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Not Dead

Not employed either though.:?

Just in case you guys have been wondering what happened to me I'm still among the living(and using my uncle's laptop).:P I don't know stuffs been happening and I really haven't put as much effort into finding another job as I should have(the one I talked about last time was seasonal til the end of last year).:(

But yeah not dead and all that jazz.:P I'll be back...eventually.:cry:

Back for a few minutes.

Hey guys remember me?:P Anyway the title really says it all I'm not gonna be on here for a while still.

Money and me not having a job have caused me to not be on for about a month or so because other things are more important than internet. My uncle moved back here from Texas so I'm using his laptop to post this. I don't really wanna bug him all the time with it so don't expect to see me here for some time.:( But I have good news!:D

I'm getting a job!:D I already have the job but I need to print out some papers, fill them out, and once some more people get hired I'll start working.:P Hopefully it shouldn't be too long before I start.:( Where am I gonna be working? I'll tell ya when I get back for reals.;) Hopefully I'll have stories to tell.:lol:

But anyway sorry for everything I missed and everything else I will miss.:cry: Hopefully you all haven't forgotten me.:)

So I'll see you guys when I see ya.:)

Until then I guess.:cry:

Vyse_Legends 101

What with school starting and all that why not take a course about me?:D ...look shut up my friend "jt4mtb" made the suggestion forthe titleso shut up.:| Besides most of you guys don't know me from back in the day(and those who did are mostly gone:(). So it'll be just some little things.:D

For those wondering if I got that job I was talking about last blog...nope.:( But in order to pretend I have some pride and seem like I don't care "Not like I wanted to work there anyway:|". Ha ha! Bein' cool8)...and still broke.:cry: But I went to another interview a few days ago so hopefully that goes better.:? Anyway...don't bother taking notes, feel free to eat, and blast some music.:P Hopefully this.:D Ha ha! Smooth Jazz.8)

If you've ever wondered who "Vyse" is he would be this guy

vyse.jpg Vyse image by jargongamesSkiesSigcopy.png Vyse from Skies of Arcadia Legends. image by Radical_Dreamer127

And that is one of my favorite quotes from him. He's from "Skies of Arcadia: Legends" the Gamecube port that was essentially the Directors Cut of the Dreamcast version featuring more Discoveries, Bounties, and a few little additions like Piastol the "Angel of Death" who is out to kill you(which you find out more about by helping this Doctor).:PSo yeah my name here stems from my favorite character, an underscore since apparently they make things like this look better or something(:?), and the last word of the title of my favorite game ever.:D Ta-dah! Origin story.:lol:

Oddly enough I've never had him as my theme here on GS.:lol: Probably never will either since I enjoy changing up my profile now and then.:P Who have I been in the past? Well let's see there was

707 - Phoenix Wright1471.jpg Sig image by MonsterReborn1202926325159.jpg Dizzy of Guilty Gear image by Lunarius-san

Left to Right- Phoenix Wright(Ace Attorney series), Dark Magician Girl(Yu-gi-oh!), Dokuro Mitsukai(Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan), Dizzy(Guilty Gear), and Ichijou(Pani Poni Dash!). And in case you didn't know I'm currently Shidou Mariya from Maria+Holic.:P

And then let's end this with something simple. I like video games(namely JRPGs or really anything fun), anime(comedy>every other genre), lolis, meganekkos(oh and I wear glasses myself:P), and ponies.:P

And well I think thats a good place to stop.:P Not like I'll be hosting another c-lass on my history again.:lol:

Soooooo...yeah...woot! Female characters.:P

100th Blog!!!:o Pics of my Anime, Manga, Gundam, Game, and Stuff Collection.

Woot! After 4 years here I've finally hit 100 blogs.:P So yeah if ya didn't catch it by the title this blog is mainly gonna be pics of my junk...in mah trunk. No just well all the stuff in the title.:P Actually two things before we start

1. Went to a job interview Tuesday. They said they'd call by the end of the week to tell me if I got the job. So uhh wish me luck and all the jazz...please?:P

2. I wanna change my profile theme. But since hazel isn't here anymore and I have no photoshop(or skills at pretty thing making) I haven't changed it.:? So if any of you know anything about this stuff and wouldn't mind helping me then PM me or comment telling you'll help.:P Thanks guys now onto the STUFF!:) Be prepared to scroll down!:twisted:

Anime & Manga


Yes I do have a Dragonball Z poster in room(2 actually). I haven't really found any other wall scroll to replace them since...well most anime...well you've seen the scrolls.:P But yes this is just some side shots of my stuff and how my collection of Anime & Manga looks when you walk into my room.:P Now for some above pics so we can see some covers.:D


If you paid attention you'd notice half my mangas aren't photographed. That would be because I bought them before I seriously become obsessed with anime.:P I'd have more but aside from being broke usually I decided I buy all the manga from a series depending on how much I enjoyed it/how many volumes it has. I still need to get the other Maria+Holic volumes and stuff.:P Second we have all my "Complete Collection" of animes. Azumanga Daioh cost me like $70!:o But it is probably one of my favorites of all time so I don't mind.:P As for the individual DVDs aside from "The Five Star Stories" and "Bo-bo-bo!"...the rest were in a combo pack.:P I randomly saw this pack of random DVDs at Best Buy on day for $30 and said "**** it!" and bought it since most were the first volumes.:P Argentosoma(top right) I have never found online despite having liked it, watched all of Witch Hunter Robin, and all of Galaxy Angel. Didn't really get into the others.:P But there are some more DVDs I have. And those are...


The (Limited Editions) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Of course I had to buy these since without Haruhi I don't think I would have spiraled into otakudom without her.:P Or at least not as soon.:P So yeah this was the first anime I watched that you couldn't see on a saturday morning or Cartoon Network in NA.:P They all came with a bunch of extra stuff(like pillowcases and things). Except the first volume.:? I ended up getting the "Special Edition" since I didn't see the LE anywhere.:? Still got Kyon and his sisters' character CD.:P And that was all my Anime & Manga.:P Moving on we have



I went through this random craze when I was younger where all I wanted to do was put together these damn Gundam models.:P I think I built most of these back when I was in Junior High.:lol: Hell I actually still have a kit I need to put together and I have no idea if I'll put it together.:P Oh right and these are all on my nightstand next to my bed. Don't want them crowding up my anime & manga and I don't really have anywhere else for them.:? Moving to games



Oh hey my Gamecube controller made an appearance.:P I had to move my GC since that is where it usually is.:P But yeah aside from like 10+ games in my living room and my PSP & DS games which are close by that is most of my games.:P Oh and there is pretty much another stack of PS3 games behind the stack you see in the pic.:P Now for some covers of my console games


Okay kinda lied. No way in hell am I taking cover shots of all my PS games.:P That'll be like 6 more pictures!:o So if you were curious about my PS2 games...just look at the first game pic.:P Blazblue gets to be on top since it is the LE and has a giant box.:P Plus it is the game with Rachel Alucard.:oops: Oh and Wii games...that is pretty much it unless you wanted me to put Wii Sports & Resort.:? Still a few Wii games I need to pick up.:P Now onto the handhelds!:D


Ha ha! Rachel Alucard is my PSP wallpaper.:D I still need to get Yggdra Union, Jean d' Arc, Project DIVA 2nd(first is on my memory stick...illegally:P), and a few others before I'll be happy with that collection.:D DS wise...fudge yeah Phoenix Wright.:P Those curious the Japanese games are Osu! Tatake! Ouendan! 1&2.:P I plan on getting Miles Edgeworth: Investigations, Radiant Historia, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn(I own the first and The Lost Age), and Ghost Trick before I'll consider my DS library complete.:D Now onto STUFF!!!



Honestly have no idea what those Keyblades are for. They just look nice.:P Those along with my Haruhi pins & necklace(necklace dangling between Haruhi DVD vol 1 & 2) were all christmas presents from a few years back.:P I wear the necklace when I'm out and have never taken out the pins.:P The Haruhi sash came with I believe the 2nd LE.:P And then of course the wall scrolls of two favorite animes above my bed.:D Plus I have my little figurine of Haruhi.:P Probably should have taken a better picture of it but I don't feel like taking any more pictures.:P

And yeah that was pretty much all my stuff.:P Hope you all enjoyed the 17 or so pics and MASSIVE SCROLLING DOWN!:P Geez now I can finally get back to blogging about random stuff since I don't have to do anything special for 101 and 102 since they are unimportant.:P If you have any questions about anything don't hesitate to ask.:D

So see you all next time.:D

Bugs, glitches, and bad AI oh my!

Damn do I feel all happy and stuff.:P Why? Mainly because I've been playing Mercenaries 2(borrowed from my cousin). And just oh my god all the things in my blog title just have made this game so hilarious.:lol: Yeah thejokes in this game a pretty lame and predictable but the upredictable bugs and stuff have created laughter.:lol: Most of these happened when my cousin was over and we were just laughing our asses off.:lol: Anyway here are a couple high points

1. A visit from "Ghost" Rider - So after the tutorial mission ends you end up in front of this crappy shed with some cars around and a road in front of you. I look down the road and suddenly a chopper(motorcyle not the "Get to the choppa" kind:P) is slowly driving down the road. Then it turns to our little area and keeps going until it hits a wall with no one at all driving it. Pretty much the best part was while I was following it with the camera my cousin was talking about something so it took some time before he even noticed it.:lol: So of course we took it and...lost it because that mission said "No" or something and forgot to load it outside.:(

2. Are you "In" or "Out"? - Anyway to take over an outpost you need to call in a heli with soldiers from the faction you're helping. At the start you only need 3 soldiers to get inside in order to take it over. So when they were dropped off 1 went inside while the others provided cover(despite me already killed everything). One decided to hop into a nearby tank machinegun mount the second the 2nd soldier went inside. And from that point on the 3rd soldier got out of the tank, stood there, got back INTO the tank, got out again, stood there some more, and went back in the tank, etc I mean he wouldn't make up his mind.:P He pretty much just kept doing that until we had to call in another group with brains.:lol:

HEY! Wake up!:evil: What you want some coffee? Well to bad! If Stan Lee doesn't get any then neither do you!:twisted:

3. AI committin' suicide - Another outpost takeover mission. After clearing the area(freaking anti-air missile launching dudes:x) I called in a heli with the soldiers(Jamaican Pirates this time). I threw the signala good distance from the outpost on the ground. Where does the heli land? On top of the building.:| What do the pirates do? Walk of the 20+ foot high building, break themselves on the ground, and die.:| Hell the same thing happened once when I called in some UP(Universal Petrolium) soldiers. Except on a helipad...less then 10 feet high...with stairs.:| Yes these soldiers jump off and die instead of using the stairs.:lol:

4. I see what you did there - So one mission you have to save a Chinese prisoner on the roof of a 15 or so story building. Somehow while I'm disguised as the guys holding him prisoner I take a helicopter to the roof(cover still intact) I take out the two guards with melee and suddenly from the bottom of the building a guard calls UP to tell them I'm here ****ing things up. Yes not only did he call without having seen me he also told them I was there despite never having seen me because I'm up in the sky in a ****ING HELICOPTER!!!:x

Man that was quite a bit of wordy things.:? But hell they made me laugh when they happened so hopefully they at least made you chuckle or made you remember a funny bug or glitch that happened in a game you played.:P Frankly I'd love to hear about any of your funny experiences with a game going nuts.:lol: Anyway have a simple comic to rest your eyes.:D

X Grab My Y

What does it mean!?:cry:

Anyway this blog was originally gonna be about something completely different but I honestly don't feel like writing it because I'll have to search through ecchi images and need to remember things from quite some time ago.:? Besides next blog is gonna be my 100th!:D What is it gonna be about?

My junk.:| Well okay not that junk I'm not about to pull an Anthony Weiner or Brittany Spears and do something like that.:P

I mean more along the lines of my anime, manga, games, gundam, and all that manner of jazz.:P So I'll be taking pictures of all those things and putting them here next blog.:P I'd do a video so you could all hear my amazing voice but I've no idea how to upload them here.:?

So anyway no loli just a warning of things to come.:D Also what the hell is up with GS?:? On my profile the "Feed"(?) thing is gone along with all of your blogs and my "currently playing" things.:? Not to mention on the forums it no longer shows who is on.:?

Meh so uhh look forward to things and stuff you guys.:D

Forgive me for not giving you all your prescribed dose of Vitamin Loli.

In case you all hadn't noticed I suddenly disappeared for a few weeks.:P So forgive me if I've missed quite a few blogs.:( Why was I gone? Life.

No not like a baby was born or something nor do I mean I developed an addiction to the board game by the same name. Essentially it all boils down to money. I need a job. I've had some applications out at a couple places but well...economy and whatnot along with the fact I've been out of high school a year so I don't really have any "skills". So I've been getting more applications out and now that I have internet back I can start applying to some "online applications only" type of stores near me. So yeah stuff happened and others things were more important than cable & internet. Sooooooooooo yeah...I need a job. Things are somewhat back to normal but a job for me...well it would make things easier.

Anyway enough about that I could go on about what happened and go all emo and stuff but ugh I went all depressed and stuff around the same time last year. Soooooooooooo...let us talk about less depressing things...like killing things with guns!:D

Per-so-NA! Wait wrong game and...oh he is dead...

20487 - Borderlands: NA Box Front

Hehe Evoker reference.:P So yeah before "Life" decided to happen my cousin came over and finally let me borrow Borderlands GOTY Edition(to lazy to find that cover art). It is really fun. Or at least it was.:? Having beaten it and 3/4 of the way through my second playthrough...playing by yourself gets kinda boring.:? I started with my cousin when he was over and damn was it fun.:lol: By myself first it still was just...doing the same thing again alone...ugh.:? Not to mention the Mad Moxxi DLC wants me to go ****ing 20 rounds per arena.:o I'd rather have someone(or multiple people)with my back in that situation.:P So if any of you would like to dust off your copies and help a friend out I'd really appreciate it.:) Course not now I'd still like to get things in life back to normal though.:(

Who did I pick? Lilith of course.:lol: You honestly thought I'd pick a male character?:lol: Anyway I'm like lvl 53 and yeah...this game is fun.:D

11162 - Lilith: Lilith (Borderlands) - Main Image

DMC Dante must be wondering who stole Ebony & Ivory

25787 - Resonance of Fate: Neutral Box Art for Resonance of Fate

Also on the day my cousin brought over Borderlands we ended up at Gamestop where I found this for under $20(and he found Virtua Tennis...some number for like $7).:P I really do enjoy it. It basically is what would happen if you were given control of an anime gunfight and the fashion of all the characters in a movie.:P But there are a few things that really either piss me off, bore me, or frighten me about it.:? So list time

1. So we made a game based around 3 party combat - I got an idea! Let'smake parts where a character or two leave the party temporarily! Seriously WTF man!? Some of the most pain in the ass parts of that game stem from those. I mean you pretty much are taught the "Tri-Attack" and that and then WHOOSH out the window it goes.:? Pisses me off.

2. That all ya got? - So aside from shooting(and grenading), Hero Actions, and Tri-Attacks...that is pretty much it. You don't learn skills, magic, summons, or any of that jazz. Basically your skills with the weapon equipped gain an increased percentage of...something. You might have a higher chance to do full scratch damage or maybe a better charge rate. I don't know the lack of things makes battles feel similiar...and that kinda bores me.:?

3. Let's stack a bunch of crap on our guns! - Normal RPG: Get to new town and buy stronger weapon. Done. Resonance of Fate: Get to new town and have tinkerer make 5 scopes so you can attach them to your gun. It is just...weird.:? Like no joke you stacks scopes on other scopes, barrels on barrels, handguards on handguards, etc. I glad we don't see the horrible beasts we create in game. Very frightening things to behold I'm sure.:?

Soooooo anyway yeah that is pretty much what I've been up to. Hope you all enjoyed it...or something. Anyway there won't be any loli today I'm afraid so you'll have to get your fix elsewhere. I'm gonna need a dose of Vitamin Loli myself that would probably kill a lesser Lolicon.

So instead we'll end with some cosplay of a favorite character of mine

Kaine from NieR.:D Probably the only time I won't have a problem with futanari.:lol: Seriously I know I've banged on about NieR before but if you want an amazing JRPG then please pick up NieR. Hell the soundtrack alone is worth more than the $15 I payed for my copy.:)

So uhhh hope you all had a good time here...and stuff.:?

I'm glad everyone is so accepting of my love for lolis.

I do find that rather amusing. When I first started with the whole "loli" thing everyone just totally went along with it(well except one). But the response at the fact I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was met with

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I wasn't joking by the way in case you all thought I was going for some "lulz". I really do enjoy this show. If you don't like then have fun missing out.:P Anyway back to the lolis

Now one thing I believe when it comes to a group of friends who like anime is that each one has to have a certain "interest". You need a friend into tsundere, yandere, guro, yaoi/yuri, shota, futa, traps, glasses, nekomimi etc. You can have a friend who likes one or multiple so long as you have someone in your group of friends with a certain "interest" in at least one of those to balance the group. Out of my friends in real life I'm the Lolicon and I'd like to think that as my place here as well.:D

Because lolis seem to be my "thing" here. I'm like that character on a comedy show who always gets into some crazy ass situation and everyone just has a laugh. Like that guy could accidentally launch all nukes to destroy the world and he'd barge in on his friends and say "Holy crap you guys I've started what will most assuredly be the end of humanity!:o" and their response will be little more than "Oh you.:lol:" and then the audience will start laughing where upon it goes to a close in on that character and he just shrugs with ":P" as an expression.

In a way that is me. Anything loli I go on about is usually just met with "Oh Vyse.:lol:". And ya know I do genuinly appreciate that you all seem to still like me despite my love of something that will get me sent to Hell.:lol: I highly doubt the response would be the same if I suddenly told you all I'm into heavy drinking or black tar heroin...or ponies for that matter.:P

And so my friends I ask you this. What is the one anime type "interest" that you think people associate with you most when they think of you?:P In an attempt to start it off aside from lolis I also love glasses almost as much.:D

Oh and also Tales of Vesperia is not getting a PS3 port in NA(or Europe since it is staying in Japan with no english subs). Why? Because Microsoft is mean. They would dare deny me my damn PS3 exclusive loli pirate!!!:cry:


DO WANT!!!:cry:

*sigh* I've kept this a secret long enough.

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I liked to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air

In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground is where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of guys
Who were up to no good
Startin making trouble in my neighborho-

Err wait no that isn't it.:? Forgive me it got stuck in my head.:lol:

Any the important secret of mine is that...well...I watch...

Oh how I wish I joking. But I'm not and ya know what? I don't care anymore.:P Besides I'm not really ashamed of it.:lol: If you remember for awhile most of my blogs ended with "pony" instead of "loli". I was hoping to find someone else here who recognized it. And only one of my friends here has watched just the first episode(won't tell ya who:P).:(

I was gonna have this blog be all about why I love it and stuff but I think I'll give you all some time to recover from the shock.:P So if you'd like to learn more about MLP:FiM then feel free to say so in the comments. If you'd prefer me to pretend I never admitted this and go back to my loli loving ways then tell and all shall be normal again.

For those who already hate this show without giving it a chance

For those with an open mind towards it

I hope I see everypony again here next time.:D

This blog has nothing to do with E3.

The title on the other hand is a different story. Since most are already talking about their impressions on things at that certain event you don't really need me talking about it. Soooooooooooooooo I'll be talking about the free PS games...because I'm bored.:P Essentialy I'm bored and have nothing else to talk about to get me to 100 blogs aside from posting a bunch going "Tiddlywank" and stuff. Instead I'll just mini review free things.:D So anyway

This game needs more Frank West & Chuck Greene

27866 - Dead Nation: The her(oes) of Dead Nation.

So first game I downloaded as part of the "Welcome Back" program was "Dead Nation". And just...bleh. I got to like the 4th or 5th stage and pretty much stopped playing.:P It is at times fun when everything wants to eat your brain with a side of mashed potatoes and a glass of wine but after awhile...the lack of footballs with grenades strapped to them, crazy freakin' people, and the fact you're character might as well be using a cell phone as their source if light...it gets old old killing zombies with only guns. Capcom spoiled me by letting me use anything I wanted to put the dead back where they belong(the store where you buy your "meat").:P

It should be a rather easy platinum but for once I don't really feel like bothering to play anymore.:?


20610 - Wipeout HD

Good golly Miss Molly this game is fast.:lol: Despite the crazy speed of "Wipeout HD" I really am enjoying it. Though it took me some time to get used to it what with the vechicles I've used most of my gaming life have had tires & traction.:P But once you get the hang of it this game rocks!:D The soundtrack is so epic!:o Not to mention the "Zone" areas are trippy and pretty as hell.:D It's just really fun since I believe the last racing game I played was one of the Need for Speed games for the Gamecube(one of the later games).

Only problem I have is that recently it seems to be freezing.:( It has a tendancy to freeze during online matches all of a sudden.:? Other than that this game is great!:D

Look Mom I can fly!

205 - Pursuit Force

"Pursuit Force" is like playing an action movie. When I first bought my PSP off of my friend this was one of the games I planned on getting but never did. And that laziness gave me it for free!:D Dude this game is ridiculous.:P These crazy ass gangs(though we've seen these types before) apparently love driving because most of the game takes place on the road(or sometimes on your chopper flown by your pretty blonde member of the Pursuit Force and sometimes on the ground with hilarious TPS sections). You somehow prove white men can indeed jump and endevour to take down all these gangs jumping from car to car(and car to boat and boat to boat) shooting the **** outta them!:twisted: Pretty much it.:lol:

Though it is rather short with 6 missions for each gang(6).:( But hell I certainly had fun.:lol:

I'm allowed to cross-dress!!!

25422 - LittleBigPlanet

Why didn't I get "LittleBigPlanet" for PS3? Didn't feel like it.:P Though I felt the need for a platformer and the other PSP games were kinda meh.:? There isn't really much to say. The platforming is fun, the music is catchy, and it looks really good for a PSP game.:D

So yeah that was a little bored review thing for you all.:P What did you guys pick for your games? Do you agree/disagree with my "reviews"? Would you like a massage?:oops:

Anyway instead of ending this with loli I'm gonna betray the start of this blog and show something from E3. Ready?

35594 - Dragon's Crown

Waaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!:cry: This is probably one of the most terrifying things I've seen.:cry: Even worse is the fact this comes from the guys who made Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade(two games I still ned to freaking play!:x). Both games were really pretty to look at(the princess of Muramasa being quite a babe along with the fox spirit:P). But this is just...wah!:cry: At least the sorceress fairs somewhat better.:?

35594 - Dragon's Crown

The proportions are still terrifying but at least...just...I don't even know!:cry: I prefer the elf(since she is probably the most "human" sized character ironically) but I don't have a picture for her.:(

Oh and this game is named "Dragon's Crown" for those who are "intersted".:lol:

So yeah I hope it was entertaining and all that jazz. I was gonna do a blog about something else but since it is a tad important I'll save it for sometime after E3 is over.:P

Now if you'll excuse me I've got some songs in Japanese I need to learn.:D