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No Game is Worth 10/10

I hate it when games get a 10/10, 100% or 5/5 rating. Why? Because a 10 signifies that the game is perfect, with no faults and that all who play it will be left with a feeling that their life has just witnessed the greatest thing since sliced bread.

While games like The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Shenmue. Final Fantasy 7...etc are all great in their own respective rights, all 3 of the and others are by far from perfect.

For instance i love Shenmue more than anyother game. Ive played it 7 times and although i love it it is by no means perfect, and so i will never give it a 10 despite my love for it.

On the other hand i detest Zelda, i just found it tedious, but on the other hand i can respect peoples opinions and views. I can understand why it claimed such acclaim. The sheer scope and beauty that the Zelda franchise possesses is amazing. But does that mean i have to like it because someone else does?

Well thats all i wanted to say. No matter how good a game is. No matter how many cult followers it may have. No matter how many sale the game may make. How many people rate it 10/10. Each and every game will never be perfect. No game will every truly deserve 10/10.