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Xbox 360

Is Xbox 360 being rushed to release?
Does it have a REAL killer-app?                                             

These are all valid questions and I have pondered them myself recently.

Is it being rushed to release? Maybe. From what I see it looks pretty complete.

Does it have a Real killer-app? Now that's a better question. When it was first announced it was clearly Perfect Dark Zero. Then people saw Gears of War, but after they heard it wasn't a launch title, the attention drifted off. Then after that, Official Xbox Magazine's awesome previews of COD2 and Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion it seemed that one of those 2 would be the killer-app console seller. Then the popularity went back to PDZ for a while, and now it seems that everyone's got their eyes on Kameo: Elements of Power.

Who's gonna be the killer-app in the end? Only sales will tell.

Now I wanna expand on my time with Far Cry: Instincts more now that I've gotten further. I love games that unfold and give you new stuff over a time. That was a minor problem I had with Halo 2 and KOTOR 2. Far Cry starts off having you being hunted, then makes you a one man killing machine, then makes you hunted again except with the ability to fight back with your feral powers. I just beat the mines level which besides being extremely long gave me a new feral power. Its just extremely interesting how the game progresses.