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anyone know any good psp games? all i got is MHFU metal slug, and valhala knights 2

any good psp games?


Shooting Games.

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help me decide on a shooting game to buy. One with good graphics and quality. But NOT COD. I dont got o=wifi so i cant go online. suggest some shootinggames that will last a long time and are fun,have lots of action,nice guns,basicly like a gears of war

p.s. i dont got xbox360, so no Gears Of war suggestionsor any other xbox360 games

also im waiting for tom clancys 'ghost recon future soldier', i thinkk its called. itlooks nice

wut? 2011

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anyone feel 2011 is an odd number, not odd as in even or odd, but just differnt, i gota bad feelen for this year, i dont like that number, 11 , dont know why:roll:

Marvle Vs Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds

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well one game im planning on getting is, MvC 3, it looks epic and ima buy it the day it comes out. the fightings looks great. the graphics are nice. and the contros should be easy . The 3 people im goin to use for my team is Arthur, because he has great combos and good special moves and many projectiles to distract the opponen, Spencer, his robot arm is a BEAST, and the grappling claw is a good advantege to bring the opponent to you to use great combos, and his special, its a long combo, and lastly dante. dante becasue he has a big sword for range , and hes prettystrong, his special isnt all that, but hes pretty good

Any characters you plan on using in MvC3?

whos better?

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in a fight , who would win with there fighting styles in there games

gouken (SF4),devil jin(tekken 6),scorpion(MOOORTAL KOMBAAAT),dante(marvle vs capcom), or the apprentice (soulcaliber style)

Combat Arms?

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over the past summer, i heard of a game called Combat arms for pc,i started playing it and i liked it, its a shooting game with many weapons to choose from, and u face other people around the country, so im wondering, does anyone else play that game, and does anyone else have an account,so i can play u and then beat u :D, anyone else have and account?

OHH SNAP, forgot to tell u guys

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i almost forgot to tell you,last week i went to comic con in NY :D it was pretty fun,i read some comics, played marvle vs capcom 3 :D :P its extremly fun,wen i first played ,i beat this guy with dante,okami,and ryu, its so epic,i did a triple finisher so dante shot so many bullets,ryu did metsu haduken ( or was it shinku?) and okami did like a thunder,ice,and fire element attack, overall its like a 9.5 outa 10, after than played some fighting robots game, neyo was there, (yes the rapper,) hes making his own comics, stan lee was there ( maker of spiderman) i really didnt want todress up us sumthing,or body, cuz i really dont see the point of that, but there were so many people dressed as people from saskues brothers clan with the long coats with red cloudes and thecoat is black(naruto) i saw people carying syths, ( i wanted one :( ) and it was a good time, plus wen i went home with my friend, some people randomly come and asked are you leaveing comic con? i said yes,they asked can i have ur pass, fooor... 20 bucks, i said yes, the passes costes like 40 bucksso 20 bucks back:D

schools boring -.-

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dont you just hate school? all the work? problems,questions,? complications, and u have to speak math science and ELA, with math, my teachers want me to answer my questions with mathematical terms, and same for science, and science is for confusing, but ELA is the worst, proper english, i grow up were all u hear is slang and slurrs , i txt alot to , so i gotta rite properly,tlk prperly ,its not easy, -.-

question: whats ¼+¼+¼=?