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LHM: Favorite Loli Animes

Ah yes now for animes where you're basically swimming lolis.:P

But before we get to them I need to ask one thing of my friend Hanzoadam(and well any anime watching friends really). And that is to watch one of these and just to give loli a chance. Now to be clear I don't want to turn any of you into a lolicon. But seeing some people seem to have a problem with it I just ask that you open your mind and maybe not detest it so much. Hell I used to think gender-benders were wrong and then my friend got me to watch "I My Me Strawberry Eggs" and well…it was awesome. It certainly made me laugh and had some rather sad moments.:( Without giving gender-benders a chance I'd have never watched Maria Holic and as you can see with Shidou Mariya being my profile theme I'd have missed one of my favorite animes. So you know to all my anime watching friends just give one of these a chance.:)

Hell Hanzo if you watch one of these I'll watch any anime you like from one of my despised genres of anime.:D

Oh and I've linked the OP into the titles just to make it convenient.:P Anyway

Ichigo Mashimaro

Strawberry Marshmallow

This was probably the first loli filled anime I watched before I actually became a lolicon. Before that an anime focusing on a bunch of elementary school girls seemed rather…strange to me at the time. But I wanted a comedy and after Azumanga Daioh I had yet to watch an anime with an entirely female cast that didn't make me laugh and Ichigo Mashimaro did not disappoint.:lol:

You have Nobue Itou(Chika's older sister who really loves cute little girls:P), the "normal" Chika Itou(as in the one who wonders what the F is wrong with these people), Anna Coppola(she lived in England before moving to Japan with her parents and has pretty much forgotten how to speak English), and Matsuri Sakuragi(who is the shy one and whose future everyone is concerned about). Lastly we have Miu Matsuoka who is probably my favorite.:D She always causes so much **** for everyone!:lol: She's absurdly energetic, loves pranks, and just is hilarious.:lol:

Miu Matsuoka


Mitsudomoe: The Marui Triplets (Mitsudomoe)

(apparently youtube doesn't have the first OP?) The somewhat precocious and sadistic girl 'Mitsuba', the somewhat lecherous muscle girl 'Futaba', and the somewhat mysterious girl 'Hitoha'. Better known as the (mischievous) "Marui Sisters"(woot for copy paste). Oh my goodness this was probably one of the funniest animes I've watched in a while.:lol: In addition to the Marui sisters you also have a pretty boy, a group of stalker girls(stalking said pretty boy), a girl in love with the occult, a girl in love with the idea of...love, and just ah gad I could go on for a while.:lol: Just watch it man this freaking anime is just...damn.:lol:

Oh and my favorite character has to be Mitsuba(-sama) just because well I like me my sadistic anime girls.:oops:

Mitsuba Marui: Mitsuba Marui (Mitsudomoe)

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes


A loli Detective anime.:| I don't really understand how it happened but hey it is pretty good.:P I mean there isn't really serious detective work happening(even though the main girls are decendants of famous detectives like Sherlock Holmes being) it's just mainly cute stuff.:P Well okay I could explain it better but I'm trying to keep this short. So basically all detectives are constantly battling with a group called the "Gentlemen Thieves" and certain people(oh and Milky Holmes is the name if the group of the four above...never given an explaination on the name:?) have "Toys" which allow them some crazy ass powers.:P

Basically Milky Holmes consists of Sherlock Shellingford(pink hair who has telekenisisy powers), Nero Yuzurizaki(short hair who can basically take control of anything powered by electicity which is actually pretty badass later), Hercule "Elly" Barton(dark purple hair who is really shy and quiet yet her power is super strength:P), and Cordellia Glauca(blonde and her power is vastly increased senses).

Favorite has to be Akechi Kokuro though.:P What with how she graduated Harverd at 13, is beautiful, and has an IQ of 130. Yes she rants about those facts alot and usually adds another 0 to her IQ in the process.:P Plus just look at her.:oops:


Strike Witches


Sick of WWII and Nazis? Well then have I got anime for you.:lol: In an alternate time thing instead the world is being invaded by these aliens called "Neuroi". The only thing that can stop them are the "Witches"(in other words girls with magic). So basically a bunch of girls fight aliens using big guns(literal guns) and magic without wearing any pants.:P Aside from Perrine, Eila & Sanya(they have either stockings or pantyhose)none of them wear pants. Because since the "Striker Unit" they use to fly takes up most of the leg pants just get in the way. So yeah entire series is pretty much no pants.:lol:

But on the real though I genuinly like Strike Witches. It has one of the more memorable casts of characters I've seen in a while. So call me a pervert I still love Strike Witches for reasons other than the fact there is no pants wearing but plenty of pantsu!:D

My favorites(can't pick just one)are Francesca Lucchini and Sanya V Litvyak & Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen. Francesca(who also has the same seiyu as Rebecca Miyamoto) is just...just look.:lol: As for Sanya & Eila they both have some good moments because of the yuri suggested between. Yes nothing is ever really said about it but with how much they care for each other and how protective Eila is of Sanya...you can't help but think they're more than friends. And I don't know in my opinion they would make a good couple seeing as they fit so well together.:P


So yeah loli animes.:P Watch one of them damn you!:x

And don't judge me!:cry: And wow it certainly seems I have a love for girls with the twintail hairs-tyle.:oops:

Manly Things! Like Guns, Explosions, and Swearing!

For those wondering why this has nothing to do with loli it is because this is the side of Vyse kept around so we're able to talk to people about normal socially acceptable interests. How are you talking with me? Even a Lolicon needs sleep.:P So nice to meet you I'm part of a multiple personality disorder!:P Anyway manly things!

I got the Platinum trophy for Mass Effect 2 some single digit number of days ago.:D Ho boy was that fun.:P Except for the "Praothorian" or whatever the hell they're called(those giant flying things that only target Shepard).:x Insanity Mode+Those asshats=ANGER!:x Though it was the second one I fought that gave me the most trouble.:P But with a Platinum you know what we be doin'?!:D

I apologize if I just put the lyrics of a certain song in your head about a certain day of the week and what comes after.:lol:

So we'll say Mass Effect 2 covered the guns angle. Now for Explosions!:twisted:

20655 - Battlefield: Bad Company: Battlefield: Bad Company (non-platform specific cover art)

I bought two games yesterday and this was one of them. Yes yes I bought an FPS so I believe the world should be ending soon.:lol: Despite this console generation being flooded with FPSs the only one I own is Bioshock(not gonna count Fallout 3 since...you know the whole RPG thing where it takes 5 headshots to kill people sometimes:P). I must say this game is very fun. I freaking love blowing things up. It looks so nice to!:shock: Plus B-Company makes me laugh.:lol:

If you haven't seen them I recommend watching the Badworld, Rainbow Sprinkles, and Snake Eyestrailer. Especially Snake Eyes if you like MGS.:lol:

Plus this game only cost me like $15 dollars so that makes it even more wicked.:P Only done the first couple missons though.:? Mainly because of the Swearing part of this blog!:twisted:

The House of the Dead: OVERKILL

Holy mother****ing **** this game is the ****ing bomb!:lol: One song in the games OST says "It's not just good, it's ****ing DE-LICOUS!" and I must agree.:lol: If you wanna turn off your brain and just have mindless fun shooting mutants with an awesome Grindhouse s-tyle story then this is it.:P I already beat Story Mode yesterday and I just beat Directors Cut(basically Hard Mode?) so I unlocked the ability to dual wield guns through the game. And seeing as I have a black and a white Wiimote I can go all Dante and pretend I'm killing with Ebony & Ivory!:D Man this game rocks.:lol:

I was planning on getting one of the Resident Evil Chronicles games but well I've been looking for Overkill for a long time so sorry RE.:P Though I miss the arcade. I played the **** out of Virtua Cop 3 at Dave & Busters with my uncle a long time ago. And well...the Wiimote feels nothing like a plastic gun in the arcade.:( That's pretty much the only thing I have against this game.:( Even though it's the Wii's fault.:P

So yeah that is pretty much all I've done.:P Hope you all have enjoyed that break from all things loli.:lol:

Though if you're curious there are 2 or 3 loli blogs still left.:?

LHM: Dangerous Lolis

So yes today is St. Patrick's Day a day about...booze? That's about all I know today is about.:lol: But anyway I was gonna get drunk for this and post a bunch of naughty loli pictures but no.:| Instead I decided to just make a thing about lolis you best hope you don't encounter when you get drunk.:P

This one was a real pain in the ass!:x Hell I could barely find pictures of them at all!:cry: Oh and I was planning on putting Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass on this list but I think I'll just stick in the realms of 2D...even though these two are from video games(besides I heard Kick-Ass on PSN wasn't that good anyway).:? Moving on

Wild Arms 5 - Carol Anderson


Let us start with a loli from a game I really like. Carol Anderson is a genius and yet is very timid and really clumsy.:P Plus she's so cute.:P Oh and you can basically unlock "Junior Green" armor which is basically a schoolgirl outfit for her.:oops: Well you can unlock a school outfit for all your team if you give these gold bird things to the pervious Wild Arms characters that are making cameos.:P Why do you need to watch out for her? Because her backpack launches rockets.:|


Yes her standard attack she fires only one rocket(making her the only character in the game who's normal attack can hit anywhere), Critical she fires three at once, and her Finest Art(basically a super critical) she sends these red gems into the sky and basically hits the enemy with an orbital laser.:| Did I also mention she's cute?:oops:


Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - Myrrh Myrrh


What can a little girl do in a Fire Emblem game? Well if you couldn't figure it out with those dragon wings of hers she basically does this

Myrrh as a Manakete

This one might not work so if it doesn't show up basically she can turn into a full on dragon and totally roast people.:lol: She is a "manakete" who basically sets off the destroy the evil plauge on the world. But she joins with Ephraim(so if you play his sisters campaign you don't get to use her til like end game...which I did:cry: ). For her to transform she uses a "Dragon Stone". But this being Fire Emblem even something like that can break. So basically she can turn into a dragon 50 times throughout the whole game before she becomes defenseless.:twisted:


So yeah I'm rather disappointed in myself and my sources.:( Neither of us really had much on these two.:cry: Plus since a majority of animes I watch are comedy I don't see lolis with weapons very often.:lol:

So yes if you plan on getting wasted today make sure to stay away from these two...even though they don't exist.:cry:

LHM: Some of my favorite Lolis

Well okay there are more than just these. This one is mainly for lolis in animes that only have like 1 or 2 loli characters.:P So if you notice a lack of a certain loli I love they'll get there time to shine.:P Anyway

TORADORA! - Aisaka Taiga

Taiga Aisaka

Do I really need to say anything at this point? I mean pretty much everyone and their dog loves Toradora!:P I love it, you love it, your mom loves it, hell even your goldfish loves this anime.:lol: Which is why I get to be lazy here. I mean anything I say is already known.:lol:

Vyse_LegendsTaiga Aisaka

Side Note: Minori being Minori...I guess I can let her in for that pic.:P

Lucky Star - Konata Izumi

Konata Izumi

Well okay Lucky Star is loli a tad and...stuff. Look shut up and let me do this.:P In a way Konata is a bit of a dream girl. She is totally in love with anime and video games(plus the whole loli thing she has going) and she's generally awesome.:D Plus she loves her Haruhi cosplay(and is voiced by Aya) and caters to a certain type of audience.:P Man I need to rewatched Lucky Star.:lol:

Konata IzumiVyse_Legends

Side Note: Wow that is on sexy swimsuit pic.:shock:

Pani Poni Dash! - Rebecca Miyamoto

Rebecca Miyamoto: Rebecca Miyamoto

Ahh Rebethy.:lol: The half American and half Japanese genius. She's just so damn cute!:x I highly doubt I'd be able to focus if she was my teacher.:P Almost every episode she always has some absurdly cute outfit or costume.:oops: Why couldn't I have had her as a high school teacher!?:cry:


Side Note: If you recognize the crossover then you are awesome.:P

Maria Holic - Dorm Leader

Dorm Leader

She doesn't really have a name. Though she does tell people to adress her as "Boss" or "God". And aside from Haruhi Suzumiya she is the only other character I wouldn't mind having as a God.:lol: She's also really bizarre, the end of her sentences are cute, and has a love for failure(which is why her closet contains things like a Virtual Boy).:P

Side Note: I am so ****ing excited for Season 2!:D


Yeah I think that's enough loli.:? Man these are difficult to find appropriate pics for. All the naughty ones I have to go through just to find suitable stuff.:oops:

I blame Mass Effect 2.:| It's kept me away from lolis(because in the future and that jazz we no longer have lolis:cry: ) and has had me on a bit of a detox.:? My brain apparently couldn't handle as much loli as it used to.:cry: Mainly my searches caused to me to get very...distracted.:P

But I'm pretty much done with ME2 so if you'll excuse I have a mind to warp and twist back to it's original state.:twisted: So I'll be back in about 5.:lol:

LHM: And now I'm 19

I'm old. Time to make another mark on my wall. Back in my day I was already 36. Blah blah blah age jokes.:P

But yeah today is my birthday. I barely did anything. Mainly just played a game and went over to my grandparents for a family dinner thing. That is pretty much all.:? And I got...huh? A present? You guys got me a present!?:shock: Sweet let's see wha-


...kawaii.:oops: Ahhh...things involving lolis.:lol: But seriously though I got a game for my birthday. Well actually it was an early present. That game being Mass Effect 2.

Ahh man internet memes are great.:lol: Oh and this was my early present. But seriously I've been playing the **** out of this game!:x If you were on PSN anytime last weekend you should have seen me there playing.:P It's just so good!:cry: With the talking and the shooting, and the shooting people WHILE talking!:o Games need to have more conversation interuption systems. Somebody getting on your nerves? Threaten to cut off their balls and sell them to a krogen.:| But my favorite teammate is probably Kasumi Goto.

14318 - Kasumi Goto

Just hearing her say "Now you see me..." makes me happy. Why? Because she got thief skills that make her turn invisible briefly. Whenever she says that whatever enemy is giving me trouble she reappears next to them and just smacks them over the head usually killing them.:P She's so awesome!:D Still haven't beaten it though. So much stuff to do!:shock: As for progress well...apparently I have only two people left to recruit to complete my squad.:P

Oh and the female hairs-tyles are lame. How come Miranda is the only girl who gets to have long hair!?:x I mean seriously none of the other female characters hair go past their shoulders. Why can't my female Shepard have long hair!? I mean I'm saving the universe. The least you could give me is long hair.:roll: Hell my hair goes past my shoulders.:| But fine I'll pretend those cuts to hair choices were necessary since Mass Effect is so damn big. Hehe cut.:P

And yeah that's pretty much everything.:P So anyway since this blog is rather lacking in loli and brimming with Mass Effect 2...uhhhh...more loli presents!:P I tried using this on for my christmas thing but it apparently didn't work. But I think things should be working now. Anyway


Why Santa? Why was this not under my tree!?:cry:

Oh and if you were wondering LHM is short for Loli History Month. So yeah expect...hell I don't know I'm gotta get back in to space and start shooting things!:twisted:

Loli History Month: My First Loli in Anime and Video Games

LOLIS & GENTLEMEN!!! Allow me to welcome you to mine own "Loli History Month". Now this is my personal history involving lolis in Anime & Video Games. I won't be informing you of the first loli to appear in an anime or any of that jazz. This is all about me because I am very selfish.:lol: Anyway let us begin!

ANIME – Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura Cardcaptor Sakura

Yes looking back on it Sakura Kinomoto was the first loli I can recall ever witnessing on TV. If you didn't gather already she is the main character of the anime "Cardcaptor Sakura". I actually have a friend to thank for helping me remember this show.:P I was texting a friend a while back and I brought up "Hamtaro", she responded with how she loved that show, I tell her I've never actually watched it and the only thing I really remember was Cardcaptor Sakura, and she responds with "and that's where it all began". Oh yes she is aware of my Lolicon status.:lol: But that response did get me thinking and Sakura is the first loli I remember in an anime.

Now I watched this as a kid back when Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh! and stuff were in their first(or first couple) seasons. And by "watched" I mean it was Saturday morning and what the hell else was I gonna do?:P I caught it whenever it was randomly on in the morning. But what I mainly remember are her staff design, Kero(the Guardian of the Clows in his cute form), and Syaron Li(because as a kid I thought he was pretty badass).:P And wow I just watched the English Openingand damn was that a blast from the past.:lol: Then I watched theJapanese Openingand not only is it totally different from the one Igrew up withit is also one of the cutest things EVER!:D

Unfortunately that is about all I really can say about Cardcaptor Sakura.:( It was a really long time ago!:cry: Still it is my first memory of the whole "Mahou Shoujo" type anime. But odds are I'll make time to watch the entire series from start to finish sometime soon.:D

Sakura Kinomoto: By MoonknivesSakura Kinomoto: By Moonknives

VIDEO GAME – MOMO from Xenosaga

2436 - MOMO Mizrahi: MOMO2436 - MOMO Mizrahi

Ahhh yes. I believe this is when I started to develop my "affection" for lolis.:P Because even when next to the babes that are Shion Uzuki & KOS-MOS I must admit I still found MOMO to be absolutely adorable.:oops: Which was a bit weird considering a boy my age should have paid no mind to characters like her in games.:?

Anyway MOMO is a realian(basically an artificial human) created by Doctor Mizrahi as part of the 100-series. MOMO is short for "Multiple Observative Mimetic Organicus"(my god that is…what!?:?). She bears a striking resemblance to Mizrahi's dead daughter Sakura Mizrahi…Sakura? Holy crap my first lolis are linked through time & space!!!:shock: Oh and his daughter had brown hair(like Cardcaptor Sakura). Not pink(woot for anime girls with pink hair).:P In the first game she has two transformations all Mahou Shoujo like just…like Cardcaptors(wow I never actually noticed these things until this blog:?). Uh anyway those transformations are Star Light & Star Wind. Oh and she fights with an adorable staff a lot like…wow how did these become so similar!?:x

If you'll allow me one complaint about her it would be the second picture of her up top. That is how she looked in Episode II(I've yet to play EP III because I've never seen it anywhere:x). They went for a more "realistic look" for all the characters. Why couldn't she still be that anime s-tyle loli from before!?:cry: I mean the male characters barely changed but the girls? They just looked bland(especially Shion). So yeah look at me complaining about the look of girls in video games.:lol:

2436 - MOMO Mizrahi2436 - MOMO Mizrahi

And there you have it. Two lolis that will always have a special place in my heart.:P

And this is how most of these will probably be. Start with a little intro to the subject, then a normal anime/character pic and wordy things, and lastly some more fanservicy pics.:P

Be sure check in next time for my birthday blog thing!:D Because we are so not done!:lol:

I want a Heavy Metal Hurricane!

It was either gonna be that, "Nobody gags MY dragon.", or "Have you been looking at my sword?" for my title. Why do I want this Heavy Metal natural disaster? Because I got meself

4311 - Eddie Riggs

Brütal Legend!:D I loved Psychonauts, Costume Quest, and Stacking demo(though I'm waiting for a price drop) so I needed this. It was only like $15 and that kicks some seriously cheap ass.:P I beat it in a couple days though.:lol: Oddly enough I couldn't beat it on Normal so I restarted on Brutal(highest difficulty) and yeah. I tried the last 2 stage battles(these being RTS battle)on normal and got my face melted off like 20+ times probably(actually that happened out most of the later fights as well:?).:cry: Brutal playthrough? Beat 2nd to last battle on my 2nd try and 5th try for the last battle and then all difficulty trophies were obtained at once(well after the duel with Doviculous).:P I pretty much have all the trophies for it that don't require online(or are vastly easier with a buddy).:D So I'll only be a "Metal God"(100% game completion trophy) as opposed to a "Rock God"(platinum).:P Oh and Metal music is pretty awesome. But all in all I still prefers me my J-POP and stuff.:lol:

Speaking of Japanese stuff I've started watching anime again. Well I've been watching some of the recent aired or currently airing animes. But it's been awhile since I've sat down and just watched a bunch of an older anime. Those animes being

VashGun X Sword: Gun Sword wall

Trigun & Gun X Sword! Mmmmm...guns.:P Since Trigun is one of those older animes most people already know I don't really need to tell you how awesome it is. But I do need to tell that Vash is probably one of my favorite male characters in an anime ever. He's such a goofball!:lol: But he's also pretty badass sometimes as well. But still it's all about that "LOVE & PEACE!!!"!:lol: Though I did like the others characters as well especially Milly Thompson. Oh man did she have some funny moments.:lol: So yeah Trigun=Awesome.

Gun X Sword is pretty cool as well. I love how Van seasons everything he eats...with every seasoning, despite being so tall he's almost aways hunched over, and his sword is pretty badass. I mean he wears the freaking thing around his waist like a belt(as in it wraps around him) but when he needs it mofos gonna get killed.:P Though I'm only on like ep 21 at the moment.:( But still it's pretty cool and has PLENTY of eye candy.;) Ahh that Fasalina.:oops:

And now we end with lolis and guitars!


Actually hold up just a tad more. If you remember from a few blogs ago my personnal "Loli History Month" will now be starting in about a week. So you know I expect you guys to be there.:| Or I kill you!:x Tell a friend! Hell tell EVERYBODY!!! Except the police.:| And don't worry there won't anything posted along the lines of NSFW...probably. Please?:D Hold up I got something better to say please for me

Woot ponies!:D Well actually she's a unicorn.:P Don't judge me.:|

A poem for Valentine's Day

Most of you might not know I suppose, but long ago I posted poems here that I randomly would compose. Seeing as today is what it is a day where love is so proudly shown, I figured I would post a poem of my very own. It won't be something about flowers and sugar and how they relate to you, this being mine own you'll just have to make due.

Today is a day so filled in red and pink, so much so that I might just need a drink. A day for lovers to be out and about, while single people can do nothing but pout. Or they can take this time of year to confess, even if rejected it at least eases that feeling of constant stress. While this has been so for many a year, nonetheless it is always cause for cheer. The ability to show your lover how you feel without restraint, a beautiful memory that you two hope you will paint. A day to show them how much you care, even if it's something small like a cute teddy bear. Spending the day with the one that you love, as if they're a gift from the very Heavens above. To those who have someone to spend this day together, then you have my hopes you'll be with them forever.

Those without someone may see this day, instead in a very different way. Perhaps as a day where a huge corporation, decided to take advantage of people and their shared infatuation. A day of cheesy cards and chocolates galore, all the while claiming them to be something you simply abhor. All you hear is talk of love being all anyone will discuss, while you sit and question why it causes such a fuss. But you must admit it's something we must all do, is that we wish to hear someone tell us the words "I love you". The sound of those words that make you feel grand, you wish you could echo them throughout the land. But some do not act on this desire to talk to the one they truly admire, instead they choose to stand off to the side and begin to perspire. The day just passes and you're still alone, yet you just try to act like this is a day you do not condone.

Some handle this day with various feelings still harbored inside, possibly out of some delusion of twisted pride. Others put all their feelings on display, hoping they don't let their love or secret crush get away. The lucky ones today I'm not sure what to add, just hopefully you don't do anything to make the other sad.

And yet here I sit alone in a way all my own choice, because around her I was reluctant to use my own voice. To nervous to give any feelings a vocal form, instead regret is the only thing that it seems to have born. Regardless lately I've started to feel better, but I highly doubt I'll ever really forget her.

And now is the end of my rather long poem, in short if you have feelings make sure that you show them. Don't end this day with regret, make it something you'll never forget. Now that it's over and I thought my poem was rather fine, I just have one question

Will you be my Valentine?


Chocolate? Chocolate!?!?


Yes I've started having this weird craving for chocolate.:? **** is awesome!:shock: Never really been one for sweet sugary chocolaty things(except cake because cake rocks) but yeah all of a sudden CHOCOLATE!!!:o It's not so bad that I need Rehab or something but maybe bad enough that if it keeps up I may need to go to the gym(not the Pokemon kind)or something like that.:P

In trophy news I'm now 2 trophies away from platinum of NieR. I now have 12 weapons to max and less than 15 hour speedrun to get it. But know what? **** that item farming.:| Nothing I need wants to drop from enemies so BLEH!:P So yeah screw you drop rate.:lol:

But I also replayed some Dragon Age: Origins because I needed some WRPG goodness.:P Got my lvl 20 Warrior trophy(Human Noble male from scratch the only male file I have:P), along with Perfectionist(despite only watching 3 of the 4 endings:?), and "Witch Gone Wild"(since I couldn't charm Morrigan with my ladies:(). Now I just need to get that old mage file I started to lvl 20(currently lvl 12 last I played it) but that won't be for a long time because I'm sick of Ferelden...yet I want to get Awakening.:lol:

Now I need to beat Star Ocean: The Last Hope. I beat the first form of the last boss, found plot twist(OMG why are you here kind of twist!?:o), then got dropped into a weird dimension that seems to be a boss gauntlet. Why "seems"? Because after I hit a thing and an old boss showed up I said "Oh hell no.", turned off the game, and walked over to my grandparents and played around with my cousin.:lol:

And Dead Space 2. I wanna get but aside from money the reason is I'm scared.:? What am I scared of? I'm scared it won't be scary.:P I mean no offense but the original Dead Space wasn't even that scary. As much as I loved that game(and I did) nothing was really a threat. I was up til like 1 in the morning when I first got it and I had the lights off and felt barely scared at all. Bioshock 1 though? Back when I got that game if it went past 10 pm I saved and stopped playing because THAT was a scary game.:P And with the way next gen sequels seem to be(the action sequences from Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2 anyone?:P) I feel like **** will be blowing up and making me notice it instead of it being quiet and making me paranoid.:? So if anyone has got it is it actually ya know gonna make me want like a buddy next time I go to the bathroom or something?:P And please no spoilers.:D

Oh one last thing!:o When I walked to Play n' Trade this afternoon to check how much their Dreamcast was(been thinking of getting one since barely any DC titles are on PSN and at the rate SEGA is going...might be awhile) and found it was $50. I'd say that's pretty good but they didn't really have any games I wanted(like Jet Set Radio and stuff) so I left. On the way home however I almost got hit by a car.:P I figured she would wait til I got a little way across before turning but no. She totally didn't even notice me til I did a "Manly Skip" out the way(wasn't an action movie and she wasn't driving fast enough to warrent a dive roll) to which she responded with "S***!:shock:" and kept driving. So yeah that was fun.:P Certainly makes me wanna go walking again.:roll:

So yeah that all I've really done lately...aside from stewing in regret and self-loathing. But meh killing **** is a good way to distract yourself from that...as is blogging.:lol:

And for the blog title you get


Oh man that would so be bad for me in more ways than just my weight.:lol:

Nierly there.

Yeah see what I did there...hahaha...with the title...yeah

What I needed some terrible pun for a blog title.:P For those of you who haven't played Nier(which is probably a lot of people) listen to this!!! Beautiful isn't it? It's honestly been ages since a song from a video game has stuck out in my mind like this. And then we have it with a faster tempo!!!!!!:D Seriously I freaking love the OST for this game.:| If you have some free time you should totally check out some more of music for it. Just beware the comments since they usually have some serious spoilers.:P

Basically I'm about 3 trophies away from the Platinum for Nier(hence the title ya know:P). 2 are for maximum upgrades for each weapon(each weapon has four levels) where I have about...15+ weapons left to max(some with obnoxious jerkhole materials that have a very rare chance of appearing and the others being rare drops from Shades). The last one is to beat the game in less than 15 hours. In other words having beaten the game about 5 times...shouldn't be a problem for me.:P

Oddly enough I'm always a few trophies short of platinums. I mean Dead Rising 2 & Uncharted 2 haven't been platinumed due to the online trophies.:P But until I get a headset and a buddy they can go screw themselves.:lol:

Oh right and this is my 75th blog. I actually read a few of my older ones a few days ago(because we had company and I didn't have any other especially pressing matters:?) and honestly thought I made more of these.:P But that's not all!:o

I passed 10,000 posts!...a long time ago.:P I randomly posted on the PS3 forums for the first time in months(and man I miss the old days. The forums today are pretty...not as happening at all. Forgive the "Back in my Day" nonsense.:P) and yeah apparently 301+ posts ago I broke the 10,000 mark. That's something people celebrate right? So...yay me for noticing something that happened a long time ago.:P

Soooooo that's pretty much it.:lol: I'm kinda really bored at the moment(need a break from all that damn material farming:x) So I figured I'd make a blog about things I've almost accomplished and thing I accomplished a long time ago(On a Gamespot far far away:P). Plus I suppose it give me an excuse to go on a loli search for this blog.;)

blushing boots coat loli long_hair panties pantyshot simk striped_thigh_highs thigh_highs umbrella usagimimi

Seeing as it's been rather cold lately here you go. Nothing to get a fire burning but hey it's cute.:P And man I hope you guys appreciate these. Do you have any idea how much loli I have to go through just to find something suitable to post here?:| I go through so much loli for you guys!:o It's a thankless job but someone has to do it.:oops::P

And please tell me if the pics show up. Weird things have been happening lately and pictures are visible and then aren't and just...yeah.:lol: