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100th Blog!!!:o Pics of my Anime, Manga, Gundam, Game, and Stuff Collection.

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Woot! After 4 years here I've finally hit 100 blogs.:P So yeah if ya didn't catch it by the title this blog is mainly gonna be pics of my junk...in mah trunk. No just well all the stuff in the title.:P Actually two things before we start

1. Went to a job interview Tuesday. They said they'd call by the end of the week to tell me if I got the job. So uhh wish me luck and all the jazz...please?:P

2. I wanna change my profile theme. But since hazel isn't here anymore and I have no photoshop(or skills at pretty thing making) I haven't changed it.:? So if any of you know anything about this stuff and wouldn't mind helping me then PM me or comment telling you'll help.:P Thanks guys now onto the STUFF!:) Be prepared to scroll down!:twisted:

Anime & Manga


Yes I do have a Dragonball Z poster in room(2 actually). I haven't really found any other wall scroll to replace them since...well most anime...well you've seen the scrolls.:P But yes this is just some side shots of my stuff and how my collection of Anime & Manga looks when you walk into my room.:P Now for some above pics so we can see some covers.:D


If you paid attention you'd notice half my mangas aren't photographed. That would be because I bought them before I seriously become obsessed with anime.:P I'd have more but aside from being broke usually I decided I buy all the manga from a series depending on how much I enjoyed it/how many volumes it has. I still need to get the other Maria+Holic volumes and stuff.:P Second we have all my "Complete Collection" of animes. Azumanga Daioh cost me like $70!:o But it is probably one of my favorites of all time so I don't mind.:P As for the individual DVDs aside from "The Five Star Stories" and "Bo-bo-bo!"...the rest were in a combo pack.:P I randomly saw this pack of random DVDs at Best Buy on day for $30 and said "**** it!" and bought it since most were the first volumes.:P Argentosoma(top right) I have never found online despite having liked it, watched all of Witch Hunter Robin, and all of Galaxy Angel. Didn't really get into the others.:P But there are some more DVDs I have. And those are...


The (Limited Editions) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Of course I had to buy these since without Haruhi I don't think I would have spiraled into otakudom without her.:P Or at least not as soon.:P So yeah this was the first anime I watched that you couldn't see on a saturday morning or Cartoon Network in NA.:P They all came with a bunch of extra stuff(like pillowcases and things). Except the first volume.:? I ended up getting the "Special Edition" since I didn't see the LE anywhere.:? Still got Kyon and his sisters' character CD.:P And that was all my Anime & Manga.:P Moving on we have



I went through this random craze when I was younger where all I wanted to do was put together these damn Gundam models.:P I think I built most of these back when I was in Junior High.:lol: Hell I actually still have a kit I need to put together and I have no idea if I'll put it together.:P Oh right and these are all on my nightstand next to my bed. Don't want them crowding up my anime & manga and I don't really have anywhere else for them.:? Moving to games



Oh hey my Gamecube controller made an appearance.:P I had to move my GC since that is where it usually is.:P But yeah aside from like 10+ games in my living room and my PSP & DS games which are close by that is most of my games.:P Oh and there is pretty much another stack of PS3 games behind the stack you see in the pic.:P Now for some covers of my console games


Okay kinda lied. No way in hell am I taking cover shots of all my PS games.:P That'll be like 6 more pictures!:o So if you were curious about my PS2 games...just look at the first game pic.:P Blazblue gets to be on top since it is the LE and has a giant box.:P Plus it is the game with Rachel Alucard.:oops: Oh and Wii games...that is pretty much it unless you wanted me to put Wii Sports & Resort.:? Still a few Wii games I need to pick up.:P Now onto the handhelds!:D


Ha ha! Rachel Alucard is my PSP wallpaper.:D I still need to get Yggdra Union, Jean d' Arc, Project DIVA 2nd(first is on my memory stick...illegally:P), and a few others before I'll be happy with that collection.:D DS wise...fudge yeah Phoenix Wright.:P Those curious the Japanese games are Osu! Tatake! Ouendan! 1&2.:P I plan on getting Miles Edgeworth: Investigations, Radiant Historia, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn(I own the first and The Lost Age), and Ghost Trick before I'll consider my DS library complete.:D Now onto STUFF!!!



Honestly have no idea what those Keyblades are for. They just look nice.:P Those along with my Haruhi pins & necklace(necklace dangling between Haruhi DVD vol 1 & 2) were all christmas presents from a few years back.:P I wear the necklace when I'm out and have never taken out the pins.:P The Haruhi sash came with I believe the 2nd LE.:P And then of course the wall scrolls of two favorite animes above my bed.:D Plus I have my little figurine of Haruhi.:P Probably should have taken a better picture of it but I don't feel like taking any more pictures.:P

And yeah that was pretty much all my stuff.:P Hope you all enjoyed the 17 or so pics and MASSIVE SCROLLING DOWN!:P Geez now I can finally get back to blogging about random stuff since I don't have to do anything special for 101 and 102 since they are unimportant.:P If you have any questions about anything don't hesitate to ask.:D

So see you all next time.:D