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WGT's 22nd Birthday, plus Royal Rumble Review

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First b-day blog I post on GS, hopefully not the last. Will try to make this a yearly thing as long as I can. My b-day was pretty relaxing. Watched Hellboy 2 and Step Up 3 again in the morning, then headed out with family to restaurant at noon, and finally did some shopping. What did I get? For one, I got...

Got it for $50 at Walmart. Guess I got lucky because I read weeks ago that this babe was near $100 average without discounts. Getting back into Street Fighter so I figured why not get the Arcade experience. The second thing I got will either piss you off, make you happy, or just make you "meh".....

That's right, none other than Black Ops 8) Played this game at my cousin's house this past Christmas and I liked it for the most part. Doubt I'll play too much of it in my upcoming schedule though so I can't guarantee full time playing obviously. Still, if you're on my PSN Friends List and see me playing Black Ops, don't hesitate to send invite. Most likely I'll be up for some Team action then 8)

One more thing to add about my birthday, and it shouldn't be much of a surprise. Got a lot of phone calls. Big family on both sides so it was expected.

Now moving on to the second part of the Blog, the recent event, WWE Royal Rumble. Pretty much my 22nd birthday gift, and enjoyed it for the most part. To quickly highlight this event...

Heavyweight Champion Edge retained his title against #1 Contender Dolph Ziggler. This match was pretty long, as a good number of people could agree, but it was good overall. Ziggler showed once again that he could sell moves to the crowd (receiving a move like a DDT for example, in case you were wondering what it meant :P ) As to my reaction goes, I was originally rooting for Ziggler, as I felt he deserved this push to the max. In the end, wasn't disappointed much even though Ziggler lost. Both men gave us a good match and that's what really counts.

Second match of the event was WWE Champion Miz vs Randy Orton. The outcome of this match wasn't surprising to me. Instead, it was what led to the outcome that surprised me. The revamped RAW group known as the New Nexus interfered during the match and distracted Orton, only to have the group's leader CM Punk come from behind Orton and assault him. Miz, the opportunist that he is, took advantage and covered for the win. I have lots of respects for Randy Orton, but expecting him to win the title was just out of discussion, especially in this PPV.

The third match, which in the end led up to be the most disappointing part of the night, was Divas Champion Natalya in a handicap match against LayCool. Before the match began, it was changed by the RAW General Manager. Now it was a Fatal Four Way between Natalya, Michelle McCool, Layla, and now Eve. As soon as I heard Eve's theme song, I knew something bad was coming. She too played the opportunist in the match. Landing a moonsault to Layla and covering for the win. The controversy of this was that while Eve was pinning Layla, Michelle McCool had Natalya in a roll-up pin. You'd think the ref had seen the second pin, but he didn't. Don't know what WWE was thinking by giving Eve the title. If you happen to be an Eve fan, you might want to skip this next sentence. I think she's useless as a champion, end of story.

The final part of the event of course was, the Royal Rumble. 40 Participants this year, making it the biggest in its history. It was a match of surprises pretty much all over the place. CM Punk was the first participant and Kane ended being the last (#40). Daniel Bryan, being entrant #2, gave a good performance in the Rumble, which I believe was his first time. Eliminating 2-4 Superstars and lasting for about 20 minutes. That was of course until the New Nexus ganged up on him and threw him out. Punk, along with his loyal followers dominated for about 10+ minutes, throwing about 5-7 Superstars in a row. Even the surprising return of former WWE Champion Booker T wasn't enough to stop them, but the "Five Time WCW Champion" gave us a good performance and went off in $tyle. The unlucky number for the Nexus Domination was #22, which gave us John Cena. Cena managed to clear out Punk's reinforcements by himself, leaving Punk helpless. From then on, Cena and Punk faced off the Smackdown Superstars that would come out. Another returning Superstar made his appearance. That man was none other than "Big Daddy" Diesel. Also known as Kevin Nash, this man took over the ring the minute he got in. Unfortunately, his time in the ring was short, and with no eliminations in his record. Corre members Wade Barrett and Ezequiel Jackson made their presence known nearing the final times of the Rumble. It was so much as having Barrett last until the Final Four. Barrett though, ended up being eliminated by Randy Orton, who quickly eliminated by Alberto Del Rio afterwards to win the Royal Rumble. Alberto thought he had the match won, but apparently, Santino Marella wasn't eliminated. The Italian Goofball took advantage and gained momentum. When it looked like he was throwing Del Rio over the ropes, the Mexican Aristocrat reversed the throw and got Santino eliminated. Alberto won a well-deserved chance to main event Wrestlemania. Congrats to him on the win.

Even with the disappointing conclusion, or should I say overall set up of the Divas Title match, I still give this PPV a great score.

Well guys, hope I didn't bore you with my writing, assuming you managed to read it all :P Feel free to comment and have a good day 8)

WGT's 3rd Anniversary on GameSpot

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Once again, I find myself catching up to some old news and then realize that today is my 3rd anniversary in the site lol. I know I haven't been as active as I used to be, but I hope to change that a bit in the next couple of weeks. Those of you who remember me, feel free to post here and salute :)

Renegade Five - Memories

Renegade Five - Running In Your Veins

Renegade Five - Too Far Away

Renegade Five - Shadows

Renegade Five - Love Will Remain

Cobra Starship - Living In The Sky With Diamonds

Cobra Starship - The World Will Never Do

Enjoy :D

WGTC's July Update

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It's been quite a while since I've posted my last blog.

On to business, this month was more flexible for me. Caught up to PS3 games, made a video (and preparing another one), and of course....posted here often :P

Along with these things, I also got to watch the World Cup matches :D Congrats on Spain for winning the title, but most importantly to me, big congrats to Uruguay for placing 4th. Uruguay, a country that tasted the Cup 2 times before now got the chance to prove to the world that they are still a force to be reckoned with. Those who know me well will be wondering, "Why does WGT care? He's not Uruguayan" Well, I may not be from Uruguay, but I respect the country greatly. Unlike most of us South Americans, Uruguayans have been known to be neutral. Perhaps to be expected from a small populated country, but still admirable. Congrats to Uruguay once again, and hope to see them as well my country Peru on the way to Brazil 2014 :)

Here is my list of new favorite songs (since last update):

Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers

La Oreja De Van Gogh - Adios

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

BoB feat. Bruno Mars - Nothing On You

Dead By April - What Can I Say

La Roux - Bulletproof

Kylie Minogue - The One

V V Brown - Shark In The Water

Ne-Yo - Single

Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris - Break Your Heart

In-Flight Safety - Model Homes

Leona Lewis feat. OneRepublic - Lost Then Found

Leona Lewis - Love Letter

Lights - Face Up

Lights - Second Go

Switching to the subject of games, I purchased this a few weeks ago...

Great game, worth the $20. Haven't played all the titles in the collection yet, but will go back to it soon. So far, I'm pleased :)

As to future games concern, I'm already saving for WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011. Another Smackdown title to add to my collection 8) Not sure if I'll get anything else this year though. If I change my mind, I would like to get a FPS game, but games like Transformers: War for Cybertron and 007: Blood Stone look like potential 3rd person shooters. I'll have to think about it.

Lastly, the subject which I hadn't covered in GS for more than a year I think, my videos :P Those who have followed my GSHs, be on the lookout, for I'm currently working on WM 24 GSH (in case you didn't already know :P ) As to the rest, thisis my newest video. Hope you guys like it :)

Well, that's it for now. There's a strong chance I'll make these "Updates" a monthly thing. Stay tuned 8)

Future PS3 Plans

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For those who didn't know, I'm waiting for this Tuesday, to get my hands on Smackdown vs Raw 2010 :D

But there are other titles that have caught my attention. Here's the list so far...

Tekken 6 (Coming out on 10/27, looking forward to it)

Resistance 2 (It has already come out, but after playing the first one, I want to get it)

Uncharted 1 (The series got my attention. I want to start with this one before getting the second one)

Uncharted 2 (Can't touch this until I beat the first one :P)

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (Just found out about this game. Nothing wrong with reliving some memories right? :P)

Mortal Kombat 9 (Barely heard anything from this game, except for the fact that it comes out in 2010 lol)

*With all these games in mind, I'll have to also consider upgrading my 60GB's drive :lol:

Surprise Week for WGT

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Ordered a PS3 60GB last weekon Ebay. I know it was risky but still, Idid it anyways. Paid $200 for it and got it this past Tuesday. It plays PS1/PS2 games perfectly. DVDs are doing good too. But there's always a catch. Turns out this PS3 can't play ALL PS3 games at the moment. Bought SvR '08 and '09 on Wednesday, tried them on and both didn't work. Tried again the next day and something good happened, '08 worked! Good graphics, very smooth, and it didn't freeze once during the 3 hour gameplay. Everything was going good 'til the moment I put '09 in. As of today, I can safety say that my PS3 won't read it. Can't say it's the game though since I tried itwith my friend's PS3 and it worked great.


There is an obvious problem with my PS3. Read about some common problems online and pretty much got an idea of what it could be. First guess would be that it's the Blu Ray Drive lens. They could be dirty from usage and might need to be cleaned. Second guess,there could be somethingwrong with the drive itself. It could range from the laser to the controller board. If the problem is not any of the above, then I wouldn't have the slightest clue of what it could be. So guys if you're reading this and have had a PS3 experience like this or similar, can you please help me out with some tips. Or maybe give me some guides to how to solve this problem. It would be greatly appreciated.

Wrestlemania and Other Game Vids

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I've taken the liberty of making game style highlights of some wrestlemanias. I've donesix so far but I'll continue with the others. GSH - Game Style Highlight "GSH" section for WM vids "HCTP" section for Smackdown Here Comes The Pain vids "GST" section for Game Style Tribute vids *Now featuring a forum and guessbook. WWE Fans and Gamers Unite!

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 for the PS2? Is it time to pass the torch?

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With PS2's '08 bringing in so much disappointment for the series, it makes one think of the future. Will future games be worth buying? Will there be any more games for the PS2? Will PS3 take over next year? Will there be ANY great improvement from now on? So much to think about.........what do you think?