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I got the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box set from Japan today!

I have a friend who lives in Japan and asked them to order this for me since I live in the USA. They placed an order and it finally arrived today!

The box is a simple white color but the contents are beautiful. Each game has artwork on the CD that I have never seen before.

The only negative is that the games were re-released on their original formats so unless you have a backwards compatible PS3 or your original PS1 and PS2 up in working order, you can't play most of the games. However, this doesn't matter to me because I just wanted this set for its Collector Value and rarity. Too bad other 25th Anniversary games don't do something like this. I would love to see a Box set of Dragon Warrior/Quest, Metroid, Castlevania and Legend of Zelda.

Ar Tonelico Qoga - The more she strips, the more powerful her magic!

Yes, you read that correctly.

I have played the first two games in the Ar Tonelico series on the PS2 and loved them. They were a different type of RPG with a mix of random encounters, physical attacking and song magic. Add in some sexual innuendos, nieve heros and half dressed heroines and it made a great story and great game. If you learned the battle system, there was practically no battle you could lose. Plus, there were options to dive into the girls Cosmospheres to create stronger magic and gain their love. I know it sounds corny but it was fun and different from any other game I ever played. All the elements were there for a decent RPG if you could get past the girly voices.

Now comes the third and final game in the series and they changed the battle system. Not that I'm complaining, different is sometimes better. But, this wasn't what I was expecting. The girls still sing, you still go into their Cosmosphere to get stronger magic, but you ask them to strip off more clothing because, the more skin they show, the more powerful the magic. When they mention this in the game I almost fell of my seat laughing. Now I am about 20 hours into the game and yes, I have the girls strip down to barely any clothes in order to defeat most enemies. The story is still sound and the game is very enjoyable.

I just would love to know who actually pitched this idea to management and who actually would approve this? I want to shake their hand and thank them for coming up with something new and original and risky! Good job! Nice to see some games taking an adult turn for once. The animated video of the stripping holds nothing back as the girls who are bigger than the other will bounce and show it off.

Can't wait to see how it ends!

Catching up on my PS3 games... Yellow Light of Death and Finally on PS Network.

Well I waited about 6 months after my original FAT Metal Gear Solid Edition 80GB PS3 got the yellow light of death before purchasing a new system. When it originally happened, I seriously almost cried. Since I don't play online I didn't have any way of saving any of my memory or data and even still have an old PS2 game stuck inside. About 6 years worth of gaming saves and trophies just GONE. Yes, I know it can be repaired and memory saved but I decided that I don't really play the games for the trophies, instead I play for the thrill of finishing the game itself so I really didn't lose much. any of my favorite games that I have I can just replay them and experience them all over again instead of loading an old save. Still... was very depressed for a long time. Thank God I had an Xbox360 and Wii to hold me over.

Now I got the Uncharted 3 320GB PS3 edition and even signed up to the Playstation network, even though I never play with anyone online. So after running out of Xbox and Wii games to play I started going through my unopened PS3 games. Started with FFXII-2 and loved it. I know most people had bad reviews but the game was just as good as original and graphically stunning. Only upsetting part was that it doesn't end... but continues to FFXIII-3? Followed that up with Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Hunted the Demon Forge and Dragon Age II. Now I'm playing Ar Tonelico Qoga and have a few more games ready to go. (Batman Arkam City, Uncharted 3, Hyperdemention Neptuna 1 and 2 and all 3 games in the Atelier series + more!)

Hopefully I don't burn this system out anytime soon... Bring on the Wii-U!

Please stop crying over Mass Effect!

I dont understand why everyone is so upset about the endings of Mass Effect 3 and it's such a big deal. I have played hundreds of games and hated the endings on so many of them, but I dont cry about it and force the programmers to change it.

How many times did have I poured a 100 hours into a game and the ending was simply "The End"? Hey... if this is what the developers wanted, good for them. Look at Skyrim... there is no ending or credits. Still happens to be one of the best games I have ever played. What do you play the game for.... the ending or the actual time playing the game?

I dont want to hear about closure or any BS like that... a couple of people cry likes babies over a games ending and so many other people just jump onto the band wagon to make it worse. Just enjoy playing the game.

Now it's over, find a new game and move on.

New games and other stuff... Level 34

It has been a while since I wrote a blog but that doesn't mean I haven't been active in the game front. After finally finding some time to play some games I have been putting off, now I have a little time to write about them.

Here is what I have played and finished lately:

Singularity: 7.5

Lost Planet 2: 7.0

Sin & Punishment Star Successor: 8.0

Arcania Gothis 4: 7.5

Neir: 7.0

Enslaved odessy to the West: 7.5

Star Ocean The Last Hope International: 8.5

Dragon Age Origins Awakening: 9.0

Metro 2033: 8.0

Here is what I have purchased: Kinect, Kinect UFC Trainer, Kinect Adventures, Hyperdimension Neptuna, Record of Agarest War Zero, Catherine, Deathsmiles, Ar tonelico III, Dragon Age II and Heavy Rain.

Playstation 2 revisited

After finishing Resonance of Fate for the 360, I decided to go back into my game library to select my next RPG game to play. With plenty of games to choose from, I decided to go backwards a little bit and selected Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica. It seemed fitting to select this game since the third game is going to be released on 3/15/11. Might as well complete the series.

Although I have PS3 and 360 games to play, it seemed logical to try and finish off some older PS2 games and then trade or sell them. After this game, I believe I will attempt the Atelier Iris series.

This week I picked up Hyperdimension Neptuna as well...

New Year 2011 and nothing has changed much

Yes, the new year has arrived and with it a supposed bang of games and gaming technology. The 3DS has arrived, another system I will never own, and both PS3 and XBOX have finally copied the Wii and gone to motion gaming. So what's new? Nothing really...

The 3D phase that is hot right now will eventually fade and the thing that brings the hardcore gamers to the consoles is definitely not motion games. Although the Move and Kinnect have better graphics than the Wii, the game selection is almost exactly the same. To be honest, I was not impressed with either one. What real gamers want is quality in their games. Or I should say, that is what I want from any game that I play.

When I do my research into purchasing a game, I look to see how in depth the storyline is and how many hours it might take me to finish it. Quick kill action games have their moment (God of War... etc) but overall I wouldnt pay $60 for a game I could finish in 10 hours or so. Even if the graphics and gameplay are amazing, it's not worth my money. Of course, RPG games are build for 60-70 hours of gameplay but they seem to be on the backburner right now because of the motion gaming movement. Hopefully some new RPG games will be made in the near future, and please do not make them motion type games.

Anyway... playing Resonance of Fate for XBOX and just finished Devil Summoner 2 for PS2 and Donkey Kong for Wii. Will probably start another old PS2 RPG or my PS3 Star Ocean International soon. As for my Wii, I started playing Ghostbusters but it lost my interest.

Profile Update - Level 33 Goombella!

Well it's happened again, and this time I totally missed it. Didn't even notice that my GS level increased to Level 33 which represents the Goombella.

The end of the year is approaching and that means more GS awards andgames will be ranked based on some weird scale that no one on this site will agree with. Let's all remember 2009 winner Demons Souls which was receievd with much negativity. (I agreed with that winner by the way)

Another blog will go back and review 2010 but in reality it was a pretty good year.

Just lost 20 plus hours of gameplay when Fallout: New Vegas glitched on me!!

I read the review... saw the rumors and chose to ignore them. Now it comes back to bite me where the sun don't shine. After playing Fallout 3 plus 4 out of 5 of the additional add-on missions, I fell in love. Possibly one of the best games I have ever played and dedicated myself too. Of course, once the sequel comes out, I am going to buy it. Boy, was I ever slapped in the face... BIG TIME!

After getting used to the game once again and trying to follow the storyline, main quests and multiple side quests, I decided to save my game inside Winn's Hideout. Of course I first killed both Winn's and looted their safe for a very cool 9mm automatic unique weapon. Satisfied for the day, and having put in a total of over 20 hours into the game at that point, I turned it off. The next day, after a long day at work and excited to get the chance to kill monsters, pickpocket friends and destroy factions... I hit the Continue option at the start up screen.

There is where it gets ugly... the Xbox 360 gave me a meesage that the DLC needed for this save was no longer available and some items not not be available. I tried to load my other 2 saves with no luck. This is possibly the most frustrating thing to ever happen to me in gaming (outside trying to beat an unbeatable Boss or something similar) solely due to the fact that there is nothing I can do about it. Just finished the G.I. Blues quest, ransacked Vault 34 for the special weapons and even found a few other weapons considered rare and was flying high. Now I have to start the whole game over from the beginning with no Caps, no special guns, no followers (I had 2 at the time) and no found locations on my map!

Since I do not play online, the supposed patch provided by Fallout will be useless to me. SIGH... will give it one more shot, only because the game is so awesome. But if this happens again... game will either go on eBay or be melted down with a blow torch. Wish me luck...

Gonna give my Wii a break for a while... time to crank up the PS3 and Xbox 360!

After spending the majority of my time lately on playing my Wii, I feel it is time to share my game times with my other console systems. Was able to finish Metroid: Other M with 100% item collection and afterwards completed Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. (This is a great and very underappreciated game)

Now I can finally get back to finishing 3D Dot Heros for PS3 and Ressonance of Fate for the 360. Did actually win an eBay auction for Fallout New Vegas but until that arrives I really should finish whathas already been started.

Might end up selling some more older, finished games this week as well. They are starting to take up too much space.