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Silent Hill: SM DONE!! now onto Silent Hill 1!!! :D

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Woohooo!! I've finally finished my Let's Play of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, all the videos were uploaded last week and i would love people to check it out and tell me what you think of it, I managed to complete SH:SM 100% :D i was thinking about doing a bonus video were i go back and get the UFO ending if you think that's a good idea. Anyway all the Silent Hill:SM videos are here.

Now that game is done i uploaded my first video of my Let's Play of Silent Hill 1, there's only one part up at the moment and you can find it here.

Please leave me some feedback, i'm always trying to improve my videos and your help in doing so would be much appreciated :).

And so it Begins....

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my new let's play should be arriving on youtube probably tomorrow :D the only problem is that my first let's play won't be of silent hill: shattered memories but it will be my second.

The reason for this is because during the recording of my SH:SM LP there were a number of technical difficulties, these have all be ironed out now but if i go back to SH:SM straight away my commentary wont be so fresh and everything will seem forced so i thought i'd give it a bit of time before starting again and it being more spontaneous.

The game i will be playing instead in Tombi 2(or Tomba if youre not from europe) which i was going to let's play after SH:SM anyway.

So to sum it all up my Tombi 2 Let's play will be coming before my Silent Hill Shattered Memories let's play but i will definatley be playing SH:SM when Tombi 2 is finished.

Let's Play Silent Hill Shattered Memories

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hi every one i come here from my new youtube channel where i will be playing silent hill shattered memories, the videos will hopefully begin in the next couple of weeks so some support would be good as this is all new to me, i chose to do silent hill as i find it a very intersting game with a compelling storyline and im hoping to have alot of fun adding my own commentary and thoughts of the game as im playing it. the support of a subscription is all i need as its all so new and i need to get my foot on the ladder, feedback would be excellent when the videos finally arrive but its all optional, i just would really appreciate the help :) when ive finished the playthrough ill write a review for the game and then move onto the next game, any ideas for interesting let's plays are welcome :) thank you xxx ps heres a link to my channel: