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Street Fighter 4 iPhone/iPod

I downloaded Street Fighter 4 for my iPod the other day. Its pretty cool.

Its currently on sale for $.99 and all proceeds go towards the Japan Tsunami Relief.

As a side note I made a Resident Evil Wallpaper, its in my image section if your interested.

Seether- Country Song its gonna be on their new album.

Dis-Honest Hearts

turns out my previous blog about the New Vegas DLC Honest Hearts was mis-informed.

Bethesda announced that this rumor was a hoax


Honest Hearts

The second DLC for Fallout New Vegas is supposed to be released on March 22, titled Honest Hearts

Considering the gap between Dead Money and this one, I'm hoping its a good DLC pack

..."Been gone a month"

Well, I been gone for a while now so I figured I should probably post a blog, let everyone know I'm still alive.

I've been busy with college and whatnot and soon I'll be working again (the return of racing season).

Anyway in what freetime I've had I have been playing MvC3 (Jill and Shuma-Gorath are out today), Bulletstorm, and Sims 3. I finally beat the first Dragon Age, and i'll probably pick up Dragon Age 2 for my birthday later this month.

Hopefully I'll be blogging more often now.


PS blog title is a Star Wars quote.:D

Staind Its Been A While

Characters Missing from MvC3

Long time no see... well no contact anyway since I still don't see you, we all just read text on here.

...anyway, I've been kinda busy but today I finished MvC3's Arcade mode today with all the characters.

So I've been thinking of characters that should have been added/should be in DLC.

well first of I think that Frank West from Dead Rising should be in there but according to what is said on wiki his moves were too complex... compared to whats in there already I don't get that, but hopefully he will be added in the future

next is Leon Kennedy: its Leon there are 4 people from street fighter so add another RE character too

as a side note on wiki it said tyrant and nemesis were planned as characters but they were afraid it would jack up the rating. since the actually appear in the background of some levels/ endings I dont see the point to this

Mega man, capcoms legend, was apparantly replaced with Zero who the figured would have a more diverse moveset

Venom it would be cool to see what his moves would be like and I could have him fight Spiderman

I got this cd today by Godsmack's lead singer Sully Erna song called Avalon

Got It

Short blog...

I got Marvel vs Capcom 3

Awesome so far...

challenging too

no collector's unfortunately :(

have to wait and get Jill in future DLC


Aww man

Well I was playin the Sims 3 and one of my characters had somehow acquired a microwavable dinner.

I couldn't sell it for anything so I held on to it planning to eat it when the hunger meter dropped.

Unfortunately, after I threw out the food the disgusted "moodlet" is now permanantly stuck on my character.

Thats a permanant -5 mood.

I tried looking up cheats and whatnot to fix this but nothing worked.

It also seems that other people had this problem and it hasn't been fixed yet.


Anything Right- P.O.D.


Well I beat Dead Space 2 a few days ago.

Awesome ending in my opinion.

Now I'm playing through again on Zealot difficulty. Not too bad yet, hopefully I'll have my weapons and RIG upgraded before I get too the really tough spots.

COLD- Wicked World (just released song off of upcoming album)

I also am borrowing a copy of Sims 3 for pc. Liking it so far.

Finally I heard they are gonna remake the first Halo for the 360. Don't know if I'll get it, depends on what the do with the multiplayer.

I never did beat Halo 2, hopefully they'll remake that as well.



Well along with Dead Space 2, I have also been playing the new Demos of Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm.

The Crysis 2 demo is for the multiplayer which is impressive. Graphically its amazing except for the fact some textures have to lad as you look at them similar to Mass Effect 1. Hopefully this will be fixed in the full game although it isn't that big of a deal.

Bulletstorm throughly impressed me. I didn't think it would be as fun as it was. Trying to kill your enemies in the most insane was possible to maximize your score is rather fun and it even keeps track of your friends scores in a leaderboard.

Celldweller-Best Its Gonna Get vs Tainted

Now I wait for February 15th (MvC3)

Dead Space 2

Well its awesome.

The single player meets my expectations (which were high)

and the multiplayer blew far past my expectations. It is surprisingly fun playing as either the humans or the necromorphs.

In other news, I reserved MvC3. Unfornately it was past the cut off date for the Collectors Edition. The didn't sell out of them so hopefully I can still get a copy, I want Jill Valentine on my team with Wesker and Chris.

In regards to the necromorphs Disturbed- The Infection