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Marvel vs Capcom 3 Alternate Outfits

So I just watched a video for MvC3 showing off MODOC and Magneto and noticed that some of the alternate outfits are being revealed. Spider-man has his symbiote outfit and I couldn't help but notice the extremely tan Albert Wesker wearing a silver disco coat. What a waste for his alternate outfit. I saw on one the comments for this game (different vid) that said each character will have 4 forms. I hope so since they didn't do a really good job on that pallet swap. If anyone anything about this I would appreciate the info.



I have the game Skies of Arcadia Legends for the Gamecube. For those who don't know it's a port from the Dreamcast. I am at the end, at the boss, Ramirez. I cannot beat him i have tried many times over the years and cannot even get his health down past halfway. He is able to cast a spell that heals him on every turn and regardless of what I do I cannot seem to do more damage in one turn than he can heal, its insane. Part of the problem might have been that I thought i had already fought the game's boss and used the two items that were to be used at the end, but even then you'd think that they would have made it so that you can win without that right. If anyone else has played the game and beat it I'd appreciate any tips. Thanks.

RE:The Mercenaries 3D

So there's gonna be a Resident Evil Game devoted exclusively to The Mercenaries. I was hoping they would do this, tho I am surprised its on the 3DS. I'm wondering who is gonna be in it from the footage HUNK obviously is but who else? and will ther be zombies? Hope so, toss them in with some of them diminuative Ganados and it will be crazy. My nominees for who should be playable:

Albert Wesker

Billy Coen

Leon S. Kennedy

Luis Sera

The Merchant

Jack Krauser

Sergei Vladimir

Claire Redfield

Chris Redfiled

Jill Valentine

Barry Burton

Rebecca Chambers

Sheva Alomar

Josh Stone

Ada Wong

Carlos Oliveria

Steve Burnside

William Birkin

Excella Gionne

Osmund Saddler

Bitores Mendez

Ramon Salazar

Ricardo Irving

Forest Speyer

Resident Evil 5 BSAA Emblems

I was wondering if anyone else has had trouble finding all of the BSAA emblems in RE5. A few of my friends have found them rather easily. I am still missing 5 of them. I just can't seem to find them all. Some of them are easy but others I just can't seem to find. I am NOT asking for the locations I want to find them myself.

Hard Facts

When Nintendo revealed the Wii and its motion controls it was met with a lot of skepticism, which isn't a problem. The problem is that while it also has been criticized the Playstation Move, has had considerable support from gamers. I have heard that it is more accurate and precise than the Wii but the main support group is from Sony fanboys. Sony claims to have been developing this technology from back when the eyetoy came out for PS2. I don't care if they didn't steal Nintendo's idea the fact is that they are still trying to cash in on the success of the Wii without trying to do anything new, this is no surprise coming from Sony. Everything that Nintendo innovates is soon released in a Sony knock-off, that is met with hysteria from the fanboys. I will not sit here and say that the PS3 is a terrible system, but people need to look at facts. The Gamecube did terrible at sales even though it was more powerful than the greatly received PS2. There were more games for the PS2 but that was the developers fault for catering to the larger fan base rather than taking a risk and making a game for the Gamecube. Recently, Sony said that their next PSP will have a touch screen. Really, wonder where that idea came from. Basically Nintendo always gets the short end of the stick. The innovate the gaming industry, Sony steals it and gets the credit from the fans.