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I'm glad everyone is so accepting of my love for lolis.

I do find that rather amusing. When I first started with the whole "loli" thing everyone just totally went along with it(well except one). But the response at the fact I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was met with

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I wasn't joking by the way in case you all thought I was going for some "lulz". I really do enjoy this show. If you don't like then have fun missing out.:P Anyway back to the lolis

Now one thing I believe when it comes to a group of friends who like anime is that each one has to have a certain "interest". You need a friend into tsundere, yandere, guro, yaoi/yuri, shota, futa, traps, glasses, nekomimi etc. You can have a friend who likes one or multiple so long as you have someone in your group of friends with a certain "interest" in at least one of those to balance the group. Out of my friends in real life I'm the Lolicon and I'd like to think that as my place here as well.:D

Because lolis seem to be my "thing" here. I'm like that character on a comedy show who always gets into some crazy ass situation and everyone just has a laugh. Like that guy could accidentally launch all nukes to destroy the world and he'd barge in on his friends and say "Holy crap you guys I've started what will most assuredly be the end of humanity!:o" and their response will be little more than "Oh you.:lol:" and then the audience will start laughing where upon it goes to a close in on that character and he just shrugs with ":P" as an expression.

In a way that is me. Anything loli I go on about is usually just met with "Oh Vyse.:lol:". And ya know I do genuinly appreciate that you all seem to still like me despite my love of something that will get me sent to Hell.:lol: I highly doubt the response would be the same if I suddenly told you all I'm into heavy drinking or black tar heroin...or ponies for that matter.:P

And so my friends I ask you this. What is the one anime type "interest" that you think people associate with you most when they think of you?:P In an attempt to start it off aside from lolis I also love glasses almost as much.:D

Oh and also Tales of Vesperia is not getting a PS3 port in NA(or Europe since it is staying in Japan with no english subs). Why? Because Microsoft is mean. They would dare deny me my damn PS3 exclusive loli pirate!!!:cry:


DO WANT!!!:cry: