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D-Did I say Friday if I didn't talk to her?

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Be-Because I obviously meant the Friday of next week. HahahaHAHAHA! *continues fake laughter* Because I totally didn't wuss out at all. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *sob sob*

Well okay not so much "wussing out" as much as "FATE"! Those of you who don't know about the girl I'm talking about basically she lives in the apartment complex next to mine, walks the same way to school as me, she's a freshman(...and I'm graduating...yeah), and dresses like (to quote Otacon) "Something out of my Japanese animes!". Although from what I've observed(I'll probably sound like a stalker after this blog) she's very shy around males(which is great because I'm about half as shy around females! *sob*). But yeah a friend(and later a friend of a friend tried) have tried and basically resulted in no progress and awkward silences(the kind you can "see"). What chance do I have? No idea. I still haven't said anything when I see her in the morning(no matter how much I want to say something), can't talk to her at lunch because I'll be interogatted by my friends as soon as I leave her side, and she walks with this girl home(yet I never see her in the morning with her).

The only person in our group who can really talk to her is my friend's girlfriend(the one who couldn't wear the maid outfit to school because it was apparently absurdly short for American school) which she's trying to recruit her for anime club as a mascot(like Haruhi did to Mikuru...oh yeah and she has cosplayed as Haruhi...my friend's girlfriend not her). And before you ask she is not well-endowed like Miss Asahina.

But anyway back to "FATE" which I shall use to hide my cowardice(COWARDICE! CAPS MAKE ME FEEL BETTER AT THE MOMENT!). *sigh* I'll try to do this quickly I'm kinda out of it randomly right now. Basically Tuesday I look behind me a bit and she is like 5 feet away from me(weird because she's usaully on the sidewalk where as I walk in the street. way to schoolbeing sidewalk, little street thing by houses with me on the side farthest away from the sidewalk, small barricade thing, then main road). What do I do? Wave and say "Good morning!" like I've been planning? WRONG!!! I look back in front of me and try to pretend I saw nothing, she walks by me and I still say nothing, finally we both hit the crosswalk and stand as I try to pretend I don't see her. Wednesday...you knowjust forget it just quick things and I'm done. Basically she always wears these awesome pink outfits on Fridays but she didn't today. Instead for the second time I've seen she wore these white ribbons in her hair which remind me of Fancesca Lucchini from Strike Witches. This is me grasping at straws but she randomly wore them for the first when I was telling some friends rather LOUDLY about Strike Witches somewhere closer to her. Course it was at least a week before she wore them after I talked about it.

francesca_lucchini strike_witches

Wow that was a long blog compared to yesterday. Now if you'll excuse me I have wildlife to abuse(Red Dead Redemption), characters to level up(Disgaea 3), and anime to watch to hopefully distract myself from the horrible excuse of a man I am and shall always be.

Yesterday was awesome!:D

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First off found out I got a B over all on my multi-genre project. The awesome things come next

So for multi-genre we have to give a 10-12 minute presentation on our subject(mine was the creation of the Miranda Rights). We ended up running into a bit of a time crunch so my teacher allowed me to speed it up and I was able to do mine in about 5-6 minutes without my score being penalized by being less than 10 minutes.:P I ended up getting basically 97% on my presentation.:D

And during the same period one girl did her project on the creation of In-n-Out(where she also works) so she brought in full on combos(we payed her ahead of time though) so that time we just sat in c-lass eating burgers and watching presentation.:D

And still within that same hour of time my sugoku kawaii student teacher had us take a c-lass photo with her since we were her only senior c-lass.:)

Then I got home, walked to Play-n-Trade, and bought Red Dead Redemption without even being carded.:P Pretty awesome since Tuesday I was at Target and Gamestop and they were sold out, mom looked Wednesday and still sold out. I get to the counter and the guy tells me they just got in that shipment around 15 minutes before I got there.:P

Such an awesome day!:D

Also I shall now be ending these blogs on a different note

Pedobear Seal of Approval for anyone who recognizes the lolis!:lol:

Review of No More Heroes

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Feeling kind of depressed and a bit bored at the moment. Hopefully this review will make me remember my happy fun times. So onto the review


I'll just let Travis explain it.


Travis is equiped with a Beam Katana(a lightsaber but more epic) that he won from an online auction(wish I could find those on eBay). Combat is rather repetitive being you mainly mash the A button and throw in some B for punches, kicks, or to initiate a wrestling move(you don't really have any actual combos. Just the one resulting from the mashing and your stance). But it is a rather fun repetition thanks to the Wii motion controls. Drop an enemy down to basically no health and an arrow pops up on screen. Swing the Wiimote in that direction and literally tear a man in half with an explosion of blood and money(or swing again at the right time to increase the power and take out most enemies near you). Throw in the awesome wrestling take downs(throwing the beam katana in the air, suplexing a guy, and then have the katana plummet into him from above? pure awesomeness). You can swap in high and low strikes by holding the Wiimote high or low as well. Back to the swinging of the Wiimote. Whenever you kill an enemy with this a slot bar pops up on the bottom of the screen. Line up something and Travis yells out a random dessert and has a range of powers depending on what lines up. They go from slowing time to turning everything black & white and allowing youto 1-hit KO everything in the room with a single button press. Also recharging the katana requires a little effort that any otaku should be familiar with.

The bosses though are what make this game so great though . They are all just simply bursting with personality and you will probably remember them forever. Some examples you ask? Let's see a corrupt cop with golden guns(and an awesome singing voice) and a ninja schoolgirl assassin. Just to name a few without spoiling the rest(I'll include my favorite at the end). Just the cutscene to introduce them is great and the end is almost always bloody as hell. They are the definite high point of this game.

Now to the low point. In order to get to the amazing bosses you have to complete some rather annoying little minigames. The first fight you have to pay for is around $200,000 LB dollars(and it increases by $50,000 each fight) just to be able to access their level. You get a decent amout of money throughout levels and depending on how well you do in the level. But your primary source of income is from side-jobs(which unlock funner yet sometimes challenging kill jobs). These little jobs go from collecting coconuts to catching scorpions(the most annoying yet best paying if you're good at it). You have to grind these jobs sometimes if you want to buy clothes, new katanas(or upgrades), or workout at the gym to increase stats("Make sure your ass is clean" as Thunder Ryu always says). Most irritating is that you can't replay them...immediatly. You have to go the job center, accept the job, drive to the destination, do job, drive back to job center, and repeat. And some are really far away from the job center. Screw up? To ****ing bad you get to drive all the way back. At least the levels before bosses have checkpoints.

Although saving is great. How and where do you save your game? Somewhere you never see a video game character go. That's right the bathroom. A place no character ever uses is one of the most important places to gamers who don't wish to replay the same hours over and over. Only downside is that you only have 4 save slots. So you have to pick which fights you want to replay carefully.


In the end this is really great game. Probably one of my favorites because it is just completely ****ing insane. Entertaining combat, whacky bosses, and an over the topfeeling and attitude. Something anyone with a Wii(or PS3/360 thanks to Paradise) so try if they want something other than overly buff men grunting and spraying any problem they encounter with lead. Cut people up with a laser sword like a real man!

My Score:10 Where I ignore the below problem and look solely on how much I loved other aspects

Real Score:8.5 Traveling back and forth between job and center through the empty(yet giant)free roam world, pain in the ass jobs, and only 4 save slots knock a few points off. Despite these annoyances it's a great game that more people should play.

Favorite Boss 2nd Ranked Match "Bad Girl"

It has got to be Bad Girl. So ****ing awesome. I don't think I've ever been so "excited" during a boss fight. She even has an instant kill move that most will probably run straight into. Hell even in her final cutscene she doesn't go down without a fight. Why do I love her so much you ask? Masochism.:lol:

Favorite Tune

No More Heroes Main Theme Probably one of my all time favorite themes from any video game. The game even has a few remixes that are just as awesome. I could listen to this for days on end and never get sick of it. Hell in general this game has plenty of great music within it.

(Hopefully all the damn pictures show up)

Prom, heart attack, and a maid outfit.

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OMG guys Prom is today!:o *stays home all weekend playing video games and watching anime*:lol:

So yeah almost had a heart attack Friday morning.:P Remember multi-genre(do=pass english. do not do=fail high school)? Well it was due at 8 a.m. Friday but first we have to submit it to turnitin.com(site that checks for plagarism and if you don't submit teacher won't grade). I submitted it(or tried to)at 3:30 in the morning only to find "This class has expired" and basically you cannot submit your thing.:| You ever have something happen that made you wanna throw up? This was one of those times. So I woke up early to see my teacher at school and he said...basically the school district is retarded.:| They apparently didn't pay them or some **** so the site gave everyone who tried submitting Friday morning the finger and made people cry, curse, and crap their pants. But he(my stunningly cute student teacher had an important school thing for herself so it was my original awesome teacher I talked to) didn't blame it on us and gave us till 10 p.m. to submit it. Never been so scared in my life.:P

Lastly maid outfit. This one girl I'm suddenly friends with again is getting a maid outfit sometime this week. And she will be wearing it to school Monday(or when she gets it).:| And she's going to attempt again to recruit that moe freshman girl(the one from my last blog) into anime club. Personally I gotta see that. The only time you see a maid trying to recruit someone or get them to go somewhere is in Akihabara.:lol: So yeah kinda excited.:P

And the finisher

757f6240eea4e32b9e6b3170a752d88a.jpg Sawako Yamanaka image by KimberlyKuchiki_23

Woot K-ON!:D

Screw Multi-Genre Project!

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I got questions and **** to anwser here and I don't really feel like working on it anyway.:P Lucky I don't have be at school until 9:30 in the morning(underclassmen have EPIC testing and have to be at school normal time. Seniors get to sleep, watch anime late, stare at lolis for a longer period of time, or just **** around. Guess which I'm doing!;)).:D Woot now for answers for all 6 of you!:lol: I feel so unloved!:cry:Oh well could be worse.:P I could find out science has caused a way for it to never rain again!:cry: Anyway

hazelnutman's QUESTIONS OF JUSTICE!!!

Erm, wasn't that the year DISCOVERY made its maiden voyage? I don't know.:P 1984 is the name of the book we have to read for English. The only real significance it has it that it was one of the books school made me read that was interesting.:P And no salad.:| Only a lone tomato.:(
Anyway to the questions...OF JUSTICE!!!
1. What do you plan on doing after high school? Honestly? No idea.:? Probably end up in jail around 30(guess what will cause that;)) and then I shall burn in hell for that crime!:oops:
2. Have you ever had a pet? Well aside from my two frogs I've had a fish named Bob. But back in my younger days(which I barely remember) I had a hamster named Homer Simpson, and a dog and cat named KD & KC(Kevin's Dog & Kevin's Cat...yes my creativity even started to shine as a child).:P
3. Superman or Batman?
Batman.:| I've always wanted to punch Superman in the face for some reason...despite it being a terrible idea unless I had a ring with kryptonit as the stone.:P
4. WHO WAS PHONE?! It will forever be a mystery!:o

Questions of Philosophy

1. Steampunk or Cyberpunk? Steampunk Abraham Lincoln kicks ass man.:|
2. Do androids dream of electric sheep? If they can rebel against their masters then damn yes they can.
3. Greek, Egyptian or Nordic gods? **** I pay no attention to things like these!:lol: Uhhh Egyptians I suppose since we can now walk like them.:P
4. Salad Fingers too much? God no.:| My cousin made me watch that and it was just "WTF!?" with the spoons and orgasmic and things.:?
5. PJ Monsters Deluxe has a level called "It's a TRAP", ever played it? No and I probably never will!:twisted:

Questions that when put together equal TWO QUESTIONS!? :o Zomg I did math.:cry:

1. Whats your favorite game? Skies Of Arcadia Legends. I'll be beating it for the sixth time this weekend.:D
2. Have you ever done a triple backflip over a fire? Yeah considering it's how real men get out of bed!8)

GUNDAM Question

What's your favorite Gundam? ORE WA GUNDAM!! O_O Gotta go with the Gundam Ashtray Red Framesince it's one of the models in my room.:P Katana of justice man.:D

Asking About When I'm Gonna Get A Girl

Are you getting married anytime soon? Considering most of the women around me bug the crap outta me and with the world being a terrible place(and getting worse) I wouldn't want to be with a creature that has the potential to create another to suffer through this crap world.:P Although if you must know there is this ridiculosly cute girl who eats near our little area at lunch and walks home the same way as me(yeah still don't drive:P). If only I could work up the balls and courage to talk to her!:cry: If you saw her you would understand why she's so cute.:oops: Only real problem is she's a freshman...and I'm almost graduating.:lol::cry: Also she lives in the apartment complex next to mine.:x

Otaku Type Questions

1. What's your take on lolis? Refer to hazel's first question.:lol:
2. Favorite anime? Probably Azumanga Daioh.Great comedy, memorable characters, and an ending for a comedy anime I actually accept. I'd love more like maybe an OVA set 5-10 years later to see how they're all doing but I'm perfectly fine with all it has and will be.:)
3. Favorite band? Queen. I pretty much grew up listening to them which is part of the reason why Cromartie High School was so damn awesome!:lol:
4. Whats your ringtone sound like? The greatest thing ever.:lol:
5. One place you wish you could go? Japan of course you silly sausage.:lol:
6. If you could switch and become a "trap" would you????? Oh God yes I would!:lol: I mean my hair is already a pretty good length.:P I'm just not pretty or fit enough!!!:cry: Yes those are the only reasons stopping me from cross-dressing.:|:lol:

And there you have it folks! If my absurdly cute English teacher ask why I didn't do a part of the thing for stuff I'm blaming you guys for being more interesting than it!:lol:

P.S. Watch this!:D


P.S.3. LASTLY!!!!!! Can't wait till May 26th for the full version of this song!:cry:

Where was I the night of June 3rd, 1984?

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If questions like these have kept you up at night or randomly occured to you in the middle of sex then FANTASTIC NEWS for you!:D I'm doing something everyone and their dog has done. No not marking their territory with urine but a questions blog thing. Because I'm bored.:P

So yeah ask anything you like I don't really care. Things ranging to the generic(food and game questions) to the weird(like fetishes and my three-sizes...haha...anime things:P). Use some imagination and Go For It!:lol: And then await the answers sometime next week!:o Hurry supplies are limited and if you ask a question over the weekend you get a free (dead) puppy!:D Made of bacon!:twisted:

So yes tell your friends, your parents, girls from the ages of 9-14:oops:, zombies, sky pirates, or Tony the Tiger! I don't really give a damn.:P


Yomi from Azumanga Daioh. You should watch if you haven't(and also punch yourself in the face:|). God I ****ing love my Azumanga Daioh.:P

Also a free salad to anyone who understands the significance of 1984.;)


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hit.jpg HIT GIRL! image by Lizzy333Star

Was pretty damn...Kick-Ass. Hohohohohohho aren't I clever!:lol: God it's like reviewing Just Cause 2.:P

Well okay you can't even call this is a review. It's more someone yelling about their new favorite character! WHICH WAS HIT-GIRL! SHE PRETTY MUCH BROUGHT BACK MY LOVE OF LOLIS!! ALL THE SCENES WITH HER ****ING ROCKED!!!:D

1271442613914.jpg hit girl image by man_rape

I had to change my pants 3 times during the movie.:| I even had to shower when I got home because I felt so..."dirty".:lol: Because then this happened

Kick-Ass - Hit Girl Still by Lionsgate1.

HANAJI!!!:x The people sitting in front of me(first time people sat in front of me and my friends at a movie by the way:?) were lucky they didn't get covered in blood.:oops: I pretty much walked out of the threatre not really being able to concentrate on anything else.:lol: Oh and I was the only one of my friends who didn't get carded(you know cause it's rated R and oh no violence:shock: ) when I bought my ticket so that was pretty funny.:lol: She asked for my ID, took another look at me, and then was like "Oh nevermind". It was awesome.:P

So yeah I'll pretty much be getting this movie on Blu-Ray. Which is a big thing for me since the only time I buy any DVD type thing is for anime. I can't remember the last time I actually bought a movie cause I never really cared about most.:P

Oh yeah and does anyone know a good place to read the comic?:P

But Hit-Girl aside the movie rocked.:D It was pretty damn funny.:lol: Plus the action was just so over-the-top that it blew my mind!:o I mean it made surfing on a missile looking boring(hehe DMC 3:P).:| So yeah if you haven't already you need to watch this movie...NOW!

Or else

Back from Hawaii

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Yup and that was the view I woke up to when I slept on the balcony of our hotel for the last two days of the trip.:D Damn it was nice there...on the balcony.:P Oh and Hawaii was awesome to...it was just ****ing hot.:x It also rained a bit when there were no clouds in the sky.:? But hell we went places and did things...sweet. And before you ask unfortunatly I have no pictures of "the ladies".:lol: But I got a big picture of the city of Waikiki where I was


We visited this giant freaking mall(where I bought the Maria Holic DVD and volume 2 of the manga, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei vol. 1, and an awesome Soul Eater T-shirt. Yup I bought anime things in Hawaii.:D), this freaking hot swap meet that had awesome shaved ice(it was like a gift from Jesus in the heat.:P Also got my Mom a mask...that she already has from when my Uncle went to Hawaii two years ago, a wooden frog with a mallet that when you rub it up the spine it makes a frog sound, and a cock fighting shirt for my other uncle).:P

Also going to that mall where I got all the anime stuff. I saw something horrible. I found the Bible Black DVDs in the hentai section(what I'm 18:lol: ).:| It brought back terrible memories.:cry:

We also went to Bubba Gump's, Jimmy Buffet, PF Chang's(not enough food!:cry: ), some other places for dinner. But breakfast was the best.:| We went to this diner place everyday and by Wednesday...damn. The sausage in the Bacon & Sausage tray was replaced with...fried chicken, Thursday Pancakes were replaced with hamburgers, and we had curly fries there everyday...all for breakfast.:D I'm not one for eating breakfast but an exception was made that week.:P

Also last thing I ate an hour before we had to meet to go to the airport was freaking RAMEN!!!:shock: I'll never get this in California!:cry: Although after the amazing tear inducing things it did to anime characters...I suppose my expectations were a tad high.:P Although it was still pretty good...even if it did cost like $10.:? Anyway

My first Ramen:oops:


I'd upload more but my computer keeps giving me **** just to get these up so yeah.:x Oh and this was all for a band trip(not a family vacation thing). We played at a college for one of it's music teacher who helped us improve certain areas and then we played at the huge ass mall for like 45 minutes. But it was a pretty kick ass week there.:P Although Hawaii changed me a lot.:| I'm no longer a lolicon and anime has become rather "meh" to me at the moment.:?

Though I guess having to write two seperate 6 page essays a few days after I got backed has me kind of drained. Hell I have another due Tuesday along with a major revision to an essay we had a month ago.:evil:

So now it's time for me to play catch up on what you guys have been up to!:D

This should never happen!

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I'm busy with things.:| And I'm never busy with things!:cry:

So yeah I have school. Then Tuesdays & Thursdays I have night school from 5:30-8:30 PM. Then I have band rehersals and stuff for band. Then homework. Also it is ****ing hot now!:X And heat has a rather draining affect on me.:cry:

Also have my multi-genre project. Short explaination-it's a 300 point English assignment.:| You have to write about an event relating to a career in 5 different genres(persuasive, exposition, etc.) Basically for the assignment you do good you pass.:D You do bad you fail.:| As in you fail the c-l-a-s-s. If that happens you don't graduate! So yeah I'm gonna be pretty busy for awhile.

So obviously I won't be around here as much(I hardly am anymore as opposed to my first couple years here) so if I miss any blogs and stuff I apologize.:( As strange as it may seem passing High School is more important than knowing what you guys are up to.:lol:

Now if you excuse me I have another essay for english to do. Oh by the way I have a student teacher for my english c-l-a-s-s now. She is a friggin' babe.:| She's so hot and yet cute.:oops: Only for her would I put up with all this crap.:lol:

So yeah I'll probably be on PSN fridays just to take my mind of things by killing **** in Dragon Age. Just in case you have something urgent you need to tell me for some bizare reason(like I'm the only other person left on earth).:?


So later guys.