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My top five Video Game characters (the main playable) (spoilers)

Even though you're playing a video game, the main character you are controlling doesn't really matter to you much, but when you get into the game's story, the character becomes part of you. He/She starts to become those character you just can not forget.

5. Niko Bellic(GTAIV): What does the Amercian Dream mean to some people? When I first watched the first trailer for GTAIV. It showed Niko Bellic saying his little quote "Life is complictaed, I killed people...etc etc etc. After the trailer was done, I said to myslef this new guy is going to be quite interesting. When the game was released and wtching the first cut scene Niko was being interesting to me. Later on the game he just becomes this ultimate bad ass guy, he come to Liberty City for two reasons Live the Amercian Dream and Look for that Special someone. He might do all killing and stealing, but you gotta know why he is doing it, he doesn't get pleasure out of it, he needs the money and becoming a wanted man is what he good at. But there are times when you get the choice for Niko to make, either kill this guy and get paid or kill the other guy who offered you the money. If you have not played GTAIV then you don't know what I'm talking about, but if you own a PS3 and 360 pick this up, it's a fantasitic game.

4. Kratos(GOW series): OMG this guy is unbelievable, and I know for sure the ones that played GOW 1 and 2, they know what I'm talking about. This guy has no remorse, anger, murder and revenge is bulit inside of him. He is all fantasy, whatever comes in his way he will finish it. If you own a PS2 you gotta pick up God Of War and God Of War 2, can't wait for GOW3, it's going to be honor to play as Kratos agian.

3. Leon S Kennedy(RE2 and RE4): Playing as him in Resident Evil 2 was fine, evne though he was rookie and his first day was killing zombies and sick creatues. When you play as a rookie you just go psshhh lame, but he was alright. His job was save whoever was left alive. Now on Resident Evil 4, he was good, he was legit. He wasn't afraid of anything, his job was to save the president's daughter, it's like he gets her but then she gets kidnapped again, finds her agian, but once again gets kidnapped again. What I like about Leon is he never gave up on his job, and whatever came in his way he would pull the trigger. In fact he actually enjoys killing these infected freaks, he gets bored if doesn't kill anything. He's a funny guy. If you own a PS2 or a Gamecube, then Resident Evil4 is some thing you should pick, at gamestop the have $10 brand new on PS2. I don't know if they still sell RE2, it's PSone so you might have it online or something, but it was a great game.

2. Naked Snake aka Big Boss (MGS3): What can I say Big Boss was simply amazing. From the starting of the game to the finish there is no way to hate this guy. He was so memorable. He is what I like a Legend in video game industry. When he was given a job to kill the boss, and then later on find out more about Boss's job. It can instatly put a tear rolling down your cheeks. The boss was the mentor to Naked Snake, she was like a mother to him, all the combat snake learned was the Boss. Just imagine killing your own mother, it would be really hard to do. Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater is simply one of the best games out for PS2.

1. Solid Snake aka Old Snake(MGS series): Do I need to start with this guy? He is a hero, a icon and a Legend. When he was about to die, he really made me cry. I still remember the cutscene in MGS4 when sonny was asking Otacon where is Snake, and Otacon started to cry and told her he was at Alaska with a tear rolling down his cheek. About the same time it was happen to me. People that played the MGS series, they would understand. He never cries, he is not much of a lover. His character is unique and very likeable. He is a Legend and if you want finish his character legacy, then my friend you gotta own a PS3.