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Confessions of a Teenage Loli Queen

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Best I could come with involving confession without it being the "Forgive me father for I have sinned" type.:P Then again I suppose I'm not really teenage...though at least I lack what it takes to be king.:lol: Eh it helps the title work better.:P I've never actually seen the movie my title is messing with either.:P Anyway

Kid_Black_Star 's Question that shows he apparently didn't pay attention to the last blog of "Loli History Month"

Who IS Your Favorite Loli! THAT's RIGHT I SAID IT! Etna. Dude I mentioned it like 3 times in that blog not to mention the whole thing was about her.:(

Vancelvany 's Question that usually seems to involve cake

When will you stop the loli and start rubbing cake with me? :oops: As much as I hate to admit it one day the loli must stop. But that won't be any day soon!:twisted: As for the cake I'm American and cake goes in your mouth and not all over your body!:evil:

N-REAL 's Question that he feels makes him seem like a stalker

1. Will you ever post a pic of you ? If Hazelnutman did it, you can do it !:lol: Not that I'm a stalker..... :D

Possibly. Either if I leave this place like hazel or if I go through some major image change where I become emo or something so you wouldn't actually see the real me.:P And stuff.:P

2. Have you got into any kind of trouble with your parents cause of your loli addiction ?

If I did I'd probably be dead.:| Typically older people not into anime don't exactly want to learn their child love lolis.:lol:

Hanzoadam 's Questions involving Law & Lolis

Questions "When will you grow out of loli?"
One of these days I will hit an age where I have to admit it is no longer loli time.:( But seeing I'm only 19 I've still got quite some time before I have to give up my lolis.:lol:
"Do you like adding Icon to your Loli?" (If you get me) if so
Still not entirely sure of this question.:? I'm gonna take it you mean refering to myself as a "Lolicon". Probably not it but it is a title I do enjoying wearing...around friends that is.:P
"Did you know in certain countries its illegal and cl-asses as child porn and you'd be sent down for being a pedofille?"
Indeed. I believe somewhere in the Central US a guy was arrested for possession of hentai loli mangas and stuff on his computer. Well I own nothing like that so I'd assume I'm pretty clear.:lol:

Flame_Blade88's Question that makes me think of Hamlet

Is your mom hot? :) I'd assume so since my mom has a boyfriend and whenever I go anywhere with her people think she's my younger sister or my girlfriend or something.:?

Koi-Neon-X 's Question that made me think

If you could be a loli for one day (complete with being in that particular universe surrounded by all the particular characters, etc) who would it be and why? Ugh that is a tough one.:x It does give the ability to pull that body swapping joke where I realize who I am and "I can look at myself naked.;)". Hmm...well the world of Disgaea would a fun place to hang out...but I want Etna and not to be her. God from Maria+Holic would be awesome since she is basically "God" and I love the universe of Maria+Holic.:? I probably have to pick Strike Witches and be Miyafuji. Since during the course of the anime she spends time learning about each character and it makes it most sense since...ugh you know I'm just gonna stop before this gets any creepier and weirder.:? Good job my friend.:lol:

SounlessComic 's Question after being gone for quite some time

Dear god, you're still alive in here? Now tell me, little friend, what exactly it is that you don't like about L.A Noire or The Rapture will only happen to you! Of course I'm here. I'm like Santa. As long as you believe in me I'll there...on the 25th...in your daughters room...

As for L.A. Noire. Some things in the story bugged me but since they're rather spoilery PM meif it really bugs you that much. The main thing that bothered me was solving the case. In Phoenix Wright you play both Detective and Attorney(minus gun, fist fights, and car chases:P) and after you charge a suspect in LA Noire...thats it.:? You don't see anything of them after that. No sentencing, no trial, just "You did it! You were the one who *insert crime*" and then next case.:? I doubt I'd have this complaint if I never played the Ace Attorney series.:P

Well that was fun. Especially since most of it was about loli. Which reminds me


Meganekko loli!:D

Interrogate me! (Question Blog)

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A "Question Blog" this here be.:P I got L.A. Noire and after asking people stuff and yelling at them(sadly not the word"OBJECTION!") ingame I feel the shoe should be on the other foot in real life. So go ahead and ask me anything and then I'll probably answer them in my next blog which will also see a return of loli.;) I'm really bored and have nothing else to really blog about.:lol: So I need something to pad them out til I hit 100.;)

As for L.A. Noire...it's good. I don't know the game is great but it is certainly not everything I hoped it would be. It's like if the Ace Attorney series(Phoenix Wright games) had a baby with Grand Theft Auto. An awesome child to be sure just...eh seeing as it hasn't even been out a week I'll keep from explaining my dislikes and disappointments and spoiling anything.:P The game is really good though it's these big things that bug me would seem tiny to most.:P

And oh right isn't the world supposed to be ending today? Well I believe it's about 6 PM in the farther parts of the world and I've yet to hear anything. Know why? Because "God is dead!". Kami wa shinda.:lol: Now make sure you watch it before yelling at me. It's a short scene from Nichijou with the use of "English" in the Japanese dub.:lol: Just a funny and random ass scene.:lol:

But the day isn't over everywhere so

Ahh ponies.:lol:

Your wife swallows pineapples for donkey rides.

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Well okay I'm not entirely sure if that is true or not.:P Main reason I say that is just...I don't know I saw something about pineapples and that made me think of this commercialfor Orbit Gum.:P That phrase has been stuck in my head since yesterday.:P So apologies if I've offended the honor and virtue of anyones wife.:lol:

But damn I am bored, board, and...beard?:? Hell I don't know just yeah I'm rather ":?" at the moment.:( Since PSN is still down I've actually lost any desire of playing MvC3 online anymore.:? As for anime I've been watching...they seem to be having a rather large lack of lolis as of late.:? Ahh alliterations.:lol: So uh yeah things and stuff

Protecting Little Girls & Dangerous Boomerangs

20497 - Dark Sector

I got Bioshock 2 sometime last month(and there ain't a picture like this for it so we use BS1:P).:P Pretty damn fun.:D Being able to shoot bees out of your hand while shotgunning people with the other(at the same time!:shock: ) is pretty damn awesome!:twisted: Not to mention the upgraded shotgun sounds like God clapping.:lol: Seriously I had to turn down my TV when I used the shotgun.:P Storywise is good...just not Bioshock 1 good(then again few things are). Also the Little Sisters are MUCH cuter than in BS1.:P And I have all the SP trophies so F MP ones.:P

If you were able to tear your eyes away from Morrigan and X-23 last blog you might remember I'm borrowing Dark Sector from my cousin in addition to MvC3. I beat it and...I don't like it.:| The game becomes somewhat enjoyable once you get the shield power since you actually having some decent powers at that point is nice. But it has so many things that bog it down and just pissed me off. So cue angry rant!

[spoiler] RANT! Let's start with enemies. Half of what you fight are humans and I've no problem with that. My problem is with how many of them there are.:| Each little "battle area" thing has like 20 ****ing dudes to shoot.:x How they spawn is bull****. 5 guys can barge out of room smaller than a prison cell(hell it's pitch black and windowless in that room). Humans just seem to appear from the ****ing Etherand are just a pain. Then you have these creatures that jump all over the place that spit out projectiles slightly weaker than a shotgun...into your face. **** the damn things pull the same damage long range!:x It's just really slow and boring having to have fight so many human enemies and then fighting these little punks that can kill you in 3 shots.:x Not to mention the second and third boss are one hit kill.:| They hit you and you just die. And they are ****ing long fights.:x So yeah that game made me mad and I'm glad it has no trophies. There is more but just...GAH! END! [/spoiler]


Battle Girls - Time Paradox

So yeah I started watching "Battle Girls - Time Paradox". High school girl gets transported back to when Oda Nobunaga was around(and where everyone is female with Nobunaga being the redhead with giant breasts). It reminds me of Koihime Musou except instead of being set in China during the whole "Romance of the 3 Three Kingdoms" thing it's instead ancient Japan. I've only watched a few episodes and it's pretty alright I guess I still love my Koihime Musou(which needs a 4th season:P) more.:P

Aside from Maria+Holic Alive, Nichijou, 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, and Ao no Exorcist...none of the others anime are really MUST WATCH for me which sucks since I was rather excited for alot of the anime we got this season.:? And I'm not even watching half of what I was excited for.:? Hell I haven't watched any more Queen's Blade nor have I started Astarotte'sToy(the loli succubus anime). Hell at this point I don't even think I'll be watching Astarotte's Toy anytime soon.:?

So yeah things I am disappoint and blah. Still to lazy to look for the usual ending pics I usedsooooooooooo

Sorry guys I am just really out of it as of now.:(

Morrigan, X-23, and...Trish? Felicia? C.Viper?

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If you are wondering what is up with these names then you haven't played Marvel vs Capcom 3.:P I'm actually borrowing it from my cousin at the moment and...well I kinda wish PSN would come back up soon because I'd like to see if I've any online "skills".:P

Morrigan AenslandX-23

So yeah if you haven't firgured it out by now my team consists of Morrigan & X-23 and I'm not entirely sure who will be my 3rd.:? So far Trish seems like the most likely candidate.:P I prefer speed rather than brute force so that is one of the reasons(among others;)) that I've been "eyeing" shall we say Felicia.:P But then I decided I needed at least one Marvel character and I randomly sumbled upon X-23. She ****ing rocks. She is ridiculously fast and has some awesome Hyper Combos.:P Plus when I do the Cross-Combo Hyper the others push the opponent back which causes Felicia to just attack the air the entire time(same problem I have with Crimson Viper).:? Whereas Trish turns her sword into a scythe and throws it and it works pretty well in that giant combo.:P Trish actually does have some pretty good moves so...hm.:? As for Crimson Viper...no idea.:P I used her for her Arcade run(already got everybodys ending and boy nothing quite as awesome as two little comic squares and 10 lines of text:roll: ) and i kinda had fun.:P Well I've still got time to choose since we've all no PSN.:lol:

Wow I certainly spent alot of time on that.:P As for why I use Morrigan...well she's the closest thing I have to my loli vampire princess Rachel Alucard.:P Seems I've an affection for vampires and demon girls in anime type things and stuff.:lol: But I do like her since her bats shapeshift into various things so combos are a bit easier to remember since they've such a visual change.:P

So yeah I haven't really been up to much else since my last blog.:lol: Due to MvC3 I've yet to start/continue either of the animes from last blog.:P Oh and my cousin let me borrow "Dark Sector"(while he borrows Dead Space) so...I'll probably play that soon since I've exhausted all the single-player things in MvC3(except Mission Mode because...just gah that is a bit to much at the moment:cry: ).:P

So yeah if any of you guys wanna fight to see how crap I probably am I'll probably be on whenever PSN is back up.:P Just ya know not in the afternoon since my internet seems to not work well and die every five minutes.:x If you've yet to add me on PSN(not like you can at the moment though:P) my PSN name is "Vyse_Legends" because ya know I'm so creative with names and whatnot.:lol: Hopefully everyone will be rusty since PSN has been down.:twisted: Or they could have done nothing but train this whole time...:cry:

So anyway now we've that out of the way who do you all use?:P

Also it is getting really hot around here lately and...I freaking hate heat.:| There is only one good thing about summer though.;) Cept that'll be in another blog probably.:| Yup no lolis at the beach for you. You can just

If you've yet to notice I rather love the "deal with it" meme.:P Hmm I guess this is still kind of a sexy blog...man just whatever I'm gonna climb back into my freezer.:lol:

Know what time it is!?

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Adventure Time? Wha-no thats every Monday ya silly.:? It's LOLI TIME!:D Oh lolis

You are all I long for all I worship and adore...*ahem* sorry I still have the Bayonetta soundtrack stuck in my head and I just really like that line.:lol: But yes "No Loli Month" is over and I am now once again whole!:twisted:

Now if you'll excuse me I finally get to start watching "Astarotte's Toy's"!:D

Astarotte's Toy

Actually hold up one other thing. Due to lack of loli a few days back I decided I needed to start an anime with nothing but sexy bodies and giant breasts. What did I end up picking?

Queen's Blade

Honestly I just...I don't even.:? I've only watched like 5 episodes but there is apparently some thing to decide who the strongest and most beautiful woman who is fit to be queen. And yeah that is why a bunch of women with giant breasts are trying to kill each other.:lol:

So far the high points are some girl who has the powers of "Clayface" from Batman comics who has her hair in the shape of hands that are basically groping her breasts and her breasts shoot acid(I also believe she is voiced by Rie Kugimiya), this crazy ass lesbian elf chick has a thong that is a LIVE snake, and this angel named Nanael is voiced by Aya Hirano.

There is more but just...yeah I still don't even.:? But whatever odds are I'll finish it soon or something.:lol:

Now if you all will excuse me I have lolis to catch up on.:D

No More Lolis: Lolis' Paradise

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Image 9

Bad Girl in HD? You bet your ass I'm excited for the PS3 version of No More Heroes.:D

Week 3 - Well I certainly expected this to be a dramatic blog about a lack of loli but...it's not.:? Why? Because of this

It has certainly been quite some time since something has put such a smile on my face.:D Now you need to watch the actual video to understand the awesomeness.:P Did you watch it? Come on I linked it for you!:evil: This is probably one of the greatest things ever. It has also inspired me.

If a cat with the body of a pop tart can fly through space and spread joy and rainbows to everyone then I can survive the rest of this month without loli.:D Oh and click this if you want Non-Stop Nyan Cat. So far my record I've "Nyaned" for 3000 seconds in one sitting.:lol:

Anyway onto stuff

2K Games Platinum Trophies

I got the Platinums for Mafia II & Bioshock recently. Mafia II...had a serious lack of stuff to do so the trophies were rather easy.:? Except gathering 159 stupid Wanted Posters.:x

And then I got the Bioshock platinum(and an excuse to use this pic). I played it on and off on Survivor(last one needed) until after I got Mafia II plat. Then I said "**** it!" and plowed through the rest of Bioshock and ta-dah! Platinum.8) That brings about 9 of them now.:P

Chrono Trigger

I beat this game on an emulator maybe 5 years ago. I got it for DS probably the Christmas it was released(or was it the one after?).:? I hit the "Mount Woe" boss and I just stopped playing it.:( But then stuff happened and I was stuck somewhere and it was either DS RPG or...boredom.:P So I restarted from scratch and have been playing it the past couple of days. And I just rebeat it this morning(yes I have way to much time:P). And I F***ING love this game.:|

Few games have music where I know pretty much all of it. Games these days yeah they have music but once it stops playing I can't recall how any of it went.:? This game? Any music change just BAM and I can instantly hum along to it. Not to mention combat is simple and fun. Time travlel grants access to all kinds of awesome characters with Ayla being my favorite. She kicks so much ass!:D And just agh so much more I could go on about!:x

So yeah I love this damn game. And if you don't imma have to shank ya.:|

And now you're all expecting some sexy finish right? Well to bad!:evil: My computer has been giving me crap all day and I don't really feel like finding a damn pic of anything.:| So you know what you can do?

No More Lolis 2: Desperate Struggle

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Is it just me or was No More Heroes 2 kind of disappointing?:? I mean the easy travel, funner jobs, and stuff were nice. But the first few and last few bosses(not the last because he sucks:|) were awesome and the ones inbetween were rather..lame.:? Maybe it's just me.:?

Dear Diary - I am now in week 2 of NLM. Lack of loli is...disconcerting. I think I may be developing another weird..."interest" in order to survive the month...but we'll get to that later...FIRST OFF WE HAVE


Mafia II

Well okay not entirely free.:P My older cousin recently got himself a PS3. Which means we essentialy trade games now. So kinda free!:D So yeah if you didn't figure it out I'm currently borrowing Mafia II from him(he's borrowing GTA IV because his younger sister wants to play it). Seeing as he actually buys game online and stuff he usually gets them pretty cheap. He plans to get Borderlands GOTY Edition soon so I'll borrow that when he's done. And he's hopefully gonna bring Marvel vs Capcom 3 over this weekend.:D

Oh and Mafia II? If you want my opinion just watch the Zero Punctuation Reviewby Yahtzee on the Escapist. He pretty much nailed how I felt about this game. Still fun though but I prefer the Godfather games. Oh and imma platinum this game soon.:lol:

Disgaea 4! DOOD!!

DO WANT!!!:D Ahh man I am so excited for September.:D It has certain;y been awhile since I've gotten any kind of "Special Edition" for a game. Best be saving me money.:P Etna better be in it though.:|

Maria Holic Alive

Maria Holic: Alive

FINALLY!:cry: After that giant middle finger of an ending we finally got the second season!:D They totally don't address the end of season one but...whatever if it means more Maria Holic then I don't really care.:P If it means more Shidou Mariya then it means more happy me.:P But yeah if you didn't watch the first season...WTF is with you!?:x You disapoint meh!:evil: WATCH IT OR IMMA CUT YA!!!:twisted:

Wow I am certainly yelling alot aren't I?:lol: Well that has a tendancy to happen when alot of things I like start getting stuff and...things...END TIME

Myuria Tionysus

Myuria Tionysus from Star Ocean. I'm usually more for Meracle becau-*slaps self* No this is not the time for girls like Meracle!:evil: That hurt!:cry: Shush I'm the one in command!:twisted: So yeah I recently got all the character endings for Star Ocean(and F platinuming that game:lol: ) and so Myuria it is.:P And damn her and her big..."thingies" as Meracle calls them...damn.:lol: Ah an obsession with giant breasts. Certainly makes me feel 13 again.:lol: Though I must admit I dig her because of her giant elf ears and the long pink hair.:P

So yeah things happened, things will happen, and I miss lolis.:cry:

No More Lolis

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...oh sorry I don't have an awesome theme like No More Heroes.:P

But yeah after last month being pretty much all loli I figure you guys could use a break.:lol: Hell I could use one as well. Every time I close my eyes all I see is loli. And I'm fine when it's every other time but...mmm a break might be good. Actually I plan to make this "No Loli Month".:D No loli for you or me this whole month. I haven't stared at any loli since my last blog and things are...interesting. I certainly feel like a part of me is missing.:P Anyway onto things about stuff!

Assassins Creed II - Platinum Trophy

The spoiler tag doesn't have any ya know "spoilers" but it does have the F-word. But I think the image really portrays how I feel about it.:P

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

My name is Ezio Auditore de Firenze. You killed my father...and both my brothers. I'm especially pissed you killed my younger brother because he was all sickly and wanted these feathers then you killed him and my mom stopped talking so I brought her like 50 feathers and then my uncle was like "You're wasting your time...also I ordered a crappy hammer for you" and then I brought her all 100 feathers and she was all like "Thank you for not forgetting me" and gave me our family cape which makes anyone who sees me want to kill me. Prepare to die!

So yeah I finally got all the damn feathers in ACII(and a few combat trophies). I used a guide so shut up I'm not about to search all of Italy and Rome and stuff to find damn feathers on my own.:P So yeah woot! This like my 7th platinum or something.:D

Now onto something quite the opposite of loli



Aww yeah I'm back in love with Bayonetta!:D I haven't played this game in months(started playing again a few days ago). I got to like chapter 9 and then stopped because my inability to talk to a certain girl kind of caused me to spiral into depression or something and things weren't as fun anymore.:( But a few months after that I played like 2 more chapters and then stopped again.:? It's been probably more than 5 months since I played this game.

And yet despite having only gotten back into it a few days ago somehow...I've gotten better after that giant break.:lol: No joke back then this game kicked my ass! But few days back I popped it in and BAM I'm on the 2nd to last chapter of the game in a couple hours. But then I stopped and didn't actually beat it til the next morning.:P My god I love this game.:D It certainly knows how to handle me.:P It beats me into the ground to the point where I say "**** it!" and turn off the game...only to come back to it 10 minutes later hungry for more!:D I love this game did I mention that?:P

Right now I'm working on my Hard run and damn this game does not mess around.:lol: Not to mention the soundtrack is awesome. I can't stop singing Fly Me To The Moon. Bayonetta pretty much made this song even better than it already is.:)

Anyway and now to end this

5599 - Bayonetta: Bayonetta (another one) by Genzoman

Oh how I love Bayonetta. Though I don't think I'd love her so much if she didn't have glasses. Cause I kind of have a thing for glasses girls that almost rival loli.:P So yeah expect meganekko blog pic ends or some other not loli thing I love for my next few blogs.:D

LHM: Etna-sama

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And now we end my Loli History Month with my favorite loli.

I would have had this up earlier but well...I think I may be getting sick.:( My brain feels like it's going to explode.:x So that combined with loli has been making it rather difficult to concentrate on anything.:P Not to mention it's starting to get hot over here!:cry: But enough excuses I'm sure you all would like me to get on with this.:lol:

Anyway if you guessed any loli other than Etna-sama then you are


WRONG!:P Ahh yes in addition to falling in love with Disgaea for it's amazingly addicting...ness and whacky ass sense of humor I also ended up falling for Etna. I would trade all the loli in the world for her.:oops:


None can compare to the "Magical Beauty Queen" herself. Oh how I love the Etna Boogie.:P Why do I love her? Well for one she is the "sadistic master" type of character.:oops: And I have no qualms about adding "-sama" to her name.:P Though one other thing I love is how she ends each episode in Disgaea(well they all do this but Etna's are the best). Her voice is perfect for her. She just so...gah I can't even.:P She's voiced by Tomoe Hanba(who also voiced Welch Vineyard in Star Ocean and Welch's somewhat goofy and overly dramatic character does remind of Etna quite a tad). I mean seriously her voice is just perfect.:|

Anyway she has been in quite a few games as well. Disgaea(as well as the PSP and DS versions and on PSP she even gets her own story campaign), Disgaea 2(also on PSP), Disgaea 3(costs a ****load of Mana but you get her along with the rest of the original trio), Prinny: Can I Really Be A Hero? and Prinny: Dawn of Operation Panties(where she was the "motivating" force behind the prinnies gettin' to work), as well as Cross Edge and Trinity Universe. And I for one hope she shows up again in Disgaea 4(along with a lot of other characters).:D


Ahh man you should see the one where Flonne is wearing Etna's outfit.:lol: Oh and if you were curious Etna is about 1470 years old making her the "middle child" of the original trio of Laharl, Etna, and Flonne when it comes to age. In most cases her weapon of choice is typically this wicked ass spear(though you can have her wield a sword or gun I prefer the spear). Her main special attacks are Prinny Raid(where she summons essentially prinnies that seem to be just entering earths orbit because they're on fire and just crashing them into the enemy), Sexy Beam(where she shoots her "sexy" powers in a heart shape), and Chaos Impact(man that move is just crazy.:D).

If the world was how Disgaea makes it then when I died and went to the Netherworld as a Prinny I would probably be the only one to ever request being part of Etna's Prinny Squad.:P Even if she has a habit of treating them terribly and doing things like this.:oops:


Though there is something about that would probably cause me to want to die. In Trinity Universe(during one of their many arguments) Tsubaki(the foxy...fox spirit) says to Etna "For all we know you could just a crossdressing boy with a leather fetish!".:| That's not funny!:cry: Even though I have a trap as my profile theme I don't think I could handle it if Etna was a trap!:cry:

So yes that is it. Etna is my favorite loli of all.:oops: I hope you all enjoyed this month as much as I did.:lol: Because my next shall include no loli at all.:|

Now if you'll excuse I've kept my master waiting for too long.:oops:


LHM: My Type

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Now as much as I love lolis and the whole cuteness thing I do have a type of loli which I adore.:oops: Though...well you'll see. Anyway seeing as this is a video game site let's us use an example from a video game. This loli being from

Blazblue - Rachel Alucard


Unfortunatly in addition to being a Lolicon I also have a ojou/hime-sama complex.:oops: Probably because I'm a bit of a masochist.:P Something about those loli's that treat you like dirt and yet the both of you know you'll be crawling back to her on your hands and knees doing anything you can to make her happy. And that smile on their face that says that they know all to well that you are in the palm of her hand and that knowledge you would do anything for her and that you would suffer any type of abuse just to make her smile...it just makes me...:oops:

So yeah seeing as that was probably one of the most messed up things I've ever typed let us actually get to talking about Miss Alucard.:lol: Basically Rachel is a vampire princess. Despite being thousands of years old she still looks so young. Odds are if you met her in real life when you died she would still look almost exactly the same. And that is one thing I love about the vampire loli. They stay loli pretty your entire human life!:lol:

Plus she is my favorite character in Blazblue for more than just the loli-hime thing.:P She fights with a control over wind& thunder and uses her shapeshifting cat Nago(and servant bat Gii for a projectile) and that reminds me of Dizzy from Guilty Gear(favorite GG character:P). Since her weapon shapeshifts it gives her all kinds of attacks!:shock: She can turn Nago into a umbrella(and gracefully float down to earth or have it go all crazy and attack people midair), she can turn him into a sword and stab people(then have Nago open up as an umbrella while stabbed in the enemy to remove them from the blade), and hell she can even turn Nago into an electric chair. Probably my favorite attack since she sits down, rests herchin on her palm, snaps her fingers, and the opponent next her is electrocuted(and she suffers no damage).

Man I love me some Rachel.:oops:


Oh how I love the second pic.:oops:

But anyway there is an exception! I was talking a friend a while back about my type and he(being the one who introduced me to Hayate no Gotoku!)asked "Well what about Nagi? She's an ojou-sama.". And well pic first

Hayate no Gotoku! - Nagi Sanzenin


Ah yes the young heir to the Sanzenin fortune. While Nagi is rather big on otaku things(she's like a rich Konata) she is rather tsundere(and of course is voiced by Rie Kugimiya). And while tsundere is a very cute trait...it doesn't sit well with me and my type of "-sama" character.:? While Nagi has that vulnerable side of hers I still vastly prefer the little sadistic feel of Rachel(and other females characters that wish to refered to with -sama). Don't get me wrong I like tsundere and all that but...not so much when it comes a certain character type.:P

Augh so many lolis I love that have the twintail hairs-tyle!:cry:


Ah man I so do enjoy being messed up so badly.:lol:

But anyway for those still here and reading take joy in the fact the last day of March shall be the end of Loli History Month. On that day I shall reveal my favorite loli of all.:oops: So take a guess and see if you can figure out who she is.:P There will be no prize for you though.:|