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What with school starting and all that why not take a course about me?:D ...look shut up my friend "jt4mtb" made the suggestion forthe titleso shut up.:| Besides most of you guys don't know me from back in the day(and those who did are mostly gone:(). So it'll be just some little things.:D

For those wondering if I got that job I was talking about last blog...nope.:( But in order to pretend I have some pride and seem like I don't care "Not like I wanted to work there anyway:|". Ha ha! Bein' cool8)...and still broke.:cry: But I went to another interview a few days ago so hopefully that goes better.:? Anyway...don't bother taking notes, feel free to eat, and blast some music.:P Hopefully this.:D Ha ha! Smooth Jazz.8)

If you've ever wondered who "Vyse" is he would be this guy

vyse.jpg Vyse image by jargongamesSkiesSigcopy.png Vyse from Skies of Arcadia Legends. image by Radical_Dreamer127

And that is one of my favorite quotes from him. He's from "Skies of Arcadia: Legends" the Gamecube port that was essentially the Directors Cut of the Dreamcast version featuring more Discoveries, Bounties, and a few little additions like Piastol the "Angel of Death" who is out to kill you(which you find out more about by helping this Doctor).:PSo yeah my name here stems from my favorite character, an underscore since apparently they make things like this look better or something(:?), and the last word of the title of my favorite game ever.:D Ta-dah! Origin story.:lol:

Oddly enough I've never had him as my theme here on GS.:lol: Probably never will either since I enjoy changing up my profile now and then.:P Who have I been in the past? Well let's see there was

707 - Phoenix Wright1471.jpg Sig image by MonsterReborn1202926325159.jpg Dizzy of Guilty Gear image by Lunarius-san

Left to Right- Phoenix Wright(Ace Attorney series), Dark Magician Girl(Yu-gi-oh!), Dokuro Mitsukai(Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan), Dizzy(Guilty Gear), and Ichijou(Pani Poni Dash!). And in case you didn't know I'm currently Shidou Mariya from Maria+Holic.:P

And then let's end this with something simple. I like video games(namely JRPGs or really anything fun), anime(comedy>every other genre), lolis, meganekkos(oh and I wear glasses myself:P), and ponies.:P

And well I think thats a good place to stop.:P Not like I'll be hosting another c-lass on my history again.:lol:

Soooooo...yeah...woot! Female characters.:P