact that college is punching me in the face!!!

Diary to REACH Sept 29

So it has come and i have slacked on writing a blog about my experience. more to come soon cuz im in school and class is about to start. but i have lots to sayyyy

Diary to REACH sept 14th 2010

So its out finally. halo reach is on sale...

halo reach is available to purchase and buy and see the story of how halo 1 came to be.

I am in class right now with my pre-paid copy sitting in EB games. I dont have anything to do for 20minutes. cant go get the game.... i am running to the store after i get out. doesnt even matter.

4-6 hours until i get to play it EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Diary to REACH sept 10th 2010

just under 4 days till reach.

Im sitting in my college computer room lookin up the game. i cant wait i must blog it up about it. i pre-oredered it i just need to pick it up ...


man man man man man

cant wait

Raptr Isnt working

So this Raptr account thats suppose to sync your xbox360 (and other console) achievements and display on Gamespot isnt working for me. if any1 knows whats up i wouldnt mind a few pointers.. I have an account on Raptr right now and i downloaded the client.. but neither the website or client shows me how to sync Raptr and Gamespot together.. it'll let me sync Raptr with facebook or whatever. just not this. anybody?

Cod: MW2 Hacker Jerks


So as i buy more games i still go back to Modern Warfare 2. no game matches the "fairness" of skill for PvP on xbox live.

If you have good reaction and a quicktrigger finger (also knowledge of where those stupid campers might be) then ur most likely to come out on top like you should. A good gamer will be able to do good on this game. sounds obvious but thats not always the case as some games have certain features or controls that may hinder your abilities. Not this game. So for a while it was the best place to Pwn some N00bs.

But today.. Modern Warfare 2... IM ABOUT TO SELL YOU!!

I cant join an online game, it seems, without having some1 or some clan full of hacks. They are firing incredibly fast and seeing through walls. Some are using aiming assists too. So any annoying little 12 year old can completly destroy a team of highly skilled players... single handedly. and then the little kid has the ignorance to act like hes good at this game.. yelling "OH I RAPED YOU" how badly do i want to meet him in real life and throw him in front of a moving train? not that bad but i do wish a lil harm apon him for being so annoying lol.

Killcams consist of people (seemingly) not knowing where they are going and then they shoot the wall and the last person on the enemy team somehow dies. obviously they were taken advantage of by hacks.

If this keeps up im sellin my copy of MW2. im so proud of my non-boosted Red Tiger Ak-47 with silencer and Red dot sight. but it doesnt matter. i wont be able to use it properly if i keep refusing to hack.

And i will NEVER boost or hack. its for people who suck at games and cant rely on SKILL to unlock what they want. even tho a couple of my friends are in that category.

(for those who dont play the game.. boosting is when you grab some friends, i think go into a private match.. it might have to be public. and shoot each other in the head or body repeatedly until they get enough headshots or kills to unlock the next level of whatever) ITS GAY.

Im RAS902!!

So when it comes to anything i use my REAL username "RAS902"

I made this account with "Wam11" waayyy back when i played Starcraft and Brood Wars.

But since then ive used RAS902 for everything. including my xbox360 gamertag, i would really like to make it my username on here, gamespot, as it is one of the few things i find important enough to spend my time on.

Is there anyway to change my username to RAS902? I am pretty sure no1 is using it and it would make my day just so amazing

E3 Live shows!

Woooo E3 !!!!

Everyone watch teh live shows.

I just finished watchin the last half of the microsoft conference live and MAN! project natal renamed as Kinect and im wayyy more excited about it then i was before..

Playing with animals and going on adventures, and you can even be a jedi!! The fitness game where you watch your syloette as you work out and learn martial arts and stuff. The world is changing into something so sweet i cant even describe it. The star wars game is something i want to play bad. I cannot wait to use the force powers with the motion of my hand. ah man i want more details. i cant wait to watch some more live coverage of E3. i got about a day and some, i believe, until the next live video comes up and im so down to watch it. New xbox360 looks so sick!!

Every1 who were sittin in the room all got the new version im so jelous. lucky bastards.. i want to be at E3 more then any event in the world and now they do this! .....

Excitment fills me brain

RDR Free Roam Sharpshooter Rank 2 IS BROKE!!!

In Red Dead Redemption there seems to be a wide spread problem...

I am one for completing challenges in RDR whether its single or multiplayer.. i have 100% in my single player game and now im working on gettin some stuff done in the free roam

PROBLEM: As i was spit shining my gun skills i came across Sharpshooter Rank 2 online which has you shoot the hat off an enemy and then disarm someone (usually same guy) within 3 seconds of each other.

Eager to increase my skill and master this challenge i set out to find some tight knit gang hideouts, this is so i could use my weakest gun (Cattleman pistol) and shoot an enemys hat off and quickly shoot his gun out of his hand. Tight knit so i didnt have to shoot far and weak pistol so if i shoot his arm he wont die automaticlly.

i was in public game and all by myself i started to beat this challenge. so 3 hours later im here typing about this sharpshooter rank 2 challenge simply to point out that this challenge is bogus and impossible.. and dumb and stupid.. jk. I actually dont lack in the skill to pull this off, my game lacks the skill to realize when i PWN the challenge >:| i was in tumbleweed and i did it twice, hat off and imetdiately disarm the same guy. i went through at least a few hundred people in the process. i kept shootin their brains out or just killing them by a shot to the arm and chest. i did it in rio bravo many times and i even did it at tezuryo azul once or twice dispite the frustrating cover there is to use there. My character is currently chillin just below the middle bridge on the mexican border standing where he just did the last hat off-disarm combo. I came online to see if im the only one with this problem.. and it turns out im not

there are tons of people out there who are in the same boat as me. They have stories of friends who pulled it off with (this is common) a single shotgun blast. but everyone who uses anything else just cant seem to get it. The problem isnt with what targeting system you use or whether its public or private match.. those dont effect the challenges. So Rockstar, though i just downloaded ur latest upgrade) you NEED to keep fixing things.. ur my fav company thus far and im a loyal customer.. this game has too many screwy things with it to hold the rockstar logo. FIX FIX FIX

(UPDATE) I recently was doin a pikes basin gang bang and with my rifle... i got the challenge!!! my jaw dropped and i was a happy clam.

Did Rockstar purposely screw with my internet???

Okay so i have Red Dead Redemption and im playing it on the, oh lets say, the 2nd night of release..

I have gone through alot of cowboy rustlin in single player.. gettin to know my surroundings and abilities.. but i wanted to try multiplayer..

I join a game of free roam.. i take a few minutes to go through character customization and im off riding my donkey towards the closest of the online peeps.. Shortly i find the interaction between online folk is quite deadly so i try and kill people.. i shoot one dead and another runs to a water tower.. I shoot him in the head after he shot at me.. I get an achievment for killing a "Rockstar" or some1 who had killed a Rockstar before... after this my game ends and im sent back to single player..

After this all my free roam multiplayer matches end after about 10 minutes or less and sometimes they dont even get started it just shows "server error" or something while its loading and then sends me back to single player.

I get the feeling that I killed a developer and it didnt make him too happy so he screwed up my internet.. though a more likely answer could be that its one of RDR's many glitches. This game has wayy more glitches and screw ups then i had hoped for... people dissapear or get flung into the air by nothing... one mission i was infiltrating a mexican hideout and i was flung off of a roof while trying to take cover behind a small wall and fell to my death... One time in multiplayer me and 2 other people (including our noble steeds) were all invisible. I ran up to one guy not knowin why my crosshair was so high but i realized im aiming at an invisible mans head right in front of me..

One time i tried to whistle while on my horse in single player and my guy abruptly jumped off the horse and started to dart off to the north.. i couldnt stop him, it took about 200 yards before i tried crouching and it got me out of my crazed running mood.

The game is beautiful and by far the best western ever made by far. And as a stand alone game its also very entertaining and gives much material to work with so that ur not bored. But i think Rockstar should have fixed these glitches before release (even though iwas counting down the seconds) or at least they make an update or 2 in the future to correct these blurts of reality in this cowboy world.

(Update): So im guessing The star of Rocks didnt mess with me. they just hada technical issue. my online experience has come back to life.. but unfortunately the glitches are still just as frequent, sometimes funny but no.. plz stop.. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

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