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So before we get to "Stuff" I got to tell you something. Remember how I said January would be a lolitastic month? It won't be. Believe me I'm as crushed as you are.:| Basically I was just gonna make a bunch of blogs this month about like the first loli I remember, some of my favorite loli anime, favorite lolis, and all that jazz. Basically I was gonna make like a "Loli History Month" thing involving my loli loving life(woot alliterations!:P).

But that will probably be moved to March. It's kinda nice since if I have time(which I probably will) and privacy(maybe not so much) I was gonna make a special one on my birthday and then get drunk on St. Patrick's Day and post a bunch of inappropriate lolis.:twisted: So yeah sorry if I got you all hot under the collar for this month over my obsession.:P Anyway...


For those wondering where the hell I've been part of the reason has been because a lack of internet along with said "Stuff". Seriously after my Christmas blog a couple days later my internet went out again and I just got it back. The reason? Stuff. Maybe I became a nightclub owner, maybe I was trapped in WWII fighting Nazis when my time machine decided to break, or maybe I ate a salad which caused me to become a vegetarion making me to cool and important a person for you and the rest of society.:P I don't really feel like talking about it so use your imagination. Give me something tell my parole offic-er I mean therapist...I mean...J-RPGs!:D

Ahh yes Nier & Star Ocean has been taking up alot of my time(hopefully these pictures show up or else imma go Hulkamania and grow a...dumb...mustache).:P I got these two for Christmas(and by that I mean I used the money I got for Christmas to buy them:lol: ) and just can barely stop playing them. This is probably the first time I haven't played them after midnight til morn since I'm typing this...man I wanna play them what the hell am I doing here!:x

But in the matter of games and the end of year my GOTY is something everyone and their mother(and even their grandmothers) know. That game being Red Dead Redemption. So good and well known I don't need to put up a picture or any of the noise. The tubular tale of John Marshton kicked way to much ass.:| I mean I beat the game 4 times since it was released. Hell I got 100% Completion(something I rarely do for sandbox games). Plus it had zombies. And everything is better with zombies.Dynamite+Cowboys=Funny. Dynamite+Zombies=BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!:twisted:

But Nier for me pulled a Valkyria Chronicles with my love. Both are games that not alot of people really knew about and yet they were some of my favorites. I mean to be honest Nier...I love the story & characters(the strongest part of the game to me) but the gameplay despite it being just really simple is somehow...addicting.:? I have no real idea why but it just is always fun to play.:P If you like games with killing things(like sheep. Sheep are fun to kill. They'll kick your ass but hey that just makes it hilarious:lol: ), side quests, and a great cast(probably one of the few groups in a JRPG I truly enjoyed going on a journey with) then pick this game up! I mean it's only like $15! NEW!!!:shock: Well at least Gamestop "New".:? But still do it!:evil:

Oh and Star Ocean is fun to.:P Just one complaint about recent JRPGs. Turn Based Combat Y U NO IN MAH JRPGs!?:shock: That's one of the reasons I love the Persona games. The combat is handled by you. You give orders, they get carried out, enemy attacks, and repeat. With Star Ocean you just get tactics which are kind of vague. I don't know I just enjoy full control over all the decision making in my party.:? But whatever I'm still lovin' it with it's "Real Time Combat".:D

Also I got the complete collection of Trigun for Christmas to!:D It's pretty damn awesome considering I've been to lazy to watch it until now I own it.:P

Man this has gone on a little long. So in closing uhhh hope you guys had a Happy New Year and things...here's some loli so this month isn't a complete bust.:D

blonde_hair blush calendar crown enjutsu finger finger_in_mouth finger_suck flat_chest garter_belt green_eyes honey jar koihime_musou loli long_hair panties ribbon saeki_hokuto sucking thighhighs very_long_hair fingers highres

Seeing as you all seemed to enjoy Enjutsu I ended up finding another pic of her. Oh how I love that honey loving loli.:oops:

Oh right and since I have internet I finally got to actually being able to comment on you guys blogs and stuff. So yeah sorry for the late responses.:P

Number of times the word loli was used in this blog: 10

Needs more!!!:x But I'm going to sleep.:lol: And if the last picture doesn't show up then...something about Randy Savage...and...ZZZZZZZZ

Hamburger Steak!:o


A Loli Christmas To All!

And to all a good night!:D

boots cameltoe catgirl christmas fang flat_chest francesca_lucchini loli nekomimi open_shirt panties small_breasts strike_witches striped_panties tail twin_tails

And seeing as I haven't seen you guys in so long you get an extra loli pic(I also sent the one above to some friends who would expect me to pull something like this but it would be to much work to send the other:P).:D

bare_shoulders blushing box christmas collarbones flat_chest in_container loli present sitting skirt small_breasts suzu_(kosakabe) sweat thigh_highs twin_tails

And that's about it.:P All the other nice ones I've found are a little to naughty for GS.:oops: And howdy hey guys how have you all been?:lol: I've just been up to "stuff" and all that jazz.:D

Oh and expect January to be a lolitastic month.;)


Give me Loli, or give me Death!

Oh yes I just changed that famous quote to convey how I feel. I miss my damn lolis!:cry: Either this beard isn't growing back as fast as I thought it would or it's growing slowly just to spite me!:cry:

Oh and completely random thing involving lolis in real life!:o Okay so today I had to go to the grocery store because I was low on water(and where I ended up buying a 40 pack box of Rice Krispies Treats:P) when I saw this little blonde girl in the same aisle in a black tanktop, jean short things, and high heeled boots.:| Why in the hell would you put your like7-9 year old daughter in high heeled boots!?:? You're basically parading them around for freaks and weirdos like myself!:? So yeah that was probably the only intersting thing that happened to me this week.:lol: Oh and saturday some random mexican guys pulled up next to me and asked if I wanted to buy an iPod Touch.:? Anyway

You know what's has been keeping me from death as I wait for my lolis to be given back?


1804616_m.jpg Can You Spot the Canada? image by hoS_Hetalia

Oh yes I'm about halfway through Axis Powers: Hetalia. It's actually some pretty funny stuff(plus each episode is only 5 minutes long). Also it's ED song Maru Kaite Chikyuu is like the greatest national anthem ever and every country has it's own version.:P And hopefully my bandwidth is not exceeded and these pictures show up.:P

Second way to fend off death?

Becoming as much of a Legend of the West as I can in Red Dead Redemption!

Unfortunatly I shall not be getting the platinum trophy. Why? Online.:x I'm not really one for playing any games online and two of them are basically "BE JESUS IN SKILL LEVEL".:| Well okay not that extreme more like be the top player and being on the winning team three times in a row.:? I have no online skills!:cry: But I got all of the Single player trophies and earned John Marshton his Redemption(100% Completetion trophy...wasn't as bad).:P Why can't it be like Uncharted 2 where the only online trophies are play multiplayer match and complete Co-op mission. Nothing that requires a great amount of skill just simply "Hey give it a try!:)".:x But hell I might get bored one day and give them a shot.:P

Now to finish this blog with MORE BISHOUNEN!!! Prepare for some China!

hetalia-china.jpg Axis Powers Hetalia image by beloved_darling

Oh god what has happened to me!?:cry:

Electric Angel

I got tagged by Charlie_Strife (because you did this to me I'll probably be sending you a message constantly repeating your name to piss you off sometime soon like in the video:P). So anyway all my music is pretty much Japanese so I had to find the English titles. So anyway...

So rules were:

1. Put Your iTunes (or other music player) on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write down the name of the song no matter how silly it sounds!
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Tag at least5 friends.
6. Anyone tagged has to do the same, because fun pointlessness spreads like a virus.

1. If someone says, "Is this okay?" You say:

Macaroni by Perfume [Odds are I wasn't paying attention and random words seem appropriate:P]

2. How would you describe yourself?

Godot - The Fragrance of Dark Coffee by Iwadare Noriyuki from Phoenix Wright Trial & Tribulations [Well I do hate coffee and thanks to certain girl I seem to hate myself somewhat more as well:?]

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?

One Room Disco by Perfume [A girl with a room of disco would be pretty awesome:lol:]

4. How do you feel today?

Nekomimi Rythm by Miyuki Sawashiro from Maria Holic[I could also go for some nekomimi.:P]

5. What is your life's purpose?

Caramelldansen by SpeedyCake(? remix:?) [I MUST SPREAD IT EVERYWHERE!!!:lol:]

6. What is your motto?

The Steel Samurai(Orchestral version) by Iwadare Noriyuki [Always follow the example of the the Steel Samurai!:D]

7. What do your friends think of you?

STAY by Heartsdales [Ahh thanks guys.:lol: You do care!:cry::lol:]

8. What do you think of your parents?

Candy Pop(the song used for SKITTLES) by Heartsdales ft. Soul'd Out [Well I do love this song more than any other song just like I love my mom more than any other.:) Wow that was fruity.:P]

9. What do you think about very often?

Panda Neko Taisou from Hanamaru Youchien(need to find who sings it) [Well I did laugh my ass off for about 5 mintues thanks to the first Panda Neko scene.:P]

10. What is 2 + 2?

Love is War by Hatsune Miku [While Love is War that is not the correct answer.:P God iTunes is dumb.:|]

11. What do you think of your best friend?

COOL EDITION by Kuwatani Natsuko(Ryoko Asakura from Haruhi) [Well a best friend is a cooler edition higher than a normal friend.:P]

12. What do you think of the person you like?

Reset by Ayaka Hirahara(end credits song to Okami) [Oh how I wish I could reset everything and try again.:|]

13. What is your life story?

Philistine by Nadia Gifford(Margaret Moonlight in NMH 2) [Yup boys always be trying to crack my oyster shell and whip around their swords like they're the best it's such a bore!:lol:]

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Hayate no Gotoku! by KOTOKO [Being an awesome anime and special move would kick some major ass!:lol:]

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?

Vanilla Salt by Yui Horie(Toradaora!) [Wow this is the song I was listening to on my iPod the first time I noticed she was standing next to me waiting to cross the same street we both cross to get home.:?]

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?

Dear Cocoa Girls by Hatsune Miku [Well I do love the dance from Project DIVA.:P]

17. What will they play at your funeral?

Reach Out to the Truth by Shoji Meguro [Great no one will know who killed me.:lol:]

18. What is your hobby/interest?

Treasure by...all the girls from Seitokai no Ichizon [I always have loved treasure hunting:)]

19. What is your biggest fear?

Japanese Ninja No.1 by Megurine Luka [The top ninja is always the scariest.:P]

20. What is your biggest secret?

Hare Hare Yukai by Aya Hirano, Yuko Goto, and Minori Chihara [Yes it's true. As much as I love the show and the impact it had on me with anime...I've never actually gotten around to learning the whole dance!:cry:]

21. What do you think of your friends?

Sauna by Shoji Meguro [...........no homo.:lol:]

22. What will you put as the title?

Electric Angel by Hatsune Miku [sweet I love this song]

Wow that was actually alot more fun than I thought it was gonna be.:D And yay it picked the ones that are English titled.:P

Oh and I shant be tagging anyone else.:| I don't wanna find out someone has Justin Beiber or the Jonas Brothers on their iPod.:| Because I would then have to force you to watch all the Twilight movies without a vuvuzela to drown out the terrible...everything!:twisted:

I am no longer a lolicon.

WHOA WHOA WHOA!:o Pu-put the weapons down guys and let me explain!:shock: I'm no imposter, morally correct twin, nor have I lost my mind!:o And Hanzoadam stop dancing you didn't save the lolis like you planned.:|

Now for those who don't know(probably all of you) I have a beard. But I'm one with a beard that "evolves". You know where a beard grows to be more and becomes Amish beard, Jewish beard, Terrorist beard, Epic Beard Man...beard, and all the other various types. I have what I like the to call a "PedoBearD". It's where the hair on my face turns into the very fur of Pedobear himself. And when combined with my friend's trenchcoat it learns the ability "Freak Out" causing any parents that see me near a playground or elementary school to call the police. It is a move that must be used carefully and not on accident.:P

But yes I shaved. And without it I just feel weird staring at lolis without it on my face.:? Without it it justs feels wrong to stare at them.:? So I shall be taking a break from lolis until I can regrow HIM!:cry:

And now here we sit at the end of my blog. If you've paid attention you should know how this will end(the ending alone being the sole reason you are here:P) and yet I don't know what to post.:? I cannot tell what is good loli and what is bad loli!:cry: So I shall leave you with something different. Something I enjoyed staring at back when my interest in girls was "normal". None other than the sexy and fully developed android KOS-MOS from Xenosaga.:P

And yes this entire blog was just a dramatic way of telling you guys I shaved again.:P What I got bored.:lol:

Actually hold up a second! *waits until people are done staring* ................Okay anyway before I lost my beard in a Bathroom Brawl with a clipper, razor, and shaving cream(they triple teamed me I had no hope!:cry: )I've randomly been making a poem type thing about my love of lolis in my head.:P I've been wondering if I should actually type it up and put here just to get it out of my head. I put some random poems I made here a few years back and people seemed to like them(then again this is the internet so maybe not) so I was thinking why not. Then I make some random lines in my head and go "Hm might not wanna use that".:oops: Odds are it'll be a tad creepy.:| So yeah just some random thing I might do one of these days when my bread grows up again.:lol:

Oh and Trinity Universe rocks!:D

I can deny this fact no longer!

I had done a pretty good job so far pretending to not notice it. But it has now gotten all up in my face and I can ignore it no longer!


All summer it's been nice. The heat didn't bother me unless I was actually outside and in the sun. Now I'm sitting here sweating with my fan less than a foot away from my face on high, all the blinds closed in my apartment, and wishing I had a Blizzard(Dairy Queen kind not a real one:P UPDATE:Scratch that just got one around 9 PM:lol: ). I am so glad that they made it Summer Vacation instead of Winter vacation. Although summer school wasn't that bad actually.:P

It'sabout 92 freaking degrees here!:cry: And yes I'm aware some of you are possibly dealing with **** hotter than this. And to that I laugh!:lol: But seriously I love cold weather.:| Throw me out in the rain in nothing but my underwear and I will be having the time of my life outside.:P Do the same in the heat and I'm liable to melt.:P Damn you California weather!:cry:

But as we all know nothing is truly without some redeming quality.;) Oh yes the second this blog mentioned summer you should of known what the end would be like!:lol:

animal_ears aoi_kumiko bikini erect_nipples inumimi loli swimsuits tail

[UPDATE] So yeah there was supposed to be a pic with loli, popsicle, and very innapropriate swimsuit here. But it seems like it only wants to be seen by me because it goes away when I post this.:( I'd replace it but my mom ishome now and I think it would be kind of awkward to get another pic.:lol: So yeah might be awhile before you get that awesome picture.:P

^:shock::shock::shock: You have no idea how long I stared at that onewhen I first found that pic a while ago.:lol:

animal_ears bikini cuteg nekomimi swimsuits tail tan_lines thighhighs

And since Enjutsu and her honey recieved such a warm reception last blog have an (appropriate) Enjutsu pic!:P

baseson choukun crease enjutsu fixme koihime_musou saeki_hokuto shin_koihime_musou

So how is everyone else dealing with the heat?:P

Living in a Material World!

And I am a Material Girl! Living in a Material World and I am a Material Girl!

..................Sorry about that. That song just got stuck in my head while I was trying to sleep and basically kept me up all night singing it in my head.:P Hell I've been listening to it all morning so far.:lol:

I blame Elite Beat Agents. The dance they do for the chorus always made me laugh so that part of the song has always been lodged somewhere in my brain.:P

.......SOOOOOOOOO for those of you going to work or going to hang out with friends. Do me a favor and just randomly sing this. Either one of two reactions will happen. If they're older they'll call you a fruitcake for knowing Madonna.:P If they're younger odds are they'll respond with "WTF LOL!?".:P

Anyway sorry about all the Madonna in the morning. I mean the best way to get a song out of your head is to pass it to others right?:lol:

Oh right and I beat Yakuza 3 a few days ago.:P Does anyone who's played it know how to the do the Fly Swatter technique with the hammer? No matter where I get them from it always does the normal hammer HEAT Action. It's like one of the last two I need to complete the HEAT Actions list and is pissing me off!:x

...So anyway as you all should be expecting by now.;)

baseson bottomless cream enjutsu koihime_musou pantsu saeki_hokuto shin_koihime_musou string_panties wallpaper

So going to Hell!:lol:

A NSFW present from me.

So uh yeah thanks guy for putting up with all my crap for the last month.:) After all of it I feel a hell of a lot better. I've been able to sleep more, video games kick ass again, anime watching has restarted(Ichigo Mashimaro rewatch!:D), and I've just been in a better mood overall.:D So to say "Thanks" I've a present. A trip actually.

A trip to Hell!:twisted: Complete with traps, lolis, and various other things!:lol: ENJOY!!!:D (I'd of hid it with spoiler tags but well you know how GS is with me when I wanna do something:P)

Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu

AHAHAHAHAAHHA!!! Yes question your own masculinity!:twisted:

baseson calendar cream houtou katagiri_hinata koihime_musou naked_apron wallpaperd2c hatsune_miku loli pantsu shimapan vocaloidanimal_ears lingerie loli lowres miwa_futaba nekomimi pantsu tail thighhighsloli noantica ooji pantsu pantyhose seifuku

..........Oh right I was doing something can't get distracted. And now for something a little more tame.:P

angel_beats! ichihina lowres megane seifuku tenshianimal_ears extraction francesca_lucchini kurashima_tomoyasu school_swimsuit seifuku strike_witches swimsuits tail vectoranimal_ears kamiya_tomoe lowres megane nekomimi pantsu pantyhose perrine-h_clostermann strike_witches tail uniform

For those of you not into the 2D ladies...here are some 3D ladies...dressed as certain other ladies of the 2D variety.:P

AUSA 2009 BlazBlue-8 by LJinto.

Hopefully all this shows up and we don't have images not appearing like I usually do.:P So yeah there you all go hope you enjoyed it.:P Geez man finding GS appropriate pics is hard.:? Freaking anime just has to be so awesome.:lol: And if I do somehow end up banned for this you guys should all know that you all rock.:P Except for the one that got me in trouble.:|

Now if you'll excuse me my head hurts from all the staring I've done.:lol:


Gotta get this off my chest

Warning be prepared for a very long and pathetic blog

So yeah whats wrong with me? Seems to be 75% that girl and 25% being the real world. Tomorrow makes it a month I've gone without watching any anime. Why did I stop? Well it was somewhere around that time I decided I was going to say something to her. Seeing as I didn't say anything I haven't watched anything. Hell I've fallen behind on Angel Beats! and Shin Koihime Musou Otome Tairan(and that's pretty serious). It's funny how some girls have an affect on me and yet they have no idea. The few girls I actually am friends with are just friends. Fun people that just make life a bit more fun without really changing anything. But "her"on the other hand...**** I just...ya know?

Like video games what I use to just escape from reality I can barely tolerate. Yakuza 3 I'm using a guide to get all the sidequests and not really playing anymore, Persona 4 I'm replaying using a guide for Max S. Links, Red Dead Redemption I'm solely replaying for trophies, and Bayonetta? I can play for like ten minutes then just get ****ing fed up with it and stop. I just can't seem to find true fun in this stuff at the moment. The only fun I actually seem to have is replaying the Phoenix Wright series. But hell I'm on the second game the least interesting of them all!

Speaking of games and girls and relationships and things I just rebought Xenosaga(beat it a hell of a long time ago) and the whole Allen not being able to bring to ask himself to ask Shion out(something you see in all kinds of things like anime where guy likes girl but is to nervous to say anything. I used to be one of those people who just watched and laughed and went "What a ***** dude just ****ing say something to her!". And yet here I sit going on the past three blogs with her being the central focus having written more about her than I've actually said to her. I've pretty much lost any chance.

Wait actually I have a tiny, small, depressing faint glimmer of hope in my friend's girlfriend(yes I bring them up a lot). She apparently managed to convince her to join anime club(or maybe she was just ****ing with me) so in some small pathetic way I still have some possible way but barely any when you really think about it because this just seems really creepy and **** and is probably how just...****! Also I appreciate how no one said anything about the whole age things since she's only a freshman(well I guess she'll be a sophomore now). I was expecting someone to say something about that. But enough about her(yet we probably will be back)

Real Life. The whole graduation things didn't have me very excited. Just a bunch of **** involving me, heat, and sitting down listening to the song I had to play the last three years at every graduation. Yeah I graduated High School and all that jazz. Yay. But the big reasons I wasn't reallt happy were I lost any real less "awkward" chance to talk to her(Hora! See were back already) and the whole real life things. I mean **** I'm 18 years old and I've never even practiced driving yet! And hell it's been almost two weeks since I've graduated and I still have no idea what I'm gonna do with my life. All I've been doing is watching Let's Plays on youtube and the aformentioned "gaming". I mean gah I feel so just ****ing...damn. I've even found my self talking(mainly yelling) more. Mess something up before no problem holy **** I just go on rants all the time now. That simple lack of at least 2 words to her in the morning have translated themselves into just pointless yelling. Hell this blog right now is still a result of it.


But anyway thanks for being the only people who are going to know how I really feel at the moment. Like hell am I gonna tell my family or friends in real life the things that are going on with me inside(well okay real life doesn't seem that bad to talk about with them but the girl? **** no I mean my friend and his girlfriend have some idea but nothing of the caliber I jsut expalined to you guys). Geez taking comfort in telling things to people I can't see? This must be how a religious person feels(sorry just kinda lashing out and this is pretty much just continuous typing so if I offend I do truly apologize). It's just I've never really had a problem with who I am. I've always pretty accepted my personality and how I work around certain people(you can thank my Dad for the whole shy around new people thing but he's dead so uh yeah).

So yeah it's two in the morning so yeah I should probably be getting to sleep. Actually all this crap has been making it kinda hard to fall asleep the past few days so hopefully getting all this out in some form well ease me into sleep a bit. I mean there is more but I'm sure you guys don't wanna hear about the rest. Wow looking back at it this ended up a lot shorter than I thought it would be so lucky you guys if you actually read it all.

So yeah for those of you who read thanks. Hopefully soon I'll be back to normal and posting nonsense and lolis and be a much happy person.:) Yeah a smiley bet you guys haven't seen those from me in awhile.:P

So...goodnight...or good morning if you're unlucky enough to start your day reading this.:P

I did it.

Yup I did.

After all this time I pulled it of.

Somehow I managed to work past things.

I finally did it.

[spoiler] I graduated and no longer have to put up with High School [/spoiler]

And that is all I did.

For those wondering why I haven't committed sepukku yet well I'm not about to kill myself over a girl and I'm not about to get myself banned here. Basically all I did was just removed all my images(expect my user image which Gamespot won't let me ****ing get rid of). In a way I now might as well be dead. All that remains is my name and a faceless(course GS decided to give me the finger but you get what I wanted), formless, and unfulfilled spirit floating around harassing people. I'll be taking a break from here so for all the things I missed and will miss...I apologize.