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Back for a few minutes.

Hey guys remember me?:P Anyway the title really says it all I'm not gonna be on here for a while still.

Money and me not having a job have caused me to not be on for about a month or so because other things are more important than internet. My uncle moved back here from Texas so I'm using his laptop to post this. I don't really wanna bug him all the time with it so don't expect to see me here for some time.:( But I have good news!:D

I'm getting a job!:D I already have the job but I need to print out some papers, fill them out, and once some more people get hired I'll start working.:P Hopefully it shouldn't be too long before I start.:( Where am I gonna be working? I'll tell ya when I get back for reals.;) Hopefully I'll have stories to tell.:lol:

But anyway sorry for everything I missed and everything else I will miss.:cry: Hopefully you all haven't forgotten me.:)

So I'll see you guys when I see ya.:)

Until then I guess.:cry: