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Forgive me for not giving you all your prescribed dose of Vitamin Loli.

In case you all hadn't noticed I suddenly disappeared for a few weeks.:P So forgive me if I've missed quite a few blogs.:( Why was I gone? Life.

No not like a baby was born or something nor do I mean I developed an addiction to the board game by the same name. Essentially it all boils down to money. I need a job. I've had some applications out at a couple places but well...economy and whatnot along with the fact I've been out of high school a year so I don't really have any "skills". So I've been getting more applications out and now that I have internet back I can start applying to some "online applications only" type of stores near me. So yeah stuff happened and others things were more important than cable & internet. Sooooooooooo yeah...I need a job. Things are somewhat back to normal but a job for me...well it would make things easier.

Anyway enough about that I could go on about what happened and go all emo and stuff but ugh I went all depressed and stuff around the same time last year. Soooooooooooo...let us talk about less depressing things...like killing things with guns!:D

Per-so-NA! Wait wrong game and...oh he is dead...

20487 - Borderlands: NA Box Front

Hehe Evoker reference.:P So yeah before "Life" decided to happen my cousin came over and finally let me borrow Borderlands GOTY Edition(to lazy to find that cover art). It is really fun. Or at least it was.:? Having beaten it and 3/4 of the way through my second playthrough...playing by yourself gets kinda boring.:? I started with my cousin when he was over and damn was it fun.:lol: By myself first it still was just...doing the same thing again alone...ugh.:? Not to mention the Mad Moxxi DLC wants me to go ****ing 20 rounds per arena.:o I'd rather have someone(or multiple people)with my back in that situation.:P So if any of you would like to dust off your copies and help a friend out I'd really appreciate it.:) Course not now I'd still like to get things in life back to normal though.:(

Who did I pick? Lilith of course.:lol: You honestly thought I'd pick a male character?:lol: Anyway I'm like lvl 53 and yeah...this game is fun.:D

11162 - Lilith: Lilith (Borderlands) - Main Image

DMC Dante must be wondering who stole Ebony & Ivory

25787 - Resonance of Fate: Neutral Box Art for Resonance of Fate

Also on the day my cousin brought over Borderlands we ended up at Gamestop where I found this for under $20(and he found Virtua Tennis...some number for like $7).:P I really do enjoy it. It basically is what would happen if you were given control of an anime gunfight and the fashion of all the characters in a movie.:P But there are a few things that really either piss me off, bore me, or frighten me about it.:? So list time

1. So we made a game based around 3 party combat - I got an idea! Let'smake parts where a character or two leave the party temporarily! Seriously WTF man!? Some of the most pain in the ass parts of that game stem from those. I mean you pretty much are taught the "Tri-Attack" and that and then WHOOSH out the window it goes.:? Pisses me off.

2. That all ya got? - So aside from shooting(and grenading), Hero Actions, and Tri-Attacks...that is pretty much it. You don't learn skills, magic, summons, or any of that jazz. Basically your skills with the weapon equipped gain an increased percentage of...something. You might have a higher chance to do full scratch damage or maybe a better charge rate. I don't know the lack of things makes battles feel similiar...and that kinda bores me.:?

3. Let's stack a bunch of crap on our guns! - Normal RPG: Get to new town and buy stronger weapon. Done. Resonance of Fate: Get to new town and have tinkerer make 5 scopes so you can attach them to your gun. It is just...weird.:? Like no joke you stacks scopes on other scopes, barrels on barrels, handguards on handguards, etc. I glad we don't see the horrible beasts we create in game. Very frightening things to behold I'm sure.:?

Soooooo anyway yeah that is pretty much what I've been up to. Hope you all enjoyed it...or something. Anyway there won't be any loli today I'm afraid so you'll have to get your fix elsewhere. I'm gonna need a dose of Vitamin Loli myself that would probably kill a lesser Lolicon.

So instead we'll end with some cosplay of a favorite character of mine

Kaine from NieR.:D Probably the only time I won't have a problem with futanari.:lol: Seriously I know I've banged on about NieR before but if you want an amazing JRPG then please pick up NieR. Hell the soundtrack alone is worth more than the $15 I payed for my copy.:)

So uhhh hope you all had a good time here...and stuff.:?