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This blog has nothing to do with E3.

The title on the other hand is a different story. Since most are already talking about their impressions on things at that certain event you don't really need me talking about it. Soooooooooooooooo I'll be talking about the free PS games...because I'm bored.:P Essentialy I'm bored and have nothing else to talk about to get me to 100 blogs aside from posting a bunch going "Tiddlywank" and stuff. Instead I'll just mini review free things.:D So anyway

This game needs more Frank West & Chuck Greene

27866 - Dead Nation: The her(oes) of Dead Nation.

So first game I downloaded as part of the "Welcome Back" program was "Dead Nation". And just...bleh. I got to like the 4th or 5th stage and pretty much stopped playing.:P It is at times fun when everything wants to eat your brain with a side of mashed potatoes and a glass of wine but after awhile...the lack of footballs with grenades strapped to them, crazy freakin' people, and the fact you're character might as well be using a cell phone as their source if light...it gets old old killing zombies with only guns. Capcom spoiled me by letting me use anything I wanted to put the dead back where they belong(the store where you buy your "meat").:P

It should be a rather easy platinum but for once I don't really feel like bothering to play anymore.:?


20610 - Wipeout HD

Good golly Miss Molly this game is fast.:lol: Despite the crazy speed of "Wipeout HD" I really am enjoying it. Though it took me some time to get used to it what with the vechicles I've used most of my gaming life have had tires & traction.:P But once you get the hang of it this game rocks!:D The soundtrack is so epic!:o Not to mention the "Zone" areas are trippy and pretty as hell.:D It's just really fun since I believe the last racing game I played was one of the Need for Speed games for the Gamecube(one of the later games).

Only problem I have is that recently it seems to be freezing.:( It has a tendancy to freeze during online matches all of a sudden.:? Other than that this game is great!:D

Look Mom I can fly!

205 - Pursuit Force

"Pursuit Force" is like playing an action movie. When I first bought my PSP off of my friend this was one of the games I planned on getting but never did. And that laziness gave me it for free!:D Dude this game is ridiculous.:P These crazy ass gangs(though we've seen these types before) apparently love driving because most of the game takes place on the road(or sometimes on your chopper flown by your pretty blonde member of the Pursuit Force and sometimes on the ground with hilarious TPS sections). You somehow prove white men can indeed jump and endevour to take down all these gangs jumping from car to car(and car to boat and boat to boat) shooting the **** outta them!:twisted: Pretty much it.:lol:

Though it is rather short with 6 missions for each gang(6).:( But hell I certainly had fun.:lol:

I'm allowed to cross-dress!!!

25422 - LittleBigPlanet

Why didn't I get "LittleBigPlanet" for PS3? Didn't feel like it.:P Though I felt the need for a platformer and the other PSP games were kinda meh.:? There isn't really much to say. The platforming is fun, the music is catchy, and it looks really good for a PSP game.:D

So yeah that was a little bored review thing for you all.:P What did you guys pick for your games? Do you agree/disagree with my "reviews"? Would you like a massage?:oops:

Anyway instead of ending this with loli I'm gonna betray the start of this blog and show something from E3. Ready?

35594 - Dragon's Crown

Waaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!:cry: This is probably one of the most terrifying things I've seen.:cry: Even worse is the fact this comes from the guys who made Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade(two games I still ned to freaking play!:x). Both games were really pretty to look at(the princess of Muramasa being quite a babe along with the fox spirit:P). But this is just...wah!:cry: At least the sorceress fairs somewhat better.:?

35594 - Dragon's Crown

The proportions are still terrifying but at least...just...I don't even know!:cry: I prefer the elf(since she is probably the most "human" sized character ironically) but I don't have a picture for her.:(

Oh and this game is named "Dragon's Crown" for those who are "intersted".:lol:

So yeah I hope it was entertaining and all that jazz. I was gonna do a blog about something else but since it is a tad important I'll save it for sometime after E3 is over.:P

Now if you'll excuse me I've got some songs in Japanese I need to learn.:D