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Bugs, glitches, and bad AI oh my!

Damn do I feel all happy and stuff.:P Why? Mainly because I've been playing Mercenaries 2(borrowed from my cousin). And just oh my god all the things in my blog title just have made this game so hilarious.:lol: Yeah thejokes in this game a pretty lame and predictable but the upredictable bugs and stuff have created laughter.:lol: Most of these happened when my cousin was over and we were just laughing our asses off.:lol: Anyway here are a couple high points

1. A visit from "Ghost" Rider - So after the tutorial mission ends you end up in front of this crappy shed with some cars around and a road in front of you. I look down the road and suddenly a chopper(motorcyle not the "Get to the choppa" kind:P) is slowly driving down the road. Then it turns to our little area and keeps going until it hits a wall with no one at all driving it. Pretty much the best part was while I was following it with the camera my cousin was talking about something so it took some time before he even noticed it.:lol: So of course we took it and...lost it because that mission said "No" or something and forgot to load it outside.:(

2. Are you "In" or "Out"? - Anyway to take over an outpost you need to call in a heli with soldiers from the faction you're helping. At the start you only need 3 soldiers to get inside in order to take it over. So when they were dropped off 1 went inside while the others provided cover(despite me already killed everything). One decided to hop into a nearby tank machinegun mount the second the 2nd soldier went inside. And from that point on the 3rd soldier got out of the tank, stood there, got back INTO the tank, got out again, stood there some more, and went back in the tank, etc I mean he wouldn't make up his mind.:P He pretty much just kept doing that until we had to call in another group with brains.:lol:

HEY! Wake up!:evil: What you want some coffee? Well to bad! If Stan Lee doesn't get any then neither do you!:twisted:

3. AI committin' suicide - Another outpost takeover mission. After clearing the area(freaking anti-air missile launching dudes:x) I called in a heli with the soldiers(Jamaican Pirates this time). I threw the signala good distance from the outpost on the ground. Where does the heli land? On top of the building.:| What do the pirates do? Walk of the 20+ foot high building, break themselves on the ground, and die.:| Hell the same thing happened once when I called in some UP(Universal Petrolium) soldiers. Except on a helipad...less then 10 feet high...with stairs.:| Yes these soldiers jump off and die instead of using the stairs.:lol:

4. I see what you did there - So one mission you have to save a Chinese prisoner on the roof of a 15 or so story building. Somehow while I'm disguised as the guys holding him prisoner I take a helicopter to the roof(cover still intact) I take out the two guards with melee and suddenly from the bottom of the building a guard calls UP to tell them I'm here ****ing things up. Yes not only did he call without having seen me he also told them I was there despite never having seen me because I'm up in the sky in a ****ING HELICOPTER!!!:x

Man that was quite a bit of wordy things.:? But hell they made me laugh when they happened so hopefully they at least made you chuckle or made you remember a funny bug or glitch that happened in a game you played.:P Frankly I'd love to hear about any of your funny experiences with a game going nuts.:lol: Anyway have a simple comic to rest your eyes.:D

X Grab My Y

What does it mean!?:cry:

Anyway this blog was originally gonna be about something completely different but I honestly don't feel like writing it because I'll have to search through ecchi images and need to remember things from quite some time ago.:? Besides next blog is gonna be my 100th!:D What is it gonna be about?

My junk.:| Well okay not that junk I'm not about to pull an Anthony Weiner or Brittany Spears and do something like that.:P

I mean more along the lines of my anime, manga, games, gundam, and all that manner of jazz.:P So I'll be taking pictures of all those things and putting them here next blog.:P I'd do a video so you could all hear my amazing voice but I've no idea how to upload them here.:?

So anyway no loli just a warning of things to come.:D Also what the hell is up with GS?:? On my profile the "Feed"(?) thing is gone along with all of your blogs and my "currently playing" things.:? Not to mention on the forums it no longer shows who is on.:?

Meh so uhh look forward to things and stuff you guys.:D