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What are ya buyin? What are ya sellin? Sequels... Ahh.. Thank you!

*This is just my view. Feel free to disagree.* I see a lot complaining/whining on gaming sites about sequels. Let me bring up some of the most popular examples CoD series; Assassins Creed series and now the soon to be released prequels of successful franchises Gears of War and God of War. I am put off by the whining. I just dont get it Why is it so hard to believe or even understand why these series continue to release new games? Every series I just listed releases a quality gameS every time they put a game out. (They may not be your personal cup of tea but they are whole lot of others cup of tea) I have never played a CoD, AC, GoW or GoW game that was not a quality product. I understand the frustration of CoD and AC releasing yearly but each game is work on for at least 2 years before release. That is plenty of time to put together a quality product. (I have heard the cries of AC III bugs but Im not buying it. 360 had no issues. The PS3 did and we all know Sony has to take some blame for the issues commonly found in PS3 games) As stated already each game is worked on for at least a couple of years and each game adds something new to it. (AC III re-did there graphics completely and added some major changes in game play.) Does CoD MW play like CoD MW3? Yes yes it does. But why do we act surprised Do you want the next CoD to be a RTS game just so we can say they did something different? Where is the logic in that? Why is it okay for GTA to release the same damn game every time but it not okay for AC or Cod? It makes the whiners sound like fan boys more than gamers concerned about the state of the gaming industry. We need to think things out before we speak out against them. I dont want to hear either that sequels take away from us seeing new IPs. That is BS. We get more new IPs a year now then we have ever before. I cant even keep up with the amount new games that come out a year nowadays. Just understand this There will be a day when CoD and AC will not appeal to the masses they way they do now. It will come no matter how hard the publishers try to stop it. Who knows you may find you miss them on that day So here is your options. You can either enjoy the games or dont support them but please dont act like because you dont play CoD, AC, GoW or GoW. That you are better than the ones who still love and enjoy them. That is my view on it. I am not right and I am not wrong. I am whatever I say I am! :)

The Offspring - Days Go By Review

The Offspring Days Go By Wow The Offspring released a new album. These guys have been dropping albums since I was in junior high. Crazyness. You would think after 20 years of playing music they would get old to listen too. Wrong!!! I really like The Offsprings last album and was excited for this album until I heard a couple of songs from it. I got to hear Days Go By and Cruising California before the album dropped and was a little disappointed. Not that the songs were bad because they werent then and they are better now to me. (After hearing the album for 2 weeks) But they werent really punk to me. I wanted fast stuff and was worried The Offspring had abandoned that. Wrong again! Haha! This album is a typical Offspring album. It has a lot fast paced punk songs combined with a couple rock/ballad songs. This album is damn good! Easily my favorite song on the album is Dividing by Zero. It is a very upbeat punk song with a little bit heavyness to it. Great vocals throughout the song and the entire album. This guys maybe getting old but their music isnt. 1. The Future is Now 2. Secrets from the Undergound 3. Days Go By 4. Cruising California 5. All I Have Left is You 6. Dirty Majic (redone) 7. Dividing by Zero This album gets a 10 out of 10. Feel free to comment what you would give the album.

AAS - InFamous Review

Abandon All Ships - InFamous I started listening to AAS about 2 months ago. I had never heard of them before. Click on them on YouTube after watching a WCAR video. Im so glad I did. I loved their first album Geeving. Easily a 9 out of 10 for that one. So I was super excited to see that they were releaseing a new album in July. Although, InFamous is good. It is not to the level Geeving was. Not enough pop mixed with metal. Thats what I like about AAS. Geeving had more pop to it with good clean vocals. InFamous is heavier album (which I like) but the choruses are what kind of let me down.The vocals are good clean wise but I didnt like the yelling in the chouses when I thought they should have stayed clean on multiple songs. The album was a little disappointing for me. If you like metal and you like poppy choruses with auto tune vocals. Then AAS is your band. My stand out songs are: 1. Ahmed 2. American Holocaust 3. Made of Gold 4. Brother for Life This album gets a 8 out of 10. J Feel free to comment what you would give the album. Ill be doing the Offspring soon so stay tuned folks!

Music Review

So just a couple of weeks ago I was thinking how I am sick of all my music. Just wishing something new and good would come my way. Well 2 weeks later and I have 4 albums that just came out. That have been listening to and that I want to review. 1. Linkin Park - Living Things 2. The Offspring - Days Go By 3. Lostprohet - Weapons 4. Abandon All Ships - InFamous Well let us start from the top.I have been a Linkin Park fan since the day I first heard them. Although a lot of their fans dont care for their new sound. I am okay with it. I do prefer the heavier stuff but I do like the new stuff. So with this album came what I would describe as the inbetween. Its as if the first 2 albums hooked up with the last 2 albums and created Living Things. Haha! See what I did there? Nevermind it was cheesy. Anyways I got to say at first. I kind of liked the album but was still a little disappointed. As I didnt feel like it was heavy enough. Its like Linkin Park is scared to be labled a metal band and they want to be a pop rock group with a twist of hip-hop.But the more and more I listen to it the more and more I love it. My stand out songs are: 1. Castle of Glass 2. In My Remains 3. Powerless 4. Lies Greed and Misery 5. Victimized 6. Ill Be Gone This album gets a 8 out of 10. I hope in the future LP goes a little heavier. Feel free to comment what you would give the album. Ill be doing the Offspring soon so stay tuned folks!

Share your Top 5 games or franchises. (stolen from Joshua2222. Thanks buddy!)

Here is my Top 5 Franchises of video games. I have pointed out the Highlights (my favorites) of each series I have chosen. So here we go! 5. Uncharted series ( Uncharted II being the highlight of the series) What is not to love about Uncharted? The most epic playable movies I have experienced. (Heavy Rain coming in second) All 3 games have great action with amazing characters you love and truly care about. While experiencing Indiana Jones type stories. Love this series. 4.Assassins Creed series (AC II being the highlight of the series) Although the AC series is being released to frequently. I still have a great love for all the games released so far.(Very excited for III and all the changes to come) What sticks out in this series for me has got to be the plot. It is one of the best written stories I have played and experienced. The twists at the end of each game has blown me away. That alone has given me reason to playthrough all the games. Except... Revelations and trust me... I will beat it. Haha 3. Mass Effect series (ME being the highlight and 3 in a close second) The ME series is my generations Star Wars. (At least I think so) Although I like SW. I'm not a huge fan. But my love for ME is in that category. I love this franchise dearly. I love what Bioware has brought us. ME 1 sucked me into the universe. I have beaten all the ME games multiple times. I love that even though I'm playing the same game I can experience it differently each time. I could go on and on... but I won't. Simply... the ME series is Aaaaa... wait for it... Mazinnnnnnnnnngggggggggg!!! =0 2. Mortal Kombat (MK II and Mortal Kombat (2011) being the highlights of the series) I got into MK when II came out. I was only 10 or 11 when the first came out and never played it that much. I got a chance to play II when my neighbor brought it over. It was a drug to me when I saw my first Fatality. I couldn't put the game down. I put in countless hours playing II over and over. Great memories. =0 The series has released a lot of games. I have liked all of them. Some were cheesy but as a whole... This is my all time favorite Fighting franchise. (KI is a close second) 1. KOTOR I and II KOTOR brought me into the world of RPGs. I had played some RPGs but not many. This game opened my eyes to a whole new world. The story telling and choices in these video games were mind blowing. It made me really care for the choices... I the Protagonist, had to make. Providing me the player a pressure I had yet to experience. (It's common in games now but back in the day... this was rare) Here's hoping KOTOR III comes some day in the future! Here are my Honorable Mentions.In no particular order. Killer Instinct I and II Heavy Rain Resident Evil series( 4 and 5 the highlights for me) FallOut 3 Anything Mario and Zelda Final Fantasy X There are so many more but I will stop myself. Haha!!! =0

Quit forcing these 7s on me.

So I'm noticing a trend in reviews lately. By lately... I mean the last year or so. It seems many mainstream reviewers are throwing a lot of 7s (I'm including 6.5 and 7.5 in my thinking as I write) out for the "Big" AAA titles. Do I have a problem with the number 7? Personally, I don't... The number has done nothing to me. But do I have a problem with it being associated as a "Good" score for a game review? Yes!!! Absolutely I do. Here is my reasoning. I am a father of three little kids. Two of which are in school. (You may not be able to tell but I got my ed -ju-ma-cation too) If they came to me and said... "Hey Dad! I just got a 70% in my Math class. Teach says I'm doing good." I would laugh at them. I would then correct their thinking immediately. As a 70% is not "Good". 70% as I was told in school is "Average". It is a "C". Since when is average... good? You may not agree with me on my attack of 7 out 10 scores but if you went to school. Like... ever. You would have to see logic in what I am saying here. (Or at least I hope you see logic) =0 So why the push by the Gaming Media to force 7s down our throats. Why call that "Good". Most games I play that were rated in the 6.5, 7 and 7.5 range by GS were good games. Not average. So why not give them a "Good" score? Why a 7? The new Zelda sticks out to me. Many fanboys raged over GS's Tom McShea's review and score of a 7.5. (His reasonings for hating on the game were weak in my opinion.) So I watched his review and read it as well. After doing so... I got the sense from his reviews that Zelda was average at best. So I watched The Hot Spot with McShea on it to hear his side and explanation of the review. Repeatedly he says over and over that the new Zelda is a "Great" game. So if it's great... why did it get an average grade? If Zelda was a "Great" game then it should have got a great score. =0 I understand that some may think I'm confusing things by comparing school averages and game score averages. But we all have gone to school. The grading system was beat into our heads. In college a 70% is a C minus. How is that good or great? A 7 (6.5 & 7.5) scares people away from buying a game. Trust me... this is not in my head... as I saw people not buying Prototype 2 because of the score. I own Prototype 2. It is a great game. Better than the original (in my opinion) that got an 8.5 from GS. Is it getting punished just because it's a sequel? If that was the case... why hasn't Skyrim (good game by the way) not received the same treatment as it is very similar to some game called... uhm... Oblivion!!! Not much difference in the two but no punishment by reviewers for Skyrim. Only praise. Anybody heard of Call of Duty? Same thing!!! Don't even get me started on Infamous 2 McShea!!! Haha!!! Infamous is way better than 2 but Infamous 2 was clearly punished because it was a sequel that wasn't to the level of the original in terms of story. It was a "Good" game that got an "Average" score. This happens to much in my opinion. Let 7 be a 7 an Average Joe. Call it what it is. This is my opinion. I respect those who disagree but that doesn't mean I'll like you. =0 Just kidding!

OLP's New Album

Well the new album from OLP has hit stores today. It has 10 tracks. I have to say coming off their last 2 albums (which I was a not fan of) this album is pretty darn solid. The best song by far has got to be the first single Heavyweight. The rest of the album does a good job complimenting that song. Maida's singing is back to the good old days. (Spiritual Machines, Clumsy and Happiness and the Fish) I still miss the original guitarist but the guitar work on this album is good but I wouldn't say great. If you are on the fence about this album... well get off the fence and pick it up! Deuces