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Why Halo will never die and how Halo contributed to the RROD.

Halo. It simply will not die. Why? Because of the spirits.

Let me explain. Whenever a Halo fan dies or is in so much love with Halo it makes a Halo fan spirit. That spirit takes over the minds of unsuspecting beings. Which is why Halo 3 will sell so many 360 because the spirits will not stop until it get's Halo 3. Only thing I have found that seems to keep the spirits at bay is a PS3. It is sort of like garlic to vampires. All I know is that with my PS3 uncontrollable thought's about Halo 3 have never entered my mind.

And how does it contribute to the RROD(red ring of death)you ask? Simple. The spirits again.

You see sometimes the spirits cannot get into someone's mind because the person is either strong enough to resist or has a PS3. So they become angry. And they decide that if they can't play Halo 3 no one can. So they take over the 360 and break it from the inside. Which is why the light is red because the spirit is angry.

So Halo is responsible for the major fault of it's system. Bet you never knew about that did you? How do I know about all this you ask?

Simple. If I tell you I'd have to kill you.